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  1. Will she get all her money back , and is it 14 days from the date on the papaer work with that date been day 1 , also is there some law she can quote , she spoke to them but they said all she can do is pick another car from them ?
  2. Hi my mother-inlaw went out to the garage looking at cars and decided to buy one , a used car from a dealership and she paid in full ( dont know why ) , she is supposed to pick up the car next week but has changed her mind she now doesnt want the car . Is there anything she can do to cancel the order and get her money back ? Many thanks davd
  3. Is it 6 years since the charges or when the account closed ?
  4. do i just ask for the charges back plus compound interest & 19.9% , is there a template letter to use or just put a simple letter together saying i believe they are unfair ?
  5. Hi ive got a old a & l credit card ( mbna ) the account got sold to hillsdens and eventually settled the debt at a reduced rate but was final , now im looking at the charges to get back if possible as if successful it wont be deducted from the account as its been settled . the charges are made up of £12 over limit and £12 late payments , ive used the spreadsheet and the charges are £204 but with interest at 19.99 percent the interest is £906.15 , so total £1110.15 , do they refund these charges as they are £12 if so whats best way at reclaiming . many thanks for
  6. Hi with the barclaycard the balance was around £7000 so if I did it before it would just take it off the account balance like it would now so theres no point , with the mbna one now that it was sold to hillsdens and now settled the money cant be taken off the account balance as its been settled . with this theres £204 of charges and £906.15 of charges with interest at 19.99 % total £1110.15 .
  7. Hi if thats the case theres no point the amount would be no where near the amount on the account , another one I have though was sold from mbna to hillsdens which i paid hillsdens and settled the account in that case would i be best sending it to mbna as the account has been settled , what interest do you add to the fees or do they add the interest , cheers
  8. Hi I had a barclaycard over 7 years ago , at the time I got into some financial trouble and got some late fees of £20 and some £12 adding upto around £230 . They didnt have a signature and at the time told on here it would be unenforceable stopped making payments that was around 7 years ago . Would I be able to claim these charges back now or would it open the account back up , also what interest would i charge if I could claim , I also have a couple of other accounts the same situation just different amounts, cheers
  9. i will start a new thread for the other one , and it was sold to cl finance .
  10. i have another account with robinson , it was for a old a&l loan and they have a signed agreement as well
  11. hi this is the old thread , it was a old paypal credit card done online . ive just looked theres only 4 late payments of £12 not 5 . the interest was stopped in 2009 when i got into a bit of trouble . http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?230969-Help-needed-Enforcable-or-not&p=2559180#post2559180
  12. Hi i sent the cca to the oc years ago and posted it on here , i had 5 £12 fees on the account . Thats why i paid the £1 a month , i havnt claimed the £60 .
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