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  1. Hi, I run a small retail operation, bricks and locks building..., I am disputing the bill Britisg Gas have sent me, they said it's a smart meter and up to date, it still doesn;t seem right.. One of the last letters have threatened with bailiff or coming in to change the meter, how heavy are they on this stuff? Need I worry till I can try sort it out with them? How long do they normally take to take action?
  2. Hi, some weeks ago a letter from Eon reached my address addressed to a person who does not live there and liver lived there in the last 5 years, and wasn't the person who lived here before we moved in. Thank you for switching to EON, please send us your meter reading so we can complete the switch. Thinking nothing of it, I binned the letter. After that more letters from eon arrived, addressed to the occupier. Most I binned some I opened. They seemed very genuine, in the line of You won 1 million pounds please send us your personal details and some money so w
  3. Hi, I have had a problem switching from British Gas to PfP energy. I submitted meter readings to PfP in June. I wrote them down on a piece of paper and saved it, then submitted them on their website. I received confirmation that I was on supply. I forgot about it until I received a final bill from British Gas about a week ago. I checked their final readings against the ones on my online PfP account and they matched, so stupidly assumed all was ok. I paid my final BG bill today. However, I then decided to send a second reading to PfP and found the new reading was less than
  4. This situation now is so ridiculous it is beyond frustration. I initiated the switch process to leave Scottish Power back in February. This was objected to. Contacted them to find out why and was advised that incorrect MPAN had been applied for. Supplied with MPAN. Contacted new supplier with MPAN. Was the same one they had applied for. Switch re-initiated. Objected to again. Phoned Scottish Power to discover reason for this second objection. Again informed it was because of incorrect MPAN. Was now advised that supply had a dual MPAN and that first number advised
  5. Hi folks, looking for any advice/info. Apologies in advance - this is all a bit long winded !! We switched suppliers from BG last year. Supplied meter readings when we did etc. We were paying BG by monthly direct debit. We switched November last year and the supplies were swooped around the 18th and 20 th Dec last year. (we were getting gas and electricity from them). Earlier this year I got a mail from BG saying we owed them £430. Next day another email saying we owe £260. Later that day another saying £589. I contacted them via email/message and asked what was goin
  6. Check your tariff and compare. Forthcoming price increases by Npower, Scottish Power, EDF....BGas holding prices for now.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38931218
  7. I opened a Santander 123 Lite account on 6/8. They told me that I could switch from my Danske bank within 60 days. Decided to switch salary etc last week. I have so far spent a long time on the phone nearly every day, taken a day off work, and visited two branch offices. On the phone they tell me there is a block on my account and I have to go to a branch. Went to branch only to be told there is nothing wrong with my account, and it is ok. I went to a branch near my work and was astounded that hardly anyone knows about the switch service, told I have to phone to do it,they had great
  8. decided to transfer our telephone and broadband from sky to bt this could not be completed by bt until mon 4th january 2016.bt failed to honour this date and failed to get us switched on until the 8th of january 2016. we made numerous phone calls to bt then they sent a engineer around unanounced to check the line. he was amazed and could not explain how this happened as all itjust a supplier transfer.from sky to bt everything was working with sky then it was not with bt.confusing i agree we got a bill on the 4th of jan16 billing us for the next month in advance.so we have paid for servic
  9. Hi All, We are moving home at the end of next week and have begun the process of transferring utilities etc.. We have been customers of NPower for some 8 years and have always had a credit meter for both gas & electric which have been paid via monthly DD. Today we phoned NPower to notify them that we were moving and that we wished to remain customers of theirs. The property we have purchased is already supplied by NPower and presently has credit meters fitted so we expected no issues. NPower ran a credit check and have informed us that our only options are: a) Have prepaymen
  10. My fixed term energy contract ends later this month & I have initiated a switch. The existing supplier has not supplied a bill in the 11 months I have been with them but it is a relatively simple fixed rate tariff & so I am confident that my own spreadsheet calculates what I owe. In fact I calculate that I am currently slightly in credit but by switchover date I will owe about £10. Coincidentally my DD for £60 will probably go out the day before the switch - so they will then owe me £50. Unfortunately the company seems to have a terrible reputation for
  11. Moved to a new build a couple of weeks ago, Took a number of calls to get the NPower billing set up for Electricity (as apparently their systems were offline at 7:30PM on a Friday ). but all is done now. Living in a 1 bed new build flat, that they estimated as around £24 a month. I've given two readings and used about £5 in a week or two. Their website estimates my usage to be around £100+ a month. Then they set up a direct debit for £52 a month. Called them again (I have a recording), and the lady said it was an estimate (!?). I told her I have a call recording of the man that set
  12. Hi All, First post on the forum, I am having a problem with Vodafone since porting my number across. Like many others by the seems of it I have no mobile data. I can call and text but no data. I have spoken to Vodafone customer services numerous time on this issue and the call has allegedly been escalated to the network team. This call has been with this team for about 10 days and I cannot get an answer as to what is happening. So far I have been through the internet settings with every customer service person on every call. I have had the texts sent to me to do the Telco
  13. Hi, Really can't seem to get any further with this... In January I started looking round to change my energy supplier, as EDF had nearly doubled my DD just before Christmas. Eventually, I subscribed to the Cheap Energy Club on MSE, which were having an auction in order to get cheaper costs for their members. In February (can't remember the exact date) I completed the online application to change suppliers to Sainsbury's Energy. I received confirmation from Sainsbury on or around 20th February, along with terms and conditions. A couple of days later, I received anothe
  14. Switched my joint current account from Nationwide to the Co op in November 2014, switch completion date was about 14th November. I had written a cheque a few days before to pay my credit card bill using my Nationwide cheque book as I had yet to receive my Co op bank cheque book and posted this to the credit card company. The switch completed on the due date and I received a letter from Co operative bank confirming this. On 9th December 2014 I looked online at my credit card account and was horrified to see that my payment had been reversed, because the cheque I had written had been disho
  15. A reader wanted to switch pet insurance provider, but was threatened with enforcement action by her current provider M&S Bank I received the renewal documents for an M&S pet insurance policy which I have had for a number of years. I decided to shop around and managed to find cover with the same benefits elsewhere for considerably less, so I decided to cancel my direct debit. Two weeks later I received a letter from M&S Insurance telling me that a “default notice” had been served. I was concerned by the tone of the letter, telling me that I had breached the terms of a loan
  16. I am trying to switch energy surpliers from EDF to OVO. On a number of occations OVO have emailed me saying that EDF say I cant switch because there is an objection, EDF sent me a letter stating that I cant switch because i owe £1,246.00. I phoned them up and asked how did I owe this money, when I have been on a pre payment meter for the past 4 years of living in this house, before that i was living in america. They told me there was nothing outstanding on my account and that they have lifted the objection. This was done on Monday, Yesterday, OVO sends me an email saying that th
  17. Hi, I'm hoping one of the clever people here knows of a way around the system, or using the system, that helps me become the main claimant on an ESA claim. 5 years ago, me and my wife signed up for ESA. They asked who will be the main claimant, we asked what difference it made, they said none at all except the tax code may determine how much we get (income based or contribution based I guess). My wife was earning about £3,000 a year more than me, so they said they'd put her down for that reason. But it doesn't really make much difference. Well for 2 years it didn't. We had no ha
  18. Hi guys, I have a big problem with my Halifax mortgage. Today I should be able to switch my mortgage online, so I went to:- https://secure.mortgages.halifax.co.uk/mortgage/mortgage_switch.asp but when I tried, I got a message stating:- After contacting various mortgage servicing/products transfer teams, they checked and confirmed that none of the mentioned issues applied to me and could not tell me why I could not move forward. I was passed onto various different people in many departments and I got the same answer that they don't know. Their final answer was
  19. Hi all, Need some advice please. I have just switched my bank account from HSBC to Halifax using the 7 day bank account switch which is backed by the government. On the final day of the switch my car insurance went out of my old hsbc account and not the Halifax account like it should have. After taking to halifax and elephant i was told that if it wasnt taken when it should have been then they will just replay and do it 7 days later. I didn't think nothing more of it, account moved and Hsbc closed. I got a letter on 24th March from hsbc £68.68 had been taken out of the account
  20. I’m hoping someone is able to help me. Back in August 2010 I British Gas adviser knocked on my door and offered me savings on both my gas and electric if I was to transfer to them from Scottish power I decided to do so and settled my accounts accordingly, however after a few weeks I then had a Scottish power representative knock on my door asking why I’d left them I explained what happened when the British Gas representative came around he then went on to show my how in fact my bills would actually increase by transferring to British gas at that stage I deci
  21. Hey all. The move from Rugby to York is happening and we should be moved within the month. Finding a job here is unlikely and York has so much to offer, so much more job opportunity etc I do have a worry. I did read that once signed to a specific Work Programme provider - it can not be changed. Here I'm with Sarina Russo and there is no Sarina Russo in York. According to this link, the only WP providers in York (north east) are Avanta and Ingeus. So, please dont tell me I will be MADE to commute a 6 hour round journey from York to Rugby because I wouldn't be allowed to change WP prov
  22. I was perusing Tesco Direct the other day and ordered a new TV, I ordered (or so I thought) a 47inch LG 3D TV but today I received a 32” LG 3D TV and a completely different model to what I ordered. I went back and had a look at the listing and found it had been removed, I then checked my order history and found the 32” TV is what I had actually ordered and not the 47” the listing stated. I have a habit of printing off order confirmation sheets and web pages so I had a look, sure enough they both say 47” and are for a completely different model to what I received, my conformation
  23. Nearly four in five UK tenants have never switched energy suppliers - a move that could save them £190 a year, the energy regulator has said. Ofgem said that 77% of bill payers in rented homes had never switched gas and electricity supplier. If a tenant is directly responsible for paying the bill, then they have the right to switch. If the landlord has a tie-in with a specific supplier, this must be made clear to a tenant. However, if the tenant is responsible for paying the bill then he, or she, has the right to switch at any time wit
  24. Hi Guys, can anyone help me? I've recently lost my job. I'm currently on a long fixed rated at 4%,with the Woolwich. The woolwich have a mortgage currently on offer at 2.8% which is exactly the same length as the term left on my original deal. When I asked them if we could just switch the mortgage to the cheaper deal, which we could just about deal with on my partners income, they said they could swap-BUT my existing deal has a £7,000 exit fee, even if switching to one of their OWN mortgages!!! Or they could send some things for me to consider-this basically extended the loan te
  25. Hundreds of business customers due to switch to TSB this summer have been locked out of their online banking accounts after new cards failed. Gerald Davison, an author on Chinese ceramics, was unable to check his online business bank account for five working days after a new TSB card failed. He usually checks his account four or five times a day to confirm book payments. He said: "The whole thing is quite ridiculous – I'm really angry about it. I'm totally dependent on online banking and Lloyds are destroying any goodwill I felt towards them." Mr Davison banks with a Lloyds TSB bra
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