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  1. Thank you so to be clear I have little or no rights and the really don't need a reason to get rid of me?
  2. I work in a 6th Form delivering Education through a sports course. I have been their for 8 years and I invoice the school directly. The school has been taken over and lots of changes have taken place. I was called in about 3 months ago and received a pep talk from the head saying we must improve standards. I agreed and welcomed this and stated I would do everything in my power to support this but as I attend only half the week it would be challenging as they spend a lot of time out of my sight so to try to effect dress code would be difficult. At the meeting nothing in writing was given to m
  3. OK so a big part of the case was that the DWP and the LA differed in the time frame by some 10 years with the same evidence. The Barrister who put together some of the papers argued that the DWP stated that my partner was entitled to income support for the exact same period that my partner was not entitled to Housing benefit according to the LA. In 2014 the LA emailed the DWP to ask them to change their decision and the DWP refused. Then at the hearing the Judge made her decision on the evidence provided the paperwork and testimony. The solicitor said he had done 100`s of these cases
  4. So if it is stated that the decision has been made on representations, testimony on the day and evidence produced can this be a mistake in Law?
  5. Attended a Tribunal Yesterday regarding a very large overpayment for each HB and CT. The tribunal listened to My partner and myself and the reps from the local authority. We have been told we have won the appeal on the grounds of the testimony provided by myself and my partner and the fact that they could not prove their allegation that we were living together for the period in question and the written evidence we submitted along with the local authority. My question is can the LA appeal the decision that has gone in our favour.
  6. Again apologise for ignoring response and very grateful for any advice.
  7. It is for a considerable amount of Money and it looks to me like they have enough evidence to seek overpayment but from their letter I don't think they have enough to seek a criminal conviction however as it is nearly 100,000 I would guess it will mean crown court for her.
  8. I certainly can. I was a landlord from 2001 until 2011 to a lady who had 2 children and unfortunately suffers with mental health issues. She has been awarded disability benefit indefinitely and lived in my property and caused no issues or problems. The tenancy agreement did not include a large garage at the bottom of the garden and I used it from 2003 onwards as an office where I ran my small business from. My residency was with my elderly parents who live some 20 miles from the house and on some occasions I stayed in my office which contained a sofa bed, Fridge, Microwave, etcc. I Helped the
  9. Can anyone advise me hear. My partner has been seeking a tribunal hearing and made a request in August 2014 for a hearing. They sent a letter saying from the evidence they presume in all probability she was receiving payments when she should not have for one reason or another. We have awaited the tribunal hearing date only to be told by he council that no tribunal date has been applied for although they have our letter asking for one. The local authority have sent through a big folder with their evidence an when we told our solicitor he said he id not need to see it until we receive the actual
  10. Is their anyone who could advice me of how to obtain woolwich bank statements for 2004. Thanks
  11. The DWP have given her a letter with the amount to be paid back and the reason stating that I joined the household on this certain date. My question is will the LA take into account the findings of the DWP
  12. A while ago I posted on hear about my former girlfriend being investigated for benefit fraud. The 2 agencies involved are DWP and he local authority. I am involved and are being investigated also and we have been interviewed and gave honest and frank separate interview. The case is based around me moving in on a part time bases with her after being her landlord and seeing her socially for 2/3 months. Her benefits have stopped and although we are now friend we have not carried the relationship on. While her benefits have stopped her son and mother are paying her bills. I have put the rent on
  13. She has called the DWP today and they are saying why are you agreeing to pay back if you feel that you have a case to argue? Also they would not/could not say if she will be prosecuted. Its so difficult how to proceed. Our solicitor seems useless.
  14. After speaking to a solicitor today she seems to think that as they have sent us a letter with figures etc this means they will accept an offer to repay?
  15. The main question is after she has received a letter giving her the details and amount of overpayment does this suggest that they will accept an agreement to repay without prosecution?
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