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  1. knowledge sorry and didn't tell me about any of the letters
  2. Please help re the below letter im sending to severn trent what would you advise is it ok? I write with reference to the above case number, in which judgement has been awarded against me. I received your letter chasing up payment for this outstanding judgement yesterday. Please allow me to explain the facts which are as follows? 1)I was unaware that the bill was in my name 2)I never received any correspondence from the court informing me that a case was to be heard 3) I have never been given any of the outstanding bills 4);I was not resident at the property at the time of the judgement; 5) I have only returned to the family home in the last fortnight and can provide proof of my residency at my previous address. My mother who has worked her entire adult life was struck with breast cancer approximately 2 years ago; she was diagnosed shortly after her sister was told that her cancer had come back and that it was terminal. Following the death of her sister and her own treatment for the disease my mother had to stop working, and has not returned to work since. As well as these problems my mother has also had to care for her sister’s grandchildren because her niece became an alcoholic following the death of her mother. Custody was awarded to her by the courts. As a family we have done our utmost to encourage our mother back into work. As a result of her not working she has fallen into arrears with a number of companies. Like any family we have done our best to try and help her out of this situation both emotionally and also financially but we are only able to do so when we are aware of this problemAs a result of this I have only become aware of this judgement because I happened to be at the house when the post came.I am happy to make a payment for the outstanding in order to help my mother settle her debts but would request that you apply to the court to have this judgement set aside.
  3. well i went to arrow global and said id be seeking to have it set aside. They accepted my argument and paid to have it said aside. This was refused by the courts twice! but when we transferred the proceedings to my local caught, we succeeded in having it set aside
  4. In All honesty I was aware of the first CCJ from Egg themselves only after receiving the judgement i didn't receive the claim form. It was a partial claim and stated that they could pursue me for the remainder of the outstanding balance. I paid in total £300.00 The claim by arrow after egg had sold them the debt for £1794 (the remainder) in 2008 I was completely unaware of until last week when i wrote to the court asking them to list the debts. I do know the debts themselves have been sold to Lowell but they are unaware of any CCJ's Thanks for your help guys Kev
  5. None of the debts show up on my credit report only the ccjs
  6. Apologies the first and third are for the same debt with the same credit card number but BC split the claim initially I paid the original amount 297. The debt was then sold and BC issued a claim for the outstanding amount. I want to try and get rid of the second ccj they issued because I paid the partial claim in full...
  7. There I was thinking I had resolved this issue....I've been looking into my three outstanding ccj's I've created a separate thread....(Not sure if i should have or not?) Would be grateful if you could have a look at the below:-- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?390743-Duplicate-CCj-s-from-Bryan-Carter&p=4227036#post4227036
  8. As some of you are aware I have been in the process of dealing with some of my debts. Largely due to a misspent youth. I am now trying to deal with each of these debts. I have 5 CCJ’s in total of which I have settled 2 in full. (therefore I have not listed these debts) Please see below the information that the court has supplied me with in relation to these debts:- Claim Number: ****901 Claimant: EGG PLC Claimant’s solicitor: BRYAN CARTER SOLICITORS LLP Telephone: 08453133125 Reference: EGG/***2256 Amount £297 Date of Judgement 14/06/2007 Claim Number: ****4448 Claimant: ARROW GLOBAL GUERNSEY LIMITED Claimant’s Solicitor: BRYAN CARTER SOLICITORS LLP Telephone: 08453133125 Reference: EGG/0***5372 Date Of Judgement 24/07/2007 Amount £2287 Claim Number: ****74451 Claimant: ARROW GLOBAL GUERNSEY LIMITED Claimant’s Solicitor: BRYAN CARTER SOLICITORS LLP Telephone: 08453133125 Reference: EGG/***2256 Date of Judgement 19/12/2008. Amount £1794 I phoned Brian carter regarding the two judgements that I had received for claims ending 901 & 4449 in October and made two separate £50.00 payments via direct debit from October 2007 monthly until May 08 when the direct debit was returned and I buried my head in the sand. Because the original claim ending 901 was only for part of the debt £297 by my reckoning I’ve paid more than was due because BC split the debt? Also it appears Egg then sold the debt to Arrow Global who then issued a Separate CCJ for the whole debt again through Brian Carter. One further piece of information as that both these debts have subsequently been sold by Arrow to Lowell Financial who have closed their files because Egg could not comply with my CCA Request. What should my next course of action be? As always I’m very grateful to you all for your help. I’m not as concerned about case ending 4448 because it should ‘Drop off in a couple of months) Thanks again. Kev
  9. Hi guys, Ive managed to catch up on my mortgage apart from 2 late payments in the last 12 months. Having checked my credit file i have received about 1500 in charges at £40.00 a whack. Granted this is a lot of late payments. I wonder if anyone can offer any advice or is it not worth attempting to reclaim some of these charges or part of the total amount? Thanks in advance Kev
  10. I've recently received a letter from avantis credit at my current address saying: We have been in instructed by our client to verify the whereabouts of flynnkev1 . Formely resident at (previous address) in relation to a business matter. Some facts in relation to this my credit file shows the following information:- Account type Student Loan Account number ***7085 0 Account holder status Gone-away Account start date 20/11/1998 Opening balance £ 2,784 Regular payment £ £ 43 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 15/10/2007 Default balance £ 2,784 They also have a CCJ Issued by Bryan carter with the following information Judgment date 24/07/2007 Amount £ 2,287 Court name Northampton 1) Whilst I did have another address. I still owned my property and had a mortgage , and was able to receive post (they changed the address without my knowledge) 2) At the time of the default I was at University the second time around and receiving a student loan. 3) I found out about the ccj after the event and made my last payment to brian carter in october 2007 the date of the default 4) I believe my first student loan was taken out in october 1997 and they have rolled the 97 loan into the 98 one. 5) Can I CCA Then? 6) I've not earned over 15k and do not currently earn over 15k Any advice what i should/can do would be greatly appreciated. cheers kev
  11. Lowell have written today closing the accounts...it seems they cant find the cca agreements.... thanks for all your help guys
  12. Must be 1997/1998 i was a very foolish student ....
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