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  1. Ok thanks I have re ordered them for free and will re order the rest tomz' they should be full statements not online printouts (Will not be happy if they are) Someone from HSBC customer services team told there colleagues to print them out there and then as easier... I think they were being lazy and didn't want order full statements for me. Wasn't happy that the envelope was ripped/teared and didn't do what I had asked. Anyone could of looked inside at my details then resealed envelope etc
  2. Thanks for that... So why did I get online printouts you get from branch' not official duplicate statements like the ones you get in the post? They didn't even charge me in the end.... So will I still get my Duplicate Statements (Saturday order) or will I just get the lot I ordered today & will order tomz Branch told me the lot I ordered today should be the same format as ones you normally get in the post and told me to ring up tomz or go branch to order the rest/can only order 50 statements per day
  3. Hi everyone. I hope your all ok �� So last Saturday I rung up HSBC to order some copy statements for Closed Current Account 2004-2015 and Cash ISA 2010-2017... She told me there will be a charge (Didn't tell me what the charge was) and it will take up to 40 days for the statements to arrive but will more likely be 5-7 days and can only order from 2007 I accepted the charge and gave her the account details of an account I wanted charged... On Monday rung again as not been charged yet, another lady said it's free as you don't have HSBC current account and you will get stamen
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