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Found 14 results

  1. Probably a daft question, but can a debt be registered duplicate d as seperate debts/defaults on my credit file... .I have two in question. ..an old lloyds tsb loan which is registered as a lloyds tsb default and elsewhere on my file as a lowells default.... .The second one is barclaycard default which has seperate entries as a barclaycard default and a hoist portfolio default... ..The reason I ask is that it's making my credit file look worse than it actually is (it's still bad though!)
  2. Sent my appeal off with some brief details of why i was appealing , Had a Letter from DWP confirming that they received my appeal, and about how much ESA i will get until it's heard, But so far over 1mth since requesting the full written statement of the Atos wca Form IB /ESA85, But so far i have not been sent it, The person that i recently spoke with from DWP ,Confirmed that they could see that i had previously requested it, but could not understand why i had not yet received it, What can be done to force them to supply this info,(assuming it actually exists) ?
  3. Hi everyone. I hope your all ok �� So last Saturday I rung up HSBC to order some copy statements for Closed Current Account 2004-2015 and Cash ISA 2010-2017... She told me there will be a charge (Didn't tell me what the charge was) and it will take up to 40 days for the statements to arrive but will more likely be 5-7 days and can only order from 2007 I accepted the charge and gave her the account details of an account I wanted charged... On Monday rung again as not been charged yet, another lady said it's free as you don't have HSBC current account and you will get staments in 5 days. On Wednesday I Recived 2 A4 envelopes with a bundle of paper and cover letter. They were online printouts of transactions of all my accounts Curent account 2005-2015 Cash ISA 2011-2017' like they print for you in branch' the envelopes were badly damaged/sealed... So rang the bank/went to branch today Told them what happened and Ordered duplicate statements July 2011-2015 and all of Cash ISA will ring tomz to order rest as can only order 50 statements a day' hopefully they will be like the ones u get in the post and will take up to 5 days So why did I get online printouts like you get in branch instead of duplicate statements which I asked for? Or will I get 2 sets of Dupliacte Statements? Why did the lady say 40 days for statements to be delivered?
  4. Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have just checked my credit report and their are 2 entries for the same debt. One listed under credit cards with the original CC company and another listed under other accounts with the debt purchasers name. They both have the same amount owing and same account start date, but the debt purchser has the first default (and nothing else) listed almost 2 years after the CC company applied the default. Just wondering if this is something I should be worried about as the SB date is approaching.
  5. Lending Stream Hi there, in March 2011 I took out a loan with lending stream (amongst others), which I didn’t pay back, Due to a gambling addiction (addiction fixed now:-)) All of my accounts at the time fell into arrears and therefore default, which I deserved But upon checking my credit file, all of my other accounts show a default date of around may-sept 2011, yet lending stream show there’s as Nov 2012 With the 6 year rule I was happy to wait till sept 2017, but lending streams is a more than a year later, I thought It was a reporting mistake so I called them, and they confirmed the same date Surely it should have defaulted within 3 months to 180 days like the rest, I’ve heard of lending stream being weird how they report things to the CCA’s Can I challenge this? I.e. you should have defaulted me sooner
  6. I have a business account (not sure if that affects things) with Vodafone, monthly rolling contract paid by monthly DD. In May I ordered some new PAYG handsets from via their web shop. I paid for the order by VISA business debit card, phones arrived, everything good (except that they hadn't provided a VAT receipt that I required, but I've since managed to extract that from them). However, my next monthly direct debit payment also included the cost of the handsets, and then I found it shown as an outstanding amount on my latest bill. I phoned them and explained the situation, they said they couldn't find a record of the debit card payment (but admitted it was not possible to order on the website without cleared payment), and that it must have gone into one of their 'other' bank accounts. I was advised to request a DD indemnity claim to recover the payment back into my bank account, which is what I did. Then I start getting letters from Vodafone about being in arrears, I have discussed this with them dozens of times by telephone and email (even emailing the CEO, fat lot of help that did). All they say is that they have no record of the payment and that I have to provide proof by sending them a copy of my bank statement. I've sent it to them 3 times, but they say that they haven't received it. They blocked my numbers from outgoing calls last month, and I kicked off at them, they agreed to unblock them while they investigated (it'll take 10 days to locate the payment apparently), but I never heard back from them. I got in touch to request an update and they just requested my bank statement again. Today I found that my numbers had been totally disconnected (number not in use). I phoned them (from another number), and it took them 30 minutes to even locate my account as it had been closed down! Their best suggestion was that I take my bank statement into a Vodafone shop and they could phone customer services to confirm that I had paid in the first place. My nearest Vodafone shop is a good hours drive away though. In the end I've had to pay them (over the phone) again to get my account reactivated, my business is totally dependent on these numbers. I have now contacted my bank to request a charge back on the original payment, and I'm waiting for their response (Vodafone recommended all along that I didn't do this, but to wait for them to locate the payment instead). Is a chargeback request likely to get me anywhere? Firstly, there appears to be 120 day limit, and the transaction is 126 days ago, but it's less time since I first found out about the problem. Do charge backs work the same with business debit cards as consumers? A charge back will require Vodafone's agreement, although since they say they can't find the transaction, I don't see how they can disagree! This has cost me hours (probably days) of my time chasing, I've been disconnected twice, and lost my primary business comms, no idea if I've missed/lost orders because of it, but potentially. Now they want me to spend half a day visiting one of their shops to resolve their cock up. I issued them a notice before action on 29th July, can I just start a small claim against them now? Not sure what that would mean for my account with them. I would switch to another provider, but O2 are the only other one with decent coverage round here. I used to be with them, but they kept having outages on their local cell tower (up to 10 days at a time), which they never admitted was a fault or resolved.
  7. Hi Folks Quick one... Say I'm due to make a payment on a loan and I miss it, Naturally that would be a payment missed etc... However, does the company then have the right to attempt to take payment at the end of the loan agreement and add a 2nd amount of interest even though the first payment had interest added to the original balance? essentially doubling the interest on one payment?!?! Eg in this case for me; If you dont get it then i will try to explain better but Im soooooo confused right now :/
  8. Hi, sorry not the usual place on the forum I visit, but a query on behalf of the OH. Credit Reference Agency is showing 2 x defaults for the same "debt". In this case, it appears to be a Barclaycard, which defaulted on 18 June 2012 for £531. Barclaycard subsequently marked this default as "satisfied" and that the account status was "closed" on 28 June 2013, despite no payments etc ever being made. The credit report has the remark "Debt assignment. The payment status has been reported as in default" for their entry. [ATTACH=CONFIG]50323[/ATTACH] It appears the account was sold on to a company called MKDP LLP who created a new entry in the credit report, marked as a default, with the same default date of 18 July 2012. [ATTACH=CONFIG]50322[/ATTACH] Is this normal/permitted? Thanks!
  9. Hmm Strange one. I joined Checkmyfile to run alongside Noddle because they offer extra info from Equifax etc. I keep up on the subscription etc and have no issues with the service until now. I was billed on the 7th April for £7.99 and i rang CS to cancel it as i was now going to stick with Noddle. They cancelled it etc and Offered a refund. Later that day a second payment was taken for £7.99 without my consent and the subscription reactivated with no input from myself etc Spoke to Natwest and they have confirmed it was under CPA Rules... I dont hold Natwest accountable as they were just following through and would have no idea of me cancelling the Subs... Its clearly a system error on their end but i received this message... I have emailed but i dont hold out hope... What else should i do?
  10. As some of you are aware I have been in the process of dealing with some of my debts. Largely due to a misspent youth. I am now trying to deal with each of these debts. I have 5 CCJ’s in total of which I have settled 2 in full. (therefore I have not listed these debts) Please see below the information that the court has supplied me with in relation to these debts:- Claim Number: ****901 Claimant: EGG PLC Claimant’s solicitor: BRYAN CARTER SOLICITORS LLP Telephone: 08453133125 Reference: EGG/***2256 Amount £297 Date of Judgement 14/06/2007 Claim Number: ****4448 Claimant: ARROW GLOBAL GUERNSEY LIMITED Claimant’s Solicitor: BRYAN CARTER SOLICITORS LLP Telephone: 08453133125 Reference: EGG/0***5372 Date Of Judgement 24/07/2007 Amount £2287 Claim Number: ****74451 Claimant: ARROW GLOBAL GUERNSEY LIMITED Claimant’s Solicitor: BRYAN CARTER SOLICITORS LLP Telephone: 08453133125 Reference: EGG/***2256 Date of Judgement 19/12/2008. Amount £1794 I phoned Brian carter regarding the two judgements that I had received for claims ending 901 & 4449 in October and made two separate £50.00 payments via direct debit from October 2007 monthly until May 08 when the direct debit was returned and I buried my head in the sand. Because the original claim ending 901 was only for part of the debt £297 by my reckoning I’ve paid more than was due because BC split the debt? Also it appears Egg then sold the debt to Arrow Global who then issued a Separate CCJ for the whole debt again through Brian Carter. One further piece of information as that both these debts have subsequently been sold by Arrow to Lowell Financial who have closed their files because Egg could not comply with my CCA Request. What should my next course of action be? As always I’m very grateful to you all for your help. I’m not as concerned about case ending 4448 because it should ‘Drop off in a couple of months) Thanks again. Kev
  11. I have a tendency to get too involved in problems until they're solved. With that in mind, please tell me I'm being anal and to ignore it if you think I'm reading too much into this. Long story short: I received my credit report from Experian and was shocked to see 84 linked addresses. Had a closer look, then tabulated the data (enclosed picture)and found I had 13 links to 7 addresses, but duplicated up to 7 times (so 8 copies of 1 link) and at least 3 times (so 4 copies). So I had a closer look. Take a look at the table enclosed. - Each row has exactly the same date, but I've shortened it for privacy/ease of reading. - A through G are 9 years worth of addresses (Mature student at the time). - ? = no linked address, just an entry with one address. - RED squares are my anomalies of primary concern. - AMBER squares are a secondary anomaly that I think I can explain. Does anyone know why there are so many duplications? Second thing I noticed was that in almost every row, there is one link that has been ALTERED to include address D. How do I know they've been altered and weren't created like that? I began using Address D in July 2008. 5 of the links were created before that. Can anyone explain? I've obviously asked Experian, but the more I correspond with them, the less I believe them. I'm waiting for their response (My letter posted today). Lastly, the AMBER results, they appear to have been changed also. I have written in the last month to all of the companies responsible for those links and asked them to delete the links. Is it possible these are the result od this? i.e. They've been altered, but only 1 out of the duplicates has been altered? Thanks in advance of any explanation at all!
  12. We bought a Toyota Celica T Sport that failed on the first day of ownership: big end bearing failure. We have an engineer's report and permission to use it. Knowing that the defendant has to prove that the engine was ok when the car was sold, can he use an MOT certificate to do this?
  13. Hi, First off, may I say thank you to quite a few folks having endured the ordeals that I have been researching over the last 3 days. I wanted to finalise where I'm at prior to posting to make sure that my seeking of information gave enough details for considered responses. So the timeline goes like this. January 2009 I wrote a CCA request letter to 1st Credit - sent recorded with the £1. The letter was the standard template, no voice calls, communication in writing, no signatures on anything, no accepting liability, etc etc. (I also started a new job... so was very busy getting into a new industry and role) I never received anything or heard anything further regarding this issue, so wrongly assumed it was finalised. This week, I received a call from 1st Credit demanding full payment... I just put the phone down. this got my gander up. As far as I was aware this was put to bed 3 years ago, so I return here to take a butchers on the latest information available. I became aware of a link to noddle, and subsequently had a quick check to see what the state of my affairs were looking like... and here's what I found. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40732[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]40731[/ATTACH] So... not only have they been chucking default notices at credit refernce agencies for the last three years, they've been doubling up on them too. Note the account numbers are different but amounts are the same, intriguing. I've drafted a letter to go off to them I've tried to encompass as much as I can whilst being categoric in what I want. Basically, they're scuppered so far as the cash is concerned... . so winding them up is just pleasure now. However, I presume I have recoursive action available to me due to breach of OFT regs? What opinions are out there before I go final with this? Any wording changes to the letter?
  14. Hi All, I currently am dealing with lloyds/1st credit over my bank account and loan which I defaulted on in 2008. I checked my credit file and basically I have 2 defaults off lloyds and now 1st credit have added another 2 for the same accounts loyds tsb current account default date 16/04/08 lloyds loan default date 16/04/08 1ST CREDIT LIMITED Current Account Default 21/04/2008 1ST CREDIT LIMITED Loan Default 21/04/2008 I am aware 1st credit were assigned the debt on 6/8/12, I pretty sure I cant have duplicate defaults so who do I send a letter to to get them removed is it lloyds or 1st credit,also are there any template letters I could use, Iv emailed experian but they have just fobbed me off. cheers Wato
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