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Found 28 results

  1. Hi, I have received a letter from TFL for failing to produce a valid ticket, pass or photocard for my journey the London Underground. have asked for my side of the story and have been advised that legal proceedings may be taken against me. What happened is that I was on the tube then an inspector came on and I gave him the Oyster card that I had used for the journey. He scanned it and asked to see the railcard attached so I gave him my student railcard. He then told me that there is a greater discount on the card and asked if I have another railcard. I said that I don't. The inspector revealed that it was a privilege discount which is 75% and that I should have a privilege card to be entitled to it. he then cautioned me and started questioning me and I explained that I bought the blue Oyster card and then asked a staff member to attach my 16-25 student railcard to it. The inspector withdrew the oyster but returned my student railcard. I was told that even though it may have been a staff mistake where the wrong discount was attached, TFL can still take action against me for using a discount that I wasn't eligible for and benefitting from it. Please advise me on how to respond to their letter. Should I argue that it is not my fault that the staff made a mistake and I am not responsible to correct it. It was the staff's responsibility to check the right discount was given and there was no reason for me to assume they could not properly perform their job. Also, I could have only found out that the wrong discount was given after using the oyster and then calculating the fare I was charged, so travelling without a valid photocard was unavoidable. I didn't know that privilege discount existed, so even if I noticed that I had a greater discount, I would have still not known what is was for me to go and report it. I would appreciate any help on how to respond to this to get the best outcome possible.
  2. Hi I received a PCN from a Free! carpark some time ago.. 4 hours free then pay. I received no letters from UKCPM about a fine nor do i know what it was for . . I then get a letter from Gladstones saying Pay £160 else court action. I 'forgot about it'. Next i get a court letter which turned up at my address late , saying £273 to pay with response within 14 days else action will be taken. Ok this one i genuinely did forget about, i emailed them stating the letter was late and i forgot to take action due to work commitments and stress. Next thing i know i have a CCJ on my credit file and a letter from the courts saying they made a judgement. Luckily i had 30 days to pay the £273 and they will lift the CCJ so without haste i paid and the CCJ is now gone. two days ago i receive yet Another! Gladstone solicitors letter on behalf of UKCPM. new reference number so a new claim, this one as before £160 before court action. and again , no letters from UKCPM beforehand. Now, i know this will go to CCJ if i ignore it, but what can I do? the carpark is free for 4 hours ! i used it almost every day for the Gym. the carpark is poorly marked, paint very worn on disabled bays, no phone number to call to extend your stay. you have to display a ticket but half the time the machine was out of order however i still am aware of PCN's being issued for non ticket when the machine is not operational. What shall i do? Many thanks for your help
  3. Hi. Parked at a Southern railway rail station today and used the phone number to pay the daily charge . I had used it before but with a different car and the system recognised my phone number did a fast track to payment confirmation . I didn't spot that the registration number quoted by their system was not that of the car I was using today (lot of background noise in the car park). There was a penalty notice issued by Indigo when I returned. What are the chances of success if I appeal? I can prove that I own both cars and that the one for whom they issued the ticket was not there today (it's in a garage for repair). Any tips on how to phrase the appeal in such a case? Thanks
  4. Earlier in January a work colleague of mine who took my vehicle out for a lunch break got me into a bit of a trouble as I found out he had gone to park illegally in a private residence in the city of Edinburgh. The letter from the parking Company, a parking charge notice stated emphatically 'to keeper', they wanted to know the driver and I guess at this point I should have hesitated a bit, I wrote to the parking Company giving them the name of my colleague and asked them to address him with any further issues, I did sign the letter to that effect. I was even more shocked that DVLA could easily give out my private information with such wanton disregard to privacy. Problem is, this guy has moved to Canada and married there and rarely stays in touch, his sister called me up couple of days ago saying there have now been two threatening letters sent to their address but in MY name asking whoever was driving to cough up firstly a 100 GBP parking fine, and suddenly a massive jump to 160 in the second letter,with no breakdown of charges or how they even got to that exhortbitant amount in the first place. Now, was I wrong to name the driver from the beginning, if he refused to play the game by paying, does this then come back to me by default. Where do I stand here if things escalated. I would upload a scanned copy of what the young woman sent me when I get home from work.
  5. Hi all, I have a lovely friend who made a naive mistake two weeks ago - she received a phone call from a 'very believable' fraudster who asked her for some info about her bank card to 'pass security', etc. Ultimately, on the Monday she lost £350. Even though she contacted her bank on the Monday, they are refusing to reimburse her. Please can I ask if she has any avenue to go down on this? Thank you.
  6. Sent my appeal off with some brief details of why i was appealing , Had a Letter from DWP confirming that they received my appeal, and about how much ESA i will get until it's heard, But so far over 1mth since requesting the full written statement of the Atos wca Form IB /ESA85, But so far i have not been sent it, The person that i recently spoke with from DWP ,Confirmed that they could see that i had previously requested it, but could not understand why i had not yet received it, What can be done to force them to supply this info,(assuming it actually exists) ?
  7. Hi Everyone, I really need some help and advise with an issue that I currently have with N Power please. My partner and I used to rent a small one bedroomed flat, which we moved out of in August of this year and everything was electric, we had no gas at the property. Whilst we lived there all bills made to N Power were made on time and yes they were always high but we just assumed this was normal. On the 14th February 2017 we received a bill from them telling us that our monthly payment has decreased from £94 per month to £21 per month and they also refunded us £559.57 because we were in credit and had been overpaying. We continued to pay £21 per month with no problems until we notified them that we were leaving the property on the 19th August 2017. When our final bill was posted, they said we owe them £1093.40! After getting in touch with their customer service department, my partner and I must have spoken to around 4 different people and none of them could figure out why our final bill was so high, I contacted the complaints department who then looked into this issue for us. This issue has been going on since August now in December they have finally come to a conclusion regarding our bill. They have admitted that it was a fault made by them and that we should never have been given a refund and we should never have had our bills reduced to £21 per month but they still want us to pay back the full amount! I completely disagree with this. I obviously don't mind paying them for the energy we used but why should we pay them back to fix a mistake that was made by them? Please can someone help me as this is the first time I've had to deal with an issue like this and I don't know what to do. Can we fight this or do we have to give in and pay them back the full amount? Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Michelle
  8. Hi, My girlfriend has been working for an NHS Trust since March 2017, before which she was working with another trust since October 2016 (and has 10 years of service but not concurrent). However, the 3 to 4 years preceding this, she has been living abroad. She had to take sick leave last month due to accepting a (short notice) date for a major operation. The day she was offered the date for the op, she went to the HR dept and spoke with one of the officers, who informed her that she was entitled to full sickness pay for six months based on the fact that she had 10 years and more of service. Today she was informed that she has gone into half-pay since last week! Any advice on what she can do to correct this? She doesnt have a paper trail for the information that HR has given her although she remembers the date and approximate time that the conversation (face to face) took place.
  9. I have a problem. I gave the wrong bank details to a company to pay me for work and they have paid the wrong account. There was a single typo in the details with the account number. I realised the mistake almost immediately and contacted the company but they had already paid into the wrong account by faster payment. How do I get my money?
  10. Hi All, I am a company car driver and I think I've made the fatal mistake of giving PPS my name and address. Long story short: Parked at the Crossways Shopping centre in Paignton and as I had been ill with a stomach bug through the night when I arrived, I was physically ill again (and took a few minutes to gather myself) before I purchased a ticket. They have a photo showing I arrived at 11.24:39 and I have a ticket, valid until 13.43, purchased at 11.43, therefore a period of 19 minutes elapsed between me arriving and buying a ticket. They have stated that they have a 10 minute "grace" period and that I contravened this by 9 minutes, therefore I am liable to a £100 or reduced fee of £60! After my employer received the initial notice, as I assumed I'd done nothing wrong because I had a valid ticket that I assumed they had obviously overlooked, I disclosed my name, address and emailed them accordingly. I've just received a further email telling me my claim has been rejected due to the 9 minutes over that I took to buy the ticket which I find absolutely unbelievable - especially as I left the car park at 12.58 with 45 minutes still remaining on the ticket! what should I do now? many thanks in advance Ian
  11. Hi, I was taken to Court by NPower about 2 years ago for a utilities debt of around £750.00, i was allowed to pay it off in 3 monthly payments which i did, a couple of months ago i got a letter and a refund of £282.00 and an apology for the delay in spotting that i had been overcharged. the annoying thing is, that if the original debt had been £282.00 less i could have borrowed the money to pay it off and avoid getting a CCJ. Can a CCJ be removed if the company later realises they made a mistake? thanks
  12. Hi Everyone.....it's my first post here, I hope someone can give me a little bit of advice Yesterday lunchtime there was a huge knock on my door, answered the door and was greeted by what looked like 2 police officers (all in black, stab proof vests, walkie talkie) - my heart was in my mouth. They asked to speak with my husband (who wasn't in). They showed a badge and advised they were enforcement agents from the court to collect a debt for an unpaid council parking charge from 2014. Total amount owed £422. One of them radio'd to someone to tell them "stand down I've made contact". They came in and explained that bailiffs were following behind (30-40 mins) and should I not pay they would add fees on. I was absolutely in a bit of a panic, unsure what to do. I actually remember the debt and stupidly thought we had sorted it (we disputed owning the car at the time of the parking charge). The enforcement agents were polite and friendly but they said there was no option but to pay (if I couldn't pay or get someone to pay) then bailiffs would follow and they had already gained entry. So, I paid £422 on my debit card. He wrote me out a receipt and gave me details of who I needed to contact if I did dispute the debt (DVLA firstly then go to Northampton County Court with the evidence). He also showed me some paper trail on his ipad thing which said that someone had been at 7.08 on a Friday in January (I am in everyday with children so deffo not true). Now the panic is over I am feeling somewhat stupid. I looked at the receipt and it is from Marstons!!!!!! So, were they just bailiffs dressed up to look all official???? We have had no correspondence from the bailiffs (this I can guarantee as I work from home so get the post each day) I am guessing that this £422 is mainly fees???? How can it be fees when they have only just come??? So - I guess the question is what can I do? Anything? Other than the handwritten receipt I have no documentation (I had to call the enforcement agent to find out the court reference!!). Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you for reading. Luau
  13. Banking Error Gave Young Lady 4.6 Million Overdraft-What Would You Do? Could you be tempted to spend some. Lose your battle between the Devil telling you to get stuck in and go for it. Or the angel of reason telling you to go into the bank and say i think you have made a slight mistake. As you read this story and perhaps watch the video what is your brain telling you. Would you be planning to lash out,travel the world,take a chance. Where would you go or do,could you be tempted. Or plan to catch the bus or walk to town if no funds to tell them Oh dear what is this on my statement Mr Bank Manager. Have you made a mistake. Why am i seeing a gold plated computer in my head.And much more.Be gone devil. Christine Jia Xin Lee's explanation for her $4.6 million splurge The eye-watering shopping list of an accidental multimillionaire Student given $4.6 million in overdraft error may not have broken the law The simple Westpac error that allowed a Sydney student to overdraw $4.6 million and spend it on designer handbags and clothes has been revealed for the first time. The Link. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/the-simple-westpac-banking-error-that-gave-christine-jia-xin-lee-46-million-20160520-gozv5q.html
  14. Hi Again, I'm still struggling with Accord mortgages over a shortfall from them selling the property for half of what was paid 9 years ago. My ex did a deal recently so I'm left with my half of the debt. I've made a small settlement offer 8% of debt over a month ago. Accord keep pushing me to deal with them over the phone, which I have no wish to do. They also keep pestering me to fill in an expenditure form. I've explained I'm about to be out of work so I don't see how filling in the form is a fair representation of my financial position given I have one more pay day before unemployment. I can't fill in the form based on being unemployed as not sure how much benifits I will get. I've explained all this, given them proof I'm not in perm employment, I've also given proof of what the property is worth and that I feel they should never have sold so cheap given value has increased so much. They came back to me saying I refuse to talk to them despite them willing to discuss over the phone. They feel they have done no wrong and as a good will gesture have given me a cheque for £50. I'm writing again asking them to clarify why they need the form given I'm going to be out of work, or do they want me to wait until April and do the form then? Surely they have to answer those questions rather than keep sending long letters pestering me to chat on the phone? These forms are just such a headache to do so I don't want to do one based on this month if they then are going to want another next Getting a bit frustrating and the cheque they sent felt like an admission of guilt
  15. Hi guys and gals I need some advice please. Basically I lived with my partner and 3 kids and started a new job after having my baby. HB requested my first 2 wage slips on receipt which I handed in and continued to get HB payments. So now this is where it gets complicated. My ex was abusive (we have moved away from him recently) and took all my money for himself so I thought I would buy replacement wage slips with different amounts on them so he wouldnt know how much i had earned. Problem is that I left them with my paperwork and thats what I had handed in to the council not my actual slips. This came to light on monday when I received a letter stating the details HMRC had provided were different to the ones I had. I looked properly into my paperwork and immediately saw what i had done. I went in to the council and gave all 3 of my slips in but now im worried that I should have given an explanation into what happened. At the very least there is a small over payment. My main concern is that they will think I tried to trick them. What should I do and what will happen now ???
  16. She was stopped in a public place having dropped a butt outside of a shop before going back in. After she came out the shop, 2 men approached her asking to see her immigration documents (shes European and has every right to be here). They both were apparently very aggressive to her. Anyway she gave them a fake name, and an address she lived at many years ago. What could happen now? or is she in the clear?
  17. I am appealing for advice in this case in which Barclays has failed over a 2 year period to put right errors on my mortgage account and now refuses to abide by the binding settlement terms. To confuse matters, the Ombudsman provided misleading information which led to me agreeing the terms and the complaint being closed while the issues are unresolved. Ombudsman has now washed its hands of the case and told me I need to sue Barclays. The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA 2000) makes an Ombudsman’s decision legally enforceable in court, but I can find no solicitor to take on my case on a no-win-no-fee basis and I am not in a position to incur legal fees. It is an obvious winner with loads of political mileage for any law firm. I assume I need to sue once for the statement which they were supposed to provide under the settlement terms and then again later for my losses- which I can only work out once I see the statement. The complaint relates to Barclays’ failure to credit my account with several thousand pounds of overpayments, even claiming the balance had INCREASED after said overpayments. This was my 3rd consecutive complaint regarding Barclays’ mismanagement of the same account. Under the settlement terms finalised 2 June 15 by the Financial Services Ombudsman, Barclays was to provide “a full breakdown of my (mortgage) account from June 13, showing when each overpayment was applied and a clear and accurate explanation for any amendments made to the account”. Barclays has failed to provide the above documentation, but not before lying to the Ombudsman claiming it had! A misleading letter from the Ombudsman claimed the account was now in order (Dec 14) and I thus agreed the settlement terms, which included a nominal payment (which the bank has made). However, the documentation that Barclays was to provide is obviously central to the complaint, particularly since I now have documentary evidence proving the anomalies on the account have NOT been corrected by Barclays. This may be why the bank now refuses to provide the documentation. This documentation was only made available to me by the Ombudsman AFTER I had agreed the settlement terms, believing the account to be correct, and AFTER Barclays had failed to comply. The Ombudsman provided me with documentation the bank provided to it during the course of the investigation, including a calculation (not a statement) which states “this calculation has been provided to assist with the resolution of the complaint”. This documentation does not tally with an independent audit of the account I was obliged to fund. The document makes it clear NO remedial action has been taken, ie it contains a heading “steps required to rectify the account” as opposed to “steps taken to rectify the account”. Nevertheless the Ombudsman told me in writing the account had been corrected! The document is virtually impossible for a layperson to understand and abruptly ends March 14, giving no clues to the current balance and states “the balances shown on this calculator do not represent the actual balance on the account”, so the information is of little use, hence the instruction from the Ombudsman that Barclays provide me with “a full breakdown of the account from June 13, showing when each overpayment was applied and a clear and accurate explanation for any amendments made to the account”. So I have no idea how much interest I have been and continue to be overcharged by the bank on the incorrect balance I was a diligent overpayer until Barclays mismanaged the account. Based on my previous pattern of overpayments, I have been prevented from overpaying at least 10k to date. I have written to John McFarlane CEO asking him to ensure his staff provide the documentation as per the binding settlement terms, to clearly show how much interest I have been overcharged, what steps have been taken to correct the account, and what the correct current balance is, however, it is highly unlikely I will receive a response based on the bank’s attitude thus far. The FCA said they could not assist. I wrote my MP who says he has written to them but won’t show me a copy of the letter. I made a formal complaint about the Ombudsman, but that won’t rectify the account issues. I contacted BBC watchdog and various consumer columns and got no reply. I guess no one dares take on the establishment. I have posted on Barclays FB page and would now like to post the above letter online as widely as possible – any ideas as to where and how would be appreciated. Also any advice on where to find a law firm to represent me on a no win no fee basis would be appreciated.
  18. Went to ATM link cash machine in my local shop .i wanted to withdraw £500 the machine made the right noises £180 came out the cash machine and then the machine came up with an error I then checked my bank statement which showed £500 taken from my bank.now am £320 down what can i do? Lady in the shop said this evening when the shops closes the machine will be checked will i get this money or not my bank has made note of this
  19. Just to clarify - I'm the tenant here! Here's the situation - we have a fixed term contract with a private landlord and we served a notice to leave, which was accepted by the landlord and their letting agents, who in turn served us with notice 21(1)(b) expiring on 30 December. We are due to move out on 10 November (the expiration date of our own notice) into a new flat . However, we were just told by the new landlord that there's been a leak in the new flat, which might prevent us from moving in on 10 November - he's not sure when we could move in since some of the electrics might have been affected (the leak came from the flat above and the water went into the wall behind the storage heater/electrics cupboard/one of the bedrooms as well as on some of the carpets). As far as I could find out from some online research, we now have a couple of options: 1) Move out on the 10th as agreed and into a hotel/temporary housing while storing most of our belongings - I assume the new landlord's insurance should pay some/all of this extra expense? We then would move into the new flat whenever it's deemed habitable (that is, the electrics have been checked and the walls/carpets dried out). 2) Not move out of the current flat until the new flat is ready. I understand that our own notice has merely terminated the fixed term of the existing contract but then if we don't move out then a statutory tenancy automatically begins, which would terminate on 30 December as per the notice 21(1)(b), which we have already been served. Is that right? If so, then: - do we have to give further notice to move out after 10 November (when the fixed term expires)? This would be difficult since we don't know when the new flat would be ready for us to move into. - would we be liable for rent until 30 December? We would definitely want to avoid this. - is it right that the landlord would not be able to evict us/make us leave until at least 30 December? If the above is not correct, then do we have any statutory rights to remain for any period beyond 10 November? Again, there is the question of who would be liable for the extra expense but at least we wouldn't have to move twice! 3) Not move out of our current flat and try to find a new flat. The new landlord offered us to get out of the contract but we are not keen since it was really difficult to find this one (also see below). A further difficulty is caused by my wife currently being over 8 months pregnant with our second child and our first is only 1.5 years old. We have no help/relatives around, so the original move date itself was already a big compromise (we really needed the extra space and the new flat is great). Therefore options 1 and 3 would be quite difficult and option 2 might also be messy - we really don't want to have to move +/- 2 weeks around the due date. However, option 2 seems to be the only realistic one at this point (assuming we can flex the move in date with the new landlord). We already checked with our current landlord and received an immediate "no" to our request to stay a couple of weeks longer as he has plans to sell the flat, has booked flights to move in the day after we leave (he lives abroad), etc. Although we understand this, I don't see what else we could do?
  20. can anyone give advice ?? my son had never received a tax rebate in all his working life , he had been getting taxed really badly and decided to phone hmrc, he was told that the national insurance number that he had been using for the ten years he has worked was invalid !!! he has worked from leaving school apart from 5 months when he received jsa,, he is now 27 and has never been notified that the number has been wrong . seemingly he was told on the phone that this had been a temp number but he never received any other so had no idea anything was wrong . so in the ten years he has worked where has all his taxmoney gone and is it possable he can claim any back ???
  21. I got in some difficulties and lost my job, as someone close to me passed away i was having difficulties coming to terms with it. ended up being gambling addict, I'm recovered now have been for some time. although i put a block on a lot of gambling sites so i cant join them again. Due to situation i was struggling to buy food and other items due to being out of work and gambling, i told Halifax of my situation and that i was unemployed but still had around £2000 savings only, it wasn't much but he saw my savings, it was just under £2000 not much. To my surprise he upgraded my bank account and gave me a £6000 over draft even though i didn't lie and was totally honest about being unemployed, surprised they didnt even check that i was spending all my money gambling. Yes i was young and stupid, i lost money on gambling and general living until i got back on my feet again with help of family and friends. The bank then chased me for the debt, i informed them that they shouldn't of given me a overdraft of that much when i was unemployed, they wrote back admitting they were aware i was unemployed at the time, but because i showed proof of having funds they thought i would gain employment soon, seems odd answer as do they normally give people money in hopes of them gaining employment? plus £2000 is hardly a lot of money. I spoke to someone from Halifax on the phone who told me that they had made mistake by giving me the overdraft but they have not admitted this in writing. I also told them that most of transactions were gambling and i was going through difficult and depressing time, i was on medication also, they just told me sorry to hear that but i still need to pay outstanding amount. Although they did leave me alone until debt was recently passed on. Do i ask for credit agreement or how do i go about disputing this, as i really cant afford to pay it now. As though I'm back on track i don't have the money to spare to pay of the debt as it will leave me struggling. I still have a basic bank account with them they have not closed that down. But they passed my debt to a collection agency. I will never gambling again or get myself in this situation, i had bad time in my life and could not deal with daily life so went into my own world.
  22. I am an aged widower in good health with credit card debt as a result of helping two members of my family. They had a laudable ambition in their 40s to work for useful mature student degrees while cutting down to part-time jobs. They were very successful and now have far better jobs. I can service the monthly payments to the credit card companies in excess of the minimum but am finding the rates of interest a disgrace. How can I come to some sort of deal to pay off this debt? G. P., Suffolk. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/experts/article-2324818/I-gave-relatives-money-improve-career-prospects-Im-crushed-debt-repayments.html#ixzz2TaoxX8ZR
  23. Entirely my own fault. I had an old address saved in my amazon account, it was the default address. I have since moved from this address, it was selected when I placed an amazon order and the parcel went there. At that address I was living with my landlord, I am not sure but I think he might have even sold the place and moved out. What is my position? Obviously it was a silly mistake on my part but is the person who received the parcel (old landlord or whoever lives there now) obliged to give it back if I go and ask for it? Kind regards, M
  24. One of Britain's largest doorstep lenders gave thousands of pounds of loans to a schizophrenic woman despite knowing she was "not all there", it was claimed today. The BBC current affairs programme Panorama went undercover at Provident Financial, a FTSE 250 company with 1.8 million customers, and says it found cases of lending to customers which appeared to breach Office for Fair Trading (OFT) industry guidelines. Panorama - Undercover: Debt on the Doorstep, which is broadcast tonight, interviewed the mother of the unnamed woman, who requires constant care for her condition but was allegedly given loans over several years. "You can talk to (her) and anyone in their right mind would know she's got an illness," her mother told the programme. "She's so vulnerable she just agrees to them (the loans). I want it all to stop." Provident said it had strict policies in place to prevent loans being given to people without the mental capacity to know what they are doing. The programme also claims to show a Provident seller calling at another customer's house and acknowledging that she didn't think the woman could look after herself. The customer's sister told Panorama: "They (the agents) would clearly be able to see just by looking around the house that she is vulnerable." A Provident manager is quoted as saying they need to keep selling good customers loans in order to continue collecting from them. She told the reporter: “You don’t ever want to let [the customer] pay up.” Gillian Guy, chief executive of the Citizen's Advice Bureau, told the programme: "I call into question...the motivation to keep exploiting people who clearly can't be held responsible for their own decisions in that situation." The OFT's guidelines for the industry state: "Borrowers who may be particularly vulnerable by virtue of their current indebtedness, poor credit history, or by reason of age or health, or disability, or for any other reason, should, in particular, not be targeted or exploited. But they do add that creditors should always begin by assuming that the borrower does have the mental capacity to make the relevant financial decision, as "having a mental health problem, or acting in an unusual or unorthodox manner, does not necessarily mean they lack the ability to make the relevant financial decision". According to its website, Provident Financial was established in Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1880 and has a network of more than 400 branches, administrative offices and call centres. It describes itself as "one of the UK's leading suppliers of personal credit products to the non-standard lending market" and reported pre-tax profits of £72.9m in the first six months of this year, up 17% from £62.3m in the same period in 2011. In a statement the company said: "Provident has strict policies in place to prevent loans being advanced to anyone it believes does not have the mental capacity to understand the terms of the loan they are taking out, whilst at the same time ensuring that it does not discriminate against anyone, including those with mental illness but no loss of mental capacity." It added: "(Provident Financial) is properly regulated and adheres strictly to the OFT's guidelines on responsible lending. "Provident takes great care to ensure that it only lends amounts appropriate to the personal circumstances of each customer. "The size of the loan granted is always designed to match the circumstances of each individual customer. Provident is a responsible lender and currently 80% of our loans applications are turned down. "In independent research over 90% of our customers say they are satisfied with the home credit service they receive. "However with 1.8 million customers we recognise that we will not always get it right and if we make a mistake we work hard to put matters right and will not hesitate to take any necessary action." Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/loans/9578257/Doorstep-lender-gave-thousands-to-schizophrenic-woman.html Link to the show: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01n7m0q/Panorama_Undercover_Debt_on_the_Doorstep/
  25. hi there just got home from work to find a message from garage regarding my car which is in to have 4 new tyres fitted. The garage owner gave my car to somone this morning thinking it was his courtesy car which is the same make as mine. it wont be back until 5pm tonight so tyres wont be fitted. and ill have no car for another day. having to borrow partners. Im not happy as you can imagine but not sure on what my next course of action is, My car is ony insured for myself and partner to drive also it has a very dangerous bald tyre hence why it was in to have new tyres fitted. Any advice would be greatly appreciated sara
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