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  1. Hi Slick132, Thanks for your advice. We haven't as of yet but we do intend to now, in writing. We first need to get the address etc from the broker we used, as he did all the work on our behalf. I'll update the forum when we know more. Thanks again for your input.
  2. Has anyone experienced the Barclay's / Woolwich mortgage fiasco my mother and brother experienced. i) Applied for a right to buy mortgage for £43,000 (£60,000 + equity in the house) and paid £100's upfront for searches, valuation, solicitors etc. ii) Woolwich then requested a deposit £2,400 - we agreed and paid further costs for I.D. checks etc. iii) Then they changed their minds and wanted £4,300 - we agreed and paid more solicitor fees. iv) Then they said my brother's income wasn't enough. v) Why we asked - They would take my mothers out goings in to account but not here income ! Why are they allowed to string people along and fleece them of money. Why couldn't they do the financial checks first before the request for large amounts of monies. Woolwich should be made to refund these monies. Master Grumpy.
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