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  1. Received an email today from Asset Collections advising that they have initiated a County Court claim against myself for 3 Lending Stream loans in 2014. My 3 loans were: Start Date 18-May-2014 End Date (As per the original agreement) 30-Oct-2014 Loan Amount (including FPS fee if applicable) 140.00 Outstanding Principal Balance 55.01 Total Amount Paid 218.27 Arrears Payable Including Charges 55.01 Start Date 27-Jun-2014 End Date (As per the original agreement) 27-Nov-2014 Loan Amount (including FPS fee if applicable) 220.00 Outstanding Principal Balance 7
  2. Hi I have had an ongoing battle with Lantern (motormile) trying to chase for an alleged Lending Stream Debt. I have provided them with a statement from Lending Stream showing a £0 balance outstanding which they have ignored and i am now receiving threat emails from Wilkin Chapman's "Lantern Team" saying they can't discuss by email due to data protection. I have sent them the same statement i have sent to Lantern and i'm certainly not calling them. Is there a templated response to an email? This is what they sent me "Good morning Thank you for your e-mail, we can
  3. Hoping for some help here. I was getting chased for a debt to Lending Stream that I didnt remember getting, however Asset Collections was chasing me so I was speaking to them a few times and the debt was from Several years ago. I agreed to pay it back to get it off my chest, however, on one call, I was told by the advisor that my DOB didnt match the debt therefore the debt was not mine. So I asked to receive original copies of the credit agreements. Next thing I knew, I received a CCJ notice from Laganside Courts and since then I have been in dispute with TM Legal services reg
  4. Well fellow caggers it seams like lending stream are taking no notice of the new GDPR regs I applied for a SAR on 25 May and have just spoken to them to find out where it is as I have no comms from the part from their acknowledgement They have informed me that because it has been sold to Lantern that they need some more time to get the required information. I have informed them that I shall be reporting them to the ICO for failure to comply. Has anyone got the link to the letter I need to send to the ICO I can't seem to find it now
  5. LS have defaulted me 0n 02/03/13 and they are refusing to change it I SAR'd LS and in the partial reply I got from them was the termination notice which states the date of 18/10/12 They have refused to alter the date so I have raised it with the FOS and ICO But for info here is what they sent me - We are writing in reference to your recent correspondence. We have reviewed your account and would like to share our findings. You borrowed one loan from Lending Stream; the ownership of which has been transferred to Motor Mile Finance Ltd, due to prolonged missed payments
  6. hi, could somebody explain the purpose of a termination notice? i have been served a termination notice 14 days after being served a default notice which i believe to be correct. however i have been served another default notice which is dated the same day as the termination notice. also i am still receiving threats of fees and charges and am wondering the point of the termination notice.
  7. I received a simple procedure notice of claim recently and I'm unsure of what to do. This was from a few addresses ago. I'm unemployed, recently had a baby and suffering from postnatal depression. My brain is a bit 'fuzzy' at the moment and I find it hard to take things in and concentrate. What do I Do?
  8. Help please. I have defended a claim from Moriarty Law acting on behalf of Motormile Finance (MMF) received late last year. They say this is for a fixed sum loan with Lending stream. I wont go into all of the details so far, just want advice what to do next? I did all the usual requested CCA, did not receive, failed mediation and was passed to my local county court. My local court sent a form last month ordering The claimant shall by 2/3/18 file and serve upon defendant in compliance with sect 76 & 79 0f 1974 CCA all relevant info & documents. In default, th
  9. I have made a complaint to lending stream about irresponsible lending "I am making a complaint to you about irresponsible lending. To help me explain the details, I would like a list of my loans, showing when they were taken out and how much was repaid when. Please note I am only asking for details of my loans, I am not making a Subject Access Request." They replied "We see that you are requesting to investigate your concern regarding the affordability analysis and credit checks conducted when the loans were approved. We would like to inform you that such nature of query falls u
  10. Loan in partners name who is currently in very bad mental health. Have a claim form for old Lending stream loans from Asset collections. He wont be able to go to court, can I try and defend this or is it pointless? Also they have lumped at least 3 maybe 4 loans into one for this claim, can they do that? I know you will ask for the info from the letter but I probably wont be able to post it up until tomorrow sorry.
  11. Hello, I'd be very grateful for any advice on how I resolve the following: - I noticed a card payment for 143.66 to Lending Stream going through my account. Realised it was fraudulent and got my card stopped etc - later that day I checked my account more thoroughly and saw that another exact same debit had gone out the month before, but I'd not noticed it - I called lending stream who confirmed they have no account in my name, or at my address and agrees the charges were fraudulent - I have now called multiple times and emailed many more but I've had no further response fr
  12. I am trying to go down the Irresponsible Lending route with all my payday loans. I complained to Lending Stream and they have very quickly come back to me with this; Dear --- --------- We write in reference to your recent correspondence. Please note that you borrowed 16 loans from Lending Stream, out of which 12 loans were closed successfully and the ownership of 4 loans (Ref. No: -------, -------, ------- and -------) has been transferred to the third party debt collection agency Asset Collections & Investigations Limited (ACI). Hence, we would request y
  13. I had several loans from LS and repaid them, in the end I had 3 for about 300 each and became ill, self employed stopped paying and ignored them. Asset collections and investigations Ltd sent me a letter eventually saying they'd bought the loan for amount of 1475-00. They made me several offers to pay a reduced amount but I didn't have that either so ignored them. They said they'd take me to court which they did to CC Business Center who found in their favour and wants 1544-00 paid to Asset collections ect. I dont remember ever receiving a 'claim form' but the cour
  14. As above really. One from lending stream One from pra group Both active defaults Though default date is wrong on pra default What's the best way to get one removed
  15. Hello, I have a problem, I have some debts with Lending Stream, I approached the CAB and informed lending stream of this and gave them a reference number so that they can communicate a payment plan. This has been going on since April, countless times my CAB officer has attempted to contact them to no avail, they do not respond. However I do get message still from CRS/Lending Stream about the debt, the other day I got a text message from CRS stating they had not received the payment from the plan agreed with my debt authority, which is not true because nothing h
  16. Just had my noodle report and an account for Lending Stream has appeared on my file with the Date of default 28/05/2014 I did use Lending stream back in 2013 but I dont remember having anything outstanding. It might be I opened one just before I moved out but am 100% sure. The thing is all of the accounts from them have the wrong date of birth. My question is this. 1. Should I contact them and pay it off or wait for them to contact me 2. If they have the date wrong do I do anything about that. 3. Its showing as open - will that have any impact on anything? Just to add so
  17. Lending Stream Hi there, in March 2011 I took out a loan with lending stream (amongst others), which I didn’t pay back, Due to a gambling addiction (addiction fixed now:-)) All of my accounts at the time fell into arrears and therefore default, which I deserved But upon checking my credit file, all of my other accounts show a default date of around may-sept 2011, yet lending stream show there’s as Nov 2012 With the 6 year rule I was happy to wait till sept 2017, but lending streams is a more than a year later, I thought It was a reporting mistake so I called them, and the
  18. Hi I am in need of a little advice. I currently have 3 loans with Lending Stream and 3 loans with Sunny and unfortunately am unable to make the full payments. I have contacted them with regards a repayment plan. I want to know if I will get into trouble as I unfortunately lied on my applications. I stated that I was self employed earning £1900 per month when in fact I am unemployed. I know I should not have done this but I am/ was an alcoholic and gambling addict. I have now stopped my gambling and am still working on the alcoholism. I am just worried they could take legal action if
  19. Hi I stupidly took loans out with lending stream. I then had my hours cut and was unable to pay. I emailed them and asked not present direct debit as it would be rejected. they stil went ahead and made lots of withdraws at midnight for £3.00 even though I owe them £100 The bank phoned me and as I did not recognise the amounts put a stop on the card and my account. I have open another account but I am confused what do I do now. Will they agree to a repayment plan over 1 year? Really worried they will start phoning me at work
  20. Hi guys, wondering if anyone can advise...sit ya self down get a coffee as this long winded !!! My son 22, had not long returned from Afghan where he was serving in the Army, and was involved in a serious bike accident 18 months ago and has resulted in him being physically and mentally injured to the point that he is being medically discharged from the Army. Part of his mental injury has resulted in memory loss, deep depression (to the point of attempted suicide). Some how he has managed to rack up debt with all of the above companies. He was living with his girlfriend but has s
  21. Does anybody know if anything has happened to them? I have been emailing them over the past couple of weeks but for the last 2 days my replies have just bounced back with DNS errors?
  22. Hi Guys, long time reader and first-time poster. I got into a lot of trouble with pay-day loans and have almost paid off all of them. This, as you know, has ruined my credit rating making my chances of a mortgage etc in the future nearly impossible (i'm 25 so have little chance of getting on the property ladder until i'm into my 30s) - this all despite me being in a well-paid(ish) job etc. I had a payment plan set-up with lending stream - after taking advice from this site i set it as a standing order - this was to end in April. However, RL got in the way of a few things an
  23. Hi just wondering if I can get a bit of advice as I've no idea where to start. I stupidly took out several loans with lending stream to which I've buried my head in the sand and ignored paying for about 12 months, theses have been handed over to CRS. CRS have sent several txt messages yesterday saying they will be sending their 'field agents' Scotcall out in the next 5 days, what's the likely hood of them actually turning up? I want to get this sorted and offer a monthly repayment, whats the best way of dealing with this? Email? letter? and do I speak to Lending Stream
  24. Sorry for the length bit of a messy one here: Got into a bit of a payday muddle with this company and set up a repayment plan with them back in April 2013. The repayment plan was accepted and I was paying around £25 total on the 1st of every month on 5 separate lending stream accounts. This was to last until 1st December 2013 when the account would be fully paid or so I thought. The last payments went through 1st of December and I though great I am finally rid of this horrible company. However, imagine my surprise just a few days ago (Feb 5 2014) when Le
  25. Still having problems with Lending Stream... I contacted them 2 weeks before payment was due to explain I cannot afford the repayments. I sent them I&E and explained the problem they will not set up a payment plan with me until I pay fees upfront on one of the loan agreements.. they have told me this 2-3 times and have since started ignoring my emails. They will not freeze interest until a plan is set up which can only be done by paying fees.. the current amount I owe to LS is about £500.... with another months interest that they will add because they wont set the plan
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