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  1. Redstone **** have now sold my property and at a price of over 50K less than market value. Theres just £400 odd pounds after all their costs left but say it will be used to pay any other associated costs with the house. It appears they are Gods and no one can touch them.
  2. Its happened. Redstone have locked me out of my house. You know the one.The one I pay the mortgage on each month with out fail and have done for the last 10 years. They appear to do exactly as they want and are fully supported by Irwin Mitchell their solicitors who were unable to talk to me today nor incidentally were Redstone. Funny that! especially as to day they were taking possession. Bas*ards.
  3. So the story continues. I was told late this afternoon that my house was to be put into the hands of an agent once my tenants are out on the 12th of this month. My solicitor was told that this was because I was not going to live in it myself. Excuse the language but who the F**K do they think they are? They are doing or trying to do exactly what I predicted which is to sell the house right out from under me. My guess is that it would be sold at mortgage value to a 'Friend', who would then sell it at market value for considerably more, then split the profit. I say again, I have never missed one
  4. Im not sure who their solicitor is as I passed the info straight to mine and he was told to contact theirs. My solicitor believes that their solicitor is not aware of their miss doings. She is definitely unaware as of yesterday to my tenants departure but its all arranged by the bully boys at Redstone. Obviously on the 16th Im not in breach of any contract and wonder what Redstones next move will be.
  5. I wrote on the 3rd March I think and they replied on the 17th. It was not until the 5th July that I learnt that an LPA was on the property. Yes racking up charges is their game. My solicitor finally got an email from theirs yesterday. Not answering our questions but giving me the options to move back in ( not possible because of work) sell?? what with the market the way it is? or remortgage. I cannot do this either for personal reasons (also a recent ccj) So my solicitor writes back yesterday asking them to clarify whats happening to the rent the LPA company are collecting to be told it has n
  6. Hi, they said that they had written to me but I have no record of it arriving. So I am guessing they have not actually written at all. It would now appear that they wont speak to me or my solicitor as they instructed my solicitor to contact theirs. If they have not done anything wrong why hide behind a solicitor? Can you explain how they came to make the mistake? Cheers Angryatred
  7. I have now had my mortgage with Redstone for about 10 years. Recently I have had to move and rent else where. I informed Redstone by post. They wrote back thanking me for updating my information. I rented the house to some nice people and was able to pay my rent and continue paying the mortgage. I moved because the 160 miles a day was killing me. I heard no more until last Tuesday afternoon when I was informed by the people renting my house that the house has a LPA placed on it by the mortgage company. The LPA company are collecting the rent now!!! Redstone collected my mortgage payment t
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