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  1. Hello CAG, As with millions of others, I have a ppi claim now with the FOS. The company concerned (MBNA) was supposed to send the business file across within a month of my paperwork being logged but of course hasn't - and I'm being quoted 12 to 18 months before my file is even looked at. No chasing will be done by the FOS till my file is picked uip by one of their staff (I'm in the queue but have no idea of where I am) and there is apparently no penalty for MBNA ignoring the deadline. This isn't the fault of the FOS who've recruited thousands of extra pe
  2. Wading through paper, I've found old Woolwich mortgage details. I think I may have paid PPI on this without it being listed as a separate item. Do I need to submit an SAR to find this out or is there another way? It ran from Nov 1999 to I think May 2002 so would it still be possible to reclaim? Thanks as ever C
  3. Dx Hello again - just wading through more paper, I've found old Woolwich mortage details. I think I may have paid PPI on this without it being listed as a separate item. Do I need to submit an SAR to find this out or is there another way? It runs from Nov 1999 to I think May 2002 so would it still be possible to reclaim? Thanks as ever C
  4. Dx Hello - one more question. Is anyone geting PPI repaid if they werre employed, then made redundant but didn't claim on the insurance at that point (as got payout from employer)? If so how far back? Kind regards C
  5. Stuart Hello - just seen your post. Yes, I've had the self-same letter. Let me know if I can help with any other questions - it's been me asking all the questions so far so would be delighted to reciprocate. Kind regards Clare
  6. Dx Thanks -is the OC the same as the FOS? Presumably I'd have to guess at the average amounts paid because I dont have statements for the full period? I think there will be info held by MBNA that shows amount that they maybe haven't sent if it's not covered by SAR so could they be forced to use that to work out compensation accurately? C
  7. Dx Hello again - so the best thing for me to do now is to fill in the fos form? Is there anything that'd in the SAR that I should use as evidence? Or will the basic facts below do it ie: 1. I'd had a payoff when made redundant in 1999 so never needed to claim against my PPI 2. Subsequently I became self-employed and so couldn't. I was self-employed when MBNA took over in 2003. 3. Never realised that PPI was voluntary 4. MBNA saying that their ts and cs were sent in a leaflet doesn't mean that their systems are beyonf reproach, witness the fact the acc stayed open for a y
  8. Dx The SAR has arrived - at least I think that's what I'm looking at - and that's where I'm getting the info from. Thanks again C
  9. D I paid it off in 2003. I do have some sample statements preceding that but not the full set. However, the bank hasn't ever disputed that I was paying PPI. I became self-employed in 1999 but never claimed on it even when made redunmdant in 1999 as got settlement from the company that made it unnecessary. So, there was no way that I needed it. Plus the fact that I never realised that it was optional. Thanks again C
  10. Mike Hello again to you. I am determined to sort this out in tribute to Martin 3030 as well as making donation to the site. I've now had various print outs but some of the most salient abbreviations don't seem to be listed (no surprise there...). Do you think an entry saying ins. cancel reason back in 2003 would be re a conversation about the unsuitability of the insurance as I was self-employed? This was in Nov 2003. There's also a ref to a conversation in April 2003 sayin that I wa sunhappy with charges on the account as I'd had no statements. It al
  11. Dx thanks again - and happy new year! This is the year that this will be sorted, I'm sure. Kind regards C
  12. Dear Dx Hello again - I've now put in an SAR (dated 5th December) and checked on Fri that they had received it and the money; apparently it had just been put on the system that day. So now MBNA are telling me that they have 52 days from my letter to get back (I've explained in my letter that I don't take this as their final response). In the meantime I wrote to the Ombudsman and have had a questionnaire to fill in. Should I do that as one of the questions is whether I've had MBNA's final response? I've had what they say is their final responsoe and I'm saying
  13. Dx Thanks very much - I'll do that. I really appreciate the hand-holding! Kind regards Clare
  14. Dx thanks again. Do you think it's worth going to FOS - am I accepting this as MBNA's final response if I do or should I dispute their statement while talking to the FOS? I see that some people issue small claims court actions - at what point should that be an option and how much evidence do I need? Kind regards C
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