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  1. The thing is all my "old" debt problems have vanished from my credit file. When you look at my file it looks "clear" apart from this serviced £2k ish overdraft. So my credit rating must be ok enough to get another bank account. Im not interested in obtaining credit now or in the future anyway as I now live much more frugally than I did. This site has helped me so much in the past to help deal with my debts and I am looking at getting back to work over the next year (I am an electrician but need to update me certs....more £££) as I now have a loving partner who can and will help look after my f
  2. Hi there. I got notification that Barclays are going to be changing their charging structure for overdrafts to a new system where if you are in overdraft they charge a daily rate. Now I am in "constant overdraft". Basically when I was in work may years ago I had an arranged £2k overdraft and it is still at roughly £1700. I dont have the means to just pay it off as I am now a carer for my father which has seen my income drop from about £30k to carers allowance and income support (approx £100 per week). At the moment as the charges stand I can manage the overdraft charges of just over £20 p
  3. I was one of the people who advised the OP to join and post here. Apart from the steps already taken is there anything else he can throw at them ?
  4. Hey there hopefull1, you have been soo much help, thankyou once again. I will try to keep in touch with you all. Thanks for the help and kind words of support. Much appreciated. PS - other news, I now have a "new Debt" from 2-3 years ago. This time from Lowells. So I shall be starting a new one about that after i write to them with a CCA request.
  5. Thanks for that ODC. Much appreciated. If they did send someone round im afraid I wouldn't be too friendly as im stressed up to the eyeballs at the moment with other "life" stuff. But i am and will take time out to communicate with them to stop them comming round. As for the passing it on - Can they do this as the account was/is in dispute ? What do I need to do about these charges ? Shall i send a letter to the OC again and demand they take this "debt" inhouse and to revise their charges with the possability of my paying £1 per week or such ?
  6. 3rd and Final (Latest) letter From a new collection company (passed on poss ?) Well that the lot to date. It seems as if BCW have passed the debt on to these new guys. Just asking really what to do from here ? Any help /advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi there people. I have to say 1st of all thanks for all the help that i have received. With that said I have been through a pretty rough couple of months - where all this stuff has unfortunately HAD to take a back seat. It's all pretty personal stuff though so I will leave it at that. Back to the topic in hand Re - BCW and the above account. IThings have moved on in the last couple of months So i will post below the letters i have received in the order that i have received them. Can anyone tell me where to go from here please - 1st Reply stating charges that have been applied to my acco
  8. Ok I will SAR GE capital at the address you have supplied. Thanks for the help and the info.
  9. 1st let me appoligise for not formatting the above to fit the page properly. The above letters are all i have heard from them since June (the older posts in this thread). I was considering sending them an SAR. But then i thought who to lol. If you look at this its basically a burtons card passed on to Themes Credit (or what ever they call themselves today) and re passed (a new word lol) onto BCW. So if i owed any cash it wou;ld have been to Burtons ? Is that who to SAR or would i SAR BCW seeing as they are the Only people to write to me about this account. With regard to all the above
  10. Yes hopefull1 I'm doing OK - still fighting the fight etc. Had to take the whole family in my battered old rover down to Kent last week for an aunt's funeral so obv that's not so great but as for anything else - I'm fine my father seems to be OK at the moment so i am back to writing letters again. Thanks for all your support BTW. You and others have been most helpful. Anyway back to the CCA my 1st thought was that is is an application form but i wasn't sure as half way down the page it states Credit Agreement Regulated By The Consumer Credit Act 1974 Also it does have APR + min paym
  11. This was the cover letter that came with it - as you can tell i am currently "Out Of Time" for there deadline has passed (cheeky beggers considering how long its taken them to send/find my CCA)
  12. Hi guys and girls. After what seems like forever i have today received a demand for full settlement of the above account. They have also included my CCA that i requested albeit about 90days or so after i asked for it. Below is what i have recieved from them today (well actually last week sometime but i was in england for a family bereavement. So this is where i am at today. Can anybody advise as to what i should do next ? I assume that the CCA is ok (It looks ok to my untrained eyes lol). Is that the case ? If it is the case do i just try to negotiate some sort of pay it in installments type o
  13. I have kept it all in writing guys. I have just fired off the letter along the lines of what Hopeful1 suggested. Also added a 2nd LBA stapled to it due to their not supplying me with my SAR. Thanks for the replies/tips though.
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