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Found 9 results

  1. Ill start with how and what it has come to for me to post on here. Around this time last year my nan went into end of life care at a pilgrims hospice in kent. At the time I was temporarily living with my mum who lives in Hertfordshire for work. There was no long term vision so I never changed my permanent address. I do have a dart charge account but before working there and due to other reasons I hadnt actually been to Hertfordshire often thus using the dartford crossing, overlooking the fact Id got a new car since the last time I had been there. As I also ride motorbikes and more often ride that and wouldnt pay dart charge manually. When my nan went into hospice for end of life care over the space of a couple of weeks there were five occasions i used my car and didn't pay the dart charge fee. My dad would open my post delivered to his address, but in the circumstances with his mum and my nan being so unwell and eventually passing away. The fines were sent to equita. This is where the trouble started... Originally the five penalties added up to a sum of £10, but through equita LTD they amounted to £190 each! Once I became aware of these I got in contact immediately and tried to resolve/explain the situation and set up a payment plan as id never had anything like this before. I ended up having five separate 'accounts' with them, I asked for have one set date a month for an individual payment to be paid by either standing order or direct debit to make things easier for both parties. But they insisted this they couldn't do this so on five separate times of each month a different amount would need to be paid. But being paid weeks, working long hours and with other financial commitments it was difficult. One week with no warning I had missed a £20 by a day, with no warning I had an enforcement agent at my dads door, demanding 3 of the 5 accounts in full plus his £235 fee. I ended up working nights paying him £100 a week. I even payed him £175 while on holiday which was a birthday treat from my girlfriend. After this and paying over £700 in such a short space of time, I called the office number, on hold for over an hour sometimes purely just to ask for a single payment date and a statement of all the money I had paid. With no exaggeration there has been over 20 times I have been hung up on or spoken to either rudely, patronising and even aggressively I have been told they have no record of what I have paid. At the end of November I called and made a payment which apparently cleared of my 'accounts' as the last two payments were made on the 25 and 29 of the month I asked if anyone would be in the office to pay on those dates in December, the lady on the phone told me there wouldn't but it would be fine to pay the end of the first week in jan. Which with luck was actually my pay day and all was well... Until Jan 3rd 2018 when I received a call from the same enforcement agent I had paid hundreds of pounds in the summer saying he had visited the address demanding the full amount plus £235. I had no warning, only recently I have received texts on the 24th and 28th as a reminder, but no one at equita was working!!! And i had been told friday the 5th would be fine. Since they have continued to hang up, will not discuss anything as its not their problem its the enforcement agents. I even have a couple of phone calls recorded proving this. Yet I still have an agent demading now over £500! Any ideas where I go??? Sorry for such a long threat but I thought it would be better to get it all in that reply filling the gaps later Thanks Also, A point I have missed. On four or five occasions asking for the statement and reciepts which they promised to send. Every single time I have only received what seems to be a generic print out of that I owe them money, with no statement or payments!!
  2. Hello, TLDR version: I refuse to pay my month notice of gym membership because I couldn't reach anyone there for 6 weeks. Impossible to explain this to the gym as they won't reply to me, only get automated replies. Full version: I should have read this subforum before cancelling my membership, for the good advice of sending a recorded mail. But I havn't so I'd appreciate if you could give me advice. Here are the basic facts: -2013. I stopped going to the gym -Sept 2016. I finally decided to cancel my membership, yes I know I'm an idiot. -I called them every week, left messages with my membership number, etc... no call back, nothing. (i have evidence (phone records)) -I visited the gym, got told the membership guy is on holiday, also get told he doesn't always respond to messages, also got told he doesn't deal with cancelations. unfortunately I got told that in person so no record. -Called my bank to cancel the DD as this was the only option. -Finally, got contacted by the main company, 1life, as - surprise! - they couldn't collect my payment. Unfortunately these were threatening letters, text messages, and recorded messages. -I e-mailed them and left them a telephone number. They never called the number I asked them to (keep calling my mobile instead which I can't access in office hours), and left more threatening messages. -I finally got a reply to my email around the 20th October, they said they accepted my cancellation request as of my email to them, but I'd have to pay the last month of membership. -I replied that I don't accept that and I asked that my cancellation date was entered as September which is when I tried to contact them initially. -The didn't reply but they passed my "debt" to a collection agency instead and added 20£ to it. All in all, they sent me just 1 e-mail, over the last 5 months. Rubbish customer service, unable to even process simple information and reply to messages. Do I have to pay? I'm not concerned about the money and I can afford it, but it makes me rage inside to be treated like dirt by a company I've already paid much more than was due to them. I'm kind prepared to go to court just to prove my point. I'm happy to produce all the emails to them as well as records of the calls I made and proof that they just never called back the number I gave them. Is it worth it though? What do you think please? Should I just shut up and pay up ?? Is there any other way out? Is this going to screw up my credit rating for something so stupid ( I don't have any debt ) Are they entitled to my money when they can't even provide basic service? First world problems, I know... but thank you in advance for your advice.
  3. I switched my Bank to these clowns after suffering Fraud with very little help from my previous morons. I tried to login to my account at work a few weeks ago and it would not accept my details. I later discover that my access is locked and I need to go through some kind of satanic ritual to be allowed access again. Despite providing all of my details they could not do it. The letter is in the post with your temp password and your temp in will follow. Needless to say this has not happened and it seems completely and utterly impossible to get this simple issue resolved. I cannot get through on the phone and guess what...you cannot even make a complaint because they wont let you. Even if you get through on the phone to the complaints people...slect all the options to make a complaint I disovered yesterday that you dont actually get through to that depyt it simply routes you to customer service and they get to decide if you have a complaint or not. And even then they wont register a complaint because...The issue has been resolved. NO IT HAS NOT. All i want to do is start using my mobile app and pc login again....Jesus. I wont even mention the GUARANTEED SWITCH SERVICE.
  4. Hi, I am seeking advice on here about a faulty laptop that Littlewoods do not want to know about. I sent an email to Nick Mcbrien. "Hello, I am contacting you today as I have failed to resolve an issue with a laptop I purchased on 05/06/2016. The laptop I purchased was opened by me three weeks ago and was setup according to the manufacture instructions and I am not happy with it as it kept crashing and running very slow and now keeps rebooting and will no longer start up, keeps on loading and then rebooting. I have looked and tried solutions online but nothing has solved the problem. I contacted Littlewoods customer services and explained the problem and that I wished to return the product for a refund and I am very unhappy with my purchase, the customer service advisor told me that I would get a call back in a few days to arrange a return and they asked me to call them back on 02030140095 if I didn't get a call back. I waited 5 days and decided to call the number provided and realized that the number the advisor gave me was Lenovo customer services, I hung up as I was annoyed that the advisor had tried to fob me off to the manufacturer, even though they said that Littlewoods would arrange a return for a refund. I then called up Littlewoods explaining what had happened the new advisor kept saying to me that they would send an engineer out to look at it, even though I explained I wanted a refund and was promised one, then the advisor gave me the same phone number again telling me to call Lenovo as they would deal with any issues. I called the 02030140095 number and spoke to a call center advisor, who said my point of sale contract is with Littlewoods as it is less than 12 months old and they said I would need to contact Littlewoods with any queries. I have decided to contact someone higher up than the scripted customer service advisors that were no help whatsoever and gave me the run around. I have never been this extremely frustrated in returning something that is not fit for purpose for a refund. All I would like to do is for somebody to arrange for the laptop to be returned for a refund. The laptop has been used twice and comes with everything complete like when I received it but is faulty." I was contacted shortly after the email by Shop Direct Group Executives Complaints Team and they said they would look into my case but it has been 2 weeks now and I sent them an email in the meantime saying that this is a joke now and I have a laptop sitting at home that does not work at all and nobody has replied. Is there anything I can do to take this further? Many thanks.
  5. I am a Plusnet customer myself and recommended the company to my parents when they wanted to change Internet provider away from the Postoffice. However they have had one delay after another. I am trying to get them some help by chasing up their connection date but because I am not the account holder I cannot do anything. I think they are being fobbed off continually and they have been waiting over two months for connection. They have already paid 2 monthly payments but are not connected. I have tried looking into the problem but Plusnet will not deal with me and will not look into this on my say so. I work away from home and cannot get in the same room as my parents for us to be on the phone with Plusnet together. My parents are in their 80's and rely on the Internet to keep in touch with family. Unfortunately they are not pushy enough and are being taken advantage of. When I rang the helpline as an existing customer I would have had to wait 15 minutes to get through, but going down the new customer route the phone was answered immediately. What does this tell us about the company? How can I get help on my parents behalf, does anyone know?
  6. I took out a card in 2002, with my mum who has now passed away. I have been trying to pay this off, but the interest this month on £1950 is nearly £200. I cannot afford the payments let alone this interest. Does anyone have the same problem, as its just ridiculous.
  7. We bought a BEKO fridge / freezer that comes with a £100 cashback deal. One of the reasons that swayed our decision from another similar different brand fridge was the cashback offer. They have a form you fill out on their website to claim. But when you fill it out and press submit, it refreshes the page and everything is blank again. No messages, no emails or anything from them. We filled this out 3 times on different browsers and computers. We have contacted them on the contact form but no answer. It seems that they don't want to give cashback to people. Whats the best route to go down with this? Edit: I've emailed the CEO and will update here if I get a response.
  8. Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and also relatively new to debt problems unlike my partner who has got a large debt problem. I am trying my best to help him, as he is tending to ignore it, and have searched for hours online and I am now asking for your help as the worry of it all is making me and my partner ill. I apologise in advance that it will be a long explanation as it has got quite complex over the years. Unbeknown to me, my partner took an unsecured loan out in 2010 with Nemo finance for what totalled up to 75,000 including a large amount for PPI (explained later), to pay off a mortgage (my partners) on a house he was left by his mum of around 43000. He used the rest for funeral expenses and put some in a pension scheme. When I found out he had done this about 2 years after, I knew it was totally the wrong thing to have done and there were many rows. Now all we want to do is get it sorted. The payments originally were £400 per month, a hefty amount on a salary of about £12000 per year. I don't think he should have been sold this loan on this basis and also that he was sold the loan to pay off a much lesser interest rate mortgage with a high street bank ( which though was a higher rate because he had had court injuntions for debts in his first marriage) was still taking out a much more expensive loan to pay off a lesser one, if that makes sense. He also accumulated a large overdraft at the bank because he couldn't make these payments and also bank charges etc for going into unauthorised overdraft. So his debts were spiralling.(He is always living in overdraft now which is about 1400. So my first question, was it missold in the first place??? Once I have a definite answer to this we can then move on to the next step of forgetting that and sort out what to do about paying it off. Thanks in advance for any help given towards this. About a year ago Nemo offered a reduction in the loan as we looked into the fact that there was a PPI on it that had been sold unfairly, they offered a reduction in the loan and gave 8% for redress etc and the loan was reduced to 37000 and payments reduced to 230 per month. I'm not trying a sob story as I know he was silly to take on this loan but I am disabled and he is on a low income and he has missed payments as he can't afford them. Consequently, he has got a letter from the company now saying that they will serve a Court Order on him to retrieve the money. They have offered him the alternative to fill out a budget form and he is now taking notice and going to fill it out. Now the second question, we have been looking into an IVA but this costs thousands, or bankruptcy, or if he could make some sort of lower payments to Nemo would this be the best way? and how would he be best approaching the company to do this and should we be able to ask them to freeze the interest payments? Or do we just have to follow whatever they say he has to do. There is not a lot of income left from his pay once bills, fuel, living expenses are paid out. I maybe should add that he lives with me, I was a widow and the house is mine fully paid off and that no loans have ever been in my name which I presume means that our home is safe but would they take my income into account? Best wishes to all for some resolution to our problems and any help offered would be gratefully appreciated. Blanko1
  9. I have a tendency to get too involved in problems until they're solved. With that in mind, please tell me I'm being anal and to ignore it if you think I'm reading too much into this. Long story short: I received my credit report from Experian and was shocked to see 84 linked addresses. Had a closer look, then tabulated the data (enclosed picture)and found I had 13 links to 7 addresses, but duplicated up to 7 times (so 8 copies of 1 link) and at least 3 times (so 4 copies). So I had a closer look. Take a look at the table enclosed. - Each row has exactly the same date, but I've shortened it for privacy/ease of reading. - A through G are 9 years worth of addresses (Mature student at the time). - ? = no linked address, just an entry with one address. - RED squares are my anomalies of primary concern. - AMBER squares are a secondary anomaly that I think I can explain. Does anyone know why there are so many duplications? Second thing I noticed was that in almost every row, there is one link that has been ALTERED to include address D. How do I know they've been altered and weren't created like that? I began using Address D in July 2008. 5 of the links were created before that. Can anyone explain? I've obviously asked Experian, but the more I correspond with them, the less I believe them. I'm waiting for their response (My letter posted today). Lastly, the AMBER results, they appear to have been changed also. I have written in the last month to all of the companies responsible for those links and asked them to delete the links. Is it possible these are the result od this? i.e. They've been altered, but only 1 out of the duplicates has been altered? Thanks in advance of any explanation at all!
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