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Found 6 results

  1. I have had my Group 2 driving licence revoked by DVLA as I am type 2 diabetic now using insulin. As I was required to do I informed DVLA and they suspended my licence immediately and then took 6 months to revoke it. I am hyperglycaemic (and have high blood sugar) rather than hypoglycaemic and all the data and criteria for revoking a Group 2 licence only relates to hypoglycaemia. The reason they gave was that I did not have 3 complete months readings on my blood sugar meter which is completely untrue. I contested the decision in August and it has taken 3 months, countless e-mails to DVLA and direct contact with Oliver Morley the CEO of DVLA, and my MP, to move the paperwork from someone's desk. They now say they want further information from my GP and have written to him and I must await another decision....why? they should be dealing with this based on the fact I am contesting their original decision. No-one in DVLA can tell me why they use the same criteria for hyper and hypo glycaemics even though they are two opposite ends of the spectrum. I only have until 6 December to lodge an appeal in the Magistrates' Court against this decision and I feel they are dragging things out to make sure I run out of time. Can I lodge an appeal before they get back to me? Appreciate any advice.
  2. I rang Barclaycard a few weeks back to offer a Full and Final Settlement on my outstanding balance. I have been with a Debt Management Company for 4 years so interest and charges have been frozen since then and I am making payments monthly through the DMC. They accepted my offer of 30% and said they would send a letter confirming this. However, when it arrived it said that a F&F should not have been agreed as I do not meet their criteria. Does anyone know what their criteria is? Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance
  3. I'm not sure where I should post this if I need to move it to another part let me know please Looking for anyone with dealings or knowledge of woolwhich lending criteria. Situation is we currently have an off set lifetime tracker (0.03 above base) mortgage with woolwich at the moment soley in my husbands name. We are looking to move but porting the mortgage to keep the deal we have and will need to borrow additional to buy the new property, I now need to be added to the mortgage so my salary can be taken into account for the additional borrowing, but I checked my experian report and it shows 2 settled defaults one egg credit card £1800 which comes off June this year (defaulted June 2008) and one for o2 £280 which comes off next year (defaulted Sept 2009) with a score of 770-fair section My report shows other satisfied credit paid off and closed with no missed/late payments on them, I have a dfs 12 month 0% sofa loan £316 left finishes june this year, no missed/late payments and a Halifax credit card balance £1860 which is close to its limit but make the minimum payment every month with no missed or late payments so my total owed is shy of £2200 but I'm at 97% of my available credit based on my credit card balance, pay more off I know didn't realise how it effected credit scores until now . I earn £22k take home with minimal outgoings, £600 give or take monthly. Our LTV will be 68% Now, woolwhich lending criteria says Adverse credit as detailed below must be declined: Any unsatisfied CCJ and/or More than 1 satisfied CCJ and the latest is registered within the past 3 years and/or Satisfied CCJs totalling more than £200 and the latest is registered within the past 3 years and/or More than 3 satisfied defaults* and the latest is registered within the past 3 years and/or Satisfied defaults* totalling more than £200 and the latest is registered within the past 3 years and/or Any outstanding default, irrespective of amount. *Includes partially settled defaults Does that mean because my defaults are over £200 I will be declined, or the fact they are over 3 years ago am I likely to be ok? Thanks Also posted on mse so if anyone uses both
  4. Hello Can my employer change the hours on my contract to suit themselves. Have been informed that if we dont work overtime our hrs will be changed from 7.45-4.45 to 7am to 4.45. The contract says we must do a reasonable amount of overtime to suit the buisness. Thanks in advance
  5. A few weeks ago, I had my eyes tested and was told I need new glasses. I asked for tinted lenses and explained that I've had tints and reactions before and needed something darker. I was told I wouldn't be able to see if I had a darker tint. I was told that the optician would check the criteria to see if I could get my tinted lenses free. It turns out that I don't meet the criteria. Can anyone tell me what the criteria is, please? I have severe photophobia and over the last few weeks, it's become steadily worse. I can't last more than 5 minutes in a room with lights wearing non-tinted glasses without getting a headache. I have been told before I won't get them for free because they're a luxury. I would hardly call needing tinted lenses a luxury when it used to mean I couldn't go out in the sun without getting a migraine...
  6. Please read the following linked post. From 50m to 20m for mobility element It is vitally important people should be made aware of this. The sneaky change of criteria from 50m to 20m means that a huge number of people who depend on their car for working, shopping, socialising and everything else able-bodied people take for granted and part of their normal life, will lose their main tool of independence. To give you an idea of what 20 meters represent, see below: upload pics or imagine this: unrolled. This is it. If you can walk, shuffle, mobilise beyond that distance, you can not qualify for the upper mobility element under the new criteria. And of course, they sneaked it in over the xmas holidays, with no consultations, hoping to get it set in the regulations and present all of us with a fait accompli.
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