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  1. Hi thanks for the reply...I have reclaimed PPI on some of my debts...Barclaycard...Barclays Mortgage Insurance...Marks & Spencer refused my claim twice, stating I had asked for PPI and sent me a copy of the form where I had ticked the request fro PPI, they claim even though I am self employed their insurance would cover...just about to obtain a copy of full terms & conditions... Bubbsie1
  2. Hi DX & fkofilee just checked my credit report and my debts are listed as follows: Idem capital Securities...not sure whether this is Barclays overdraft or MBNA C.Card...£4.600...paying £10 per month Arrow Global...Sainsburys C.Card...paying £10 per month Tesco Bank....Credit Card...paying £10 per month...pay them directly £6689 Marks & Spencer...credit Card...paying £10 per month (currently attempting to reclaim PPI which they have refused twice so far) Amex...Credit card...did make them an offer which they refused in 2011...heard nothi
  3. Hi I haven't posted on the forum for some time now; several years ago I got myself into an awful mess with credit cards, mortgage arrears, bank overdraft and store cards, thankfully with some solid advice from CAG members I managed to come to arrangements with the majority of my creditors who froze the interest and accepted reduced monthly payments. Sadly Barclays Bank (my mortgage providers) pursued me relentlessly and in 2013 I reluctantly sold my flat in London paid off their mortgage moved out of London and bought a small run down cottage outright; I did not inform my credi
  4. Hi MM thanks, certainly some useful information there, however, I do not have the full terms and conditions yet, despite asking for them they were not sent. As stated I have only been sent the application, the PPI box is ticked and signed for, however the declaration states must be permanent employee and work at least 16 hours per week. Whilst many of my working weeks exceeded 16 hours, during some weeks I had no work. I have fired off a letter to Marks & Spencer making it clear I want the full terms and conditions of the insurance policy as previously asked
  5. Hi whole point is they haven't sent me the terms and conditions, just a copy of application form with a short declaration stating you have to be in permanent employment; self employed so not in permanent employment. Will be firing off a letter tomorrow telling them I want the full policy details; made it clear when I spoke to them I wanted a copy of the policy, they haven't sent it, delaying tactics hoping claimants give up. Thanks
  6. Hi ims whilst I am no expert I'd be happy to help others in any way I can; two of mine were relatively straight forward and just consisted of advising them I would be reclaiming. Amazingly Barclays Mortgage Insurance just sent me a letter with a cheque a few weeks after I made it known I was about to make a claim for a PPI refund; the same with the Co-operative Bank. Barclaycard were a nightmare, however I got there in the end. I have a suspicion with Barclaycard I have been repaid with simple interest as opposed to compound interest; will be checking that and if so th
  7. Hi theoldrouge despite asking for the terms and conditions (told them I would scrutinise them in detail) all I have been sent is the application form completed with the box for PPI ticked and signed by me. Marks & Spencer sent the usual letter...' this was an internet application therefore a non-advised sale' etc etc. In the box for PPI there is a small declaration that states ' to claim PPi you must be in permanent employment and working at least 16 hours a week' I am self employed and have been for almost thirty years and some weeks may work 30/40 hours per week other
  8. Thanks citizenB I will be sticking to my guns...had pretty much the same with Barclaycard...however in the end they paid out. Yes I can see some logic in reviewing possible PPi claims...however to investigate without any information from the customers concerned and then fail to tell them of their decision is unacceptable. Thanks
  9. dx I hope so I could not have read the terms and conditions before ticking the box for PPI; would never have done that if realised it would never have covered me. Also cannot believe they undertook an investigation two years ago with no information from me and failed to advise me they had done so; they admit in their covering letter they should have written to me and state clearly they did not yet cannot explain why. Thanks
  10. Hi DX they have sent me a copy of the agreement which shows I ticked the box and signed the form accepting PPI; however a closer inspection of the terms and conditions states clearly to claim on the insurance you have to be in permanent employment and work at least sixteen hours a week; I have been self employed for almost thirty years and took jobs on an ad hoc basis. Given those circumstances the PPI could not have covered me. I completed the questionnaire on the phone , however I am now about to send off a SARS request and a strong letter of complaint
  11. Hi DX I reclaimed these payments without any advice from CAG, they were relatively straight forward, in fact two of them paid out without my completing any forms. Sorry no links to post.
  12. Hi three successes so far: 1) Barclays Mortgage Insurance (Dublin) £5.500 2) Co-Op Bank just over £400 3) Barclaycard £1453 About to do battler with Marks & Spencer.
  13. Hi three successes so far: 1) Barclays Mortgage Insurance (Dublin) £5.500 2) Co-Op Bank just over £400 3) Barclaycard £1453 About to do battler with Marks & Spencer.
  14. I am in the process of reclaiming PPI payments from M & S from 2002 to 2010; while discussing the balance of my account in 2012 with a customer service advisor I said I intended to reclaim those insurance payments at a later date. Over the next couple of years I was fully occupied dealing with debt collections agencies and my mortgagors and only made a formal request for a refund on the 8th of September this year. After lots of telephones calls and a couple of letters it's apparent that M & S undertook an investigation into my PPI at their own behest in 2012, af
  15. Yes it is tricky, although I am having my mail re-directed, so even if a summons sent should receive it. I've never tried to avoid making payments I have agreed on so I will update my credit file, do not want to appear to be evading my responsibilities, however these third party collection agents are just a nightmare. Really worried now I am at last mortgage free I will be targeted. Thanks for you comments Mike
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