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  1. Had a look at other threads on Redstone, all more or less same as my experience. What a company!! How are they allowed to carry on trading and ripping people off as they do. I will add all charges etc. to spreadsheet and send it to them. With another letter listing all my concerns. FOS have given me a name to send letters to, so that's what I will do
  2. Thanks dx Yes they have charged for insurance, failed direct debits, £50 a month arrears fees, non-existent agents, anything they could think of they added onto the mortgage! But not PPI, I never signed for that. But what is MPPI? Also couldn't find other threads on Redstone, where are they?
  3. I have just redeemed a mortgage with Redstone/Melanite. I tried to get a breakdown of the redemption figure they gave my solicitor, rang them, wrote to them, but they have not broken down the figure. I calculate that it is roughly £2,000 more than it should be. (I have arrears and many charges added). Luckily for me I have been able to pay all that they asked for. The mortgage has been redeemed now but I am not going to let this go. I have written to them five times since 28th August 2018. Not even an acknowledgement of my complaint letters, and no breakdown of the redemption figure. I have contacted FOS and told them the situation, but I have to wait eight weeks for Melanite to respond. They are completely inefficient and I think are not complying with the rules. I definitely can say that they are not open and clear with their dealings with customers. I'm not sure what I expect from this post, but, wanted to get it off my chest anyway!
  4. I too have a mortgage with Redstone/Melanite, haven't had a letter saying I've been overcharged. I have been trying to get them to reconsider the nearly £7,000 of charges that have been added to my mortgage over the last ten years. The response I get from them is that I signed the mortgage agreement and so they are justified in charging me. I must have written to them four or five times over the past few years, when I became aware of the link Andyorch posted.
  5. I would like to be a able to prove that the loan was 'Unlawful', it was so badly managed and they charged me thousands in charges etc. So the total figure (if I could manage to prove so) would be over £10,000
  6. Hello Dx If I do pursue this through the court, and as you say I can argue my case. But, what frightens me is if I lose, the court charges will be my responsibility and they could be massive. So, I feel that I am stuck I have all the statements and paperwork I need to calculate how much I have been ripped off for
  7. I wrote asking them to tell me how much they paid the broker Freedom Finance. That's what they said wasn't available because of Data Protection. My claim has stopped because of six year time limit. I repaid the loan in 2007. Thought there maybe a chance with commission paid to broker.
  8. Well, I did think that they do have the paperwork. Because I received a reply to my SAR not too long ago. But I'm still at a loss as to how to proceed from here. Would it be worth contacting FSA? I am not sure they will help me, not really in their remit I expect.
  9. Had a reply from Blemain, letter says that they do not keep documents over six years because of Data Protection law. So, I do not have any hope. Although I do have many of the letters they sent to me. Reading through another thread someone mentioned that the FSA fined Blemain for mishandling accounts from 2004 to 2009. This is the period when I had my loan with them. The fact that they were fined for their actions during this period, I may be able to use this to my advantage. Not sure how I can use this, or who I can appeal to, court maybe?
  10. Because the issue is statute barred, I have been to a solicitor who specialises in consumer law. Solicitor has written letter for me to send. So ongoing! ! When I get a reply I will post on here.
  11. Hello Wp3, It's good to have you back, sorry to hear that you are still having problems and are still having to fight these people. Good luck, I am sure you will manage it. Fielder
  12. I too am very sorry to hear this news. I wish you both all the best x
  13. I am sure I heard on the news a week or so ago, that there has been a court decision regarding arrears added to the capital of a mortgage. And that this is illegal. I would really like to look into this a little further and try to understand it. I can't find any information!! I've looked through CAG posts, googled 'Court Decisions', but can't find any reference to it. Was it all just a dream? Did I imagine it?
  14. I'm devastated and ready to give up. I asked a solicitor who deals with consumer credit to advise me on this claim, solicitor tells me my potential claim is 'Statute Barred' time ran out in 2013. And to possibly have the chance to take it to court I would need to pay a barrister to look at the paperwork at a cost of up to £1,500. Solicitors fees of £500 also. Money I don't have, seems unfair that Blemain can take my money from me, make my life even worse that it should be and when I try to get it back I can't afford the cost to fight them, because Blemain have taken my money.
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