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  1. Thank you, It did not make any sense that they could enforce any changes on a phone call: I am totally unaware of any other part of life in which this is possible.. When it asks for the 10GBP fee can I just send them 10 pound note or should I send them the check they asked for? Matthew
  2. Hi, I spoke with Woolwich in August last year about additional borrowing: they claimed I needed to move to a capital repayment to qualify. I told them if I could secure the borrowing I would make the change. Next thing I know I have an arrears letter for 2400GBP claiming that this phone call had allowed them to make the change and that I owed them an additional 345GBP per month through last 5 months of the year. When I called to complain the first two or three people said they could not find any reason for the change and it should stay as interest only. Finally today I speak
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