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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All My daughter had to leave uni just before the end of her first year (this was about 4-5 years ago) , since then, the SLC have harrassed her for an "overpayment " of her maintenance grant. I have consistently told them that she is on benefits and has NO spare money each week. Firstly they sold it on to Drydens and now Advantis. One day, when she is well and working , she will be able to pay this, but , she is still on ESA, receiving help, she is steadily getting better but still isnt ready to return to work and even if she was, there is no way that she would be able to repay this money for a good few years, I showed the first DCA copies of her ESA award and now I am having to deal with another one! I have a few questions. Is there a letter that I can use to get them off her back because if they harrass her, she will relapse and they will NEVER get their money. Also, if the SLC sell the debt to a third party, doesnt it become a normal loan and thus can become statute barred? thanks for your help.
  2. Hello. Today i recieved a letter from "advantis" looking for my whereabouts.as british gas had passed debt of £370 to them. i phoned and spoke to an agent at advantis.i explained to him that i would contact british gas and pay the debt to them directly,set up standing order etc.british gas told me they could not recall the debt,as not in their policies.this debt was from a previous address,not where we live now. so basically i owe the debt to advantis.things are tough at the moment with being out of work,though got 2 interviews next week. guy at advantis said they would continue pursuing the debt unless they heard from britsih gas. guy at british gas said i didnt owe them anything now,as debt has gone to advantis. any advice please ?
  3. So far they have rang me on my new mobile number asking for 3 different people. When i inform them that i have never heard of that person , they ask me" what number do you live at ":lol: , hang up & activate my nice new app that blocks calls & txt etc:-D A simple google of the numbers & it seem it is Avantis, come on boys ..... you can do better than this. TBH, i have no idea why they would be chasing me as i am not in debt to anyone, may be an old SB one they think i might want to make some contribution too , my sides are hurting now. These are the numbers i have found in relation to these jokers, i do expect more 07891 884107 07814 042062 07891 891060 07891 894084 07891 903286 07891 901347 0844 824 1820 01782 401123 08448 241 820
  4. I've recently received a letter from avantis credit at my current address saying: We have been in instructed by our client to verify the whereabouts of flynnkev1 . Formely resident at (previous address) in relation to a business matter. Some facts in relation to this my credit file shows the following information:- Account type Student Loan Account number ***7085 0 Account holder status Gone-away Account start date 20/11/1998 Opening balance £ 2,784 Regular payment £ £ 43 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 15/10/2007 Default balance £ 2,784 They also have a CCJ Issued by Bryan carter with the following information Judgment date 24/07/2007 Amount £ 2,287 Court name Northampton 1) Whilst I did have another address. I still owned my property and had a mortgage , and was able to receive post (they changed the address without my knowledge) 2) At the time of the default I was at University the second time around and receiving a student loan. 3) I found out about the ccj after the event and made my last payment to brian carter in october 2007 the date of the default 4) I believe my first student loan was taken out in october 1997 and they have rolled the 97 loan into the 98 one. 5) Can I CCA Then? 6) I've not earned over 15k and do not currently earn over 15k Any advice what i should/can do would be greatly appreciated. cheers kev
  5. Hello All. Info required. Out of the blue today a company called Avantis called me at work about an outstanding debt. I have never had any contact with this company and I really do not know how they got my work details. This will cause me great issuses with my employment if they contact my bosses etc. Any advice please
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