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Found 5 results

  1. I applied for a Cash Genie loan on 23/12/13. The application was accepted. The loan amount was £200, duration of credit agreement 8 days, loan ID xxxxxx8493, to be repaid in 2 simultaneous instalments of £60 (interest), and £200 on 31/12/13, total amount repayable £260. I ensured there were sufficient funds to repay the loan in full on the due date. I was therefore surprised to receive an email from Cash Genie on 27/4/14 reminding me of my "upcoming payment" for my loan ID xxxxxx4039. I checked my bank statements and discovered that payments had been taken from my debit card as follows: 30/12/13 £60 03/02/14 £60 03/03/14 £60 02/04/14 £60 Total £240 The total amount repayable under the loan agreement was £260. Cash Genie had rolled the loan over on 4 successive occasions entirely of their own volition and contrary to the terms and conditions of their own loan agreement. As the balance of the original loan agreement was £20, I repaid this on 01/05/14 and considered the subject closed. I then received an email from Cash Genie 01/08/14 containing a default sum notice for yet another loan ID xxxxxx7101 (I can only assume Cash Genie generated a new loan "agreement" every time they rolled over the loan). "The following default sums have been incurred and are now payable under the agreement referred to above: Amount Description Date £0.00 Sent Letters 01/08/2014 This Notice does not take account of default sums which we have already told you about in another default sum notice, whether or not those sums remain unpaid. The total amount of all default sums included in this Notice: £0.00." On 31/08/14 I received a second default notice via email with the exactly the same wording but the following default sums: "Amount Description Date £0.00 Sent Letters 01/08/2014 £0.00 Sent Letters 31/08/2014" This is the only correspondence I have received regarding a default notice. I am unaware therefore of any other alleged default sums. I immediately responded to these notices by paying the default sums (i.e.£0.00!). My credit record shows the following information: "Account start date: 30/05/2014 Opening balance: £260 Regular payment: £ 140 Repayment frequency: Monthly Date of default: 30/06/2014 Default balance: £260" Every line of data is complete nonsense! Furthermore, the status markers show the account being 1 month late in July 2014 (2 months after I paid it off) and in default in October 2014 (not 30/6/14 as shown above). My questions are: 1) I believe I am entitled to redress - what do I claim, and how do I calculate/ claim it? 2) Most importantly, I need this ridiculous default removed from my credit record. How? Thanks in advance!
  2. Every daily newspaper is today reporting the dreadful events of yesterday when Tom Crawford's long running battle with his mortgage provider (Bradford & Bingley) came to an end when bailiffs eventually entered Tom & Sue's bungalow and repossessed it in accordance with the court order. Given the high profile and public interest in this case, over 70 police officers were in attendance and the cul de sac where Tom and his wife lived was closed off. Police also hand delivered letters to all his neighbours to advice them of the reason for their presence. http://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news Sadly every year thousands of homeowners suffer the same fate as Tom Crawford when their home is repossessed but none of them get the press publicity that this one has. There is because, unlike other home owners, Tom Crawford is a support of the Freeman on the Land movement. A few months ago bailiffs attempted to repossess the bungalow and social media sites appealed for supporters to attend the address to halt the eviction. Over 500 protestors gathered at the property forcing the bailiffs and police to retreat. Following that days events, Tom attempted to stop any further action by appealing the possession order to the court. In doing so, he did not seek assistance from a solicitor. Instead, he sought the services of various individuals who are well known on the Freeman on the Land (FMoTL) and Sovereign Citizen circuit. Quite simply.....the court rejected their silly arguments.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-31464897 I like most always knew that the man was a fool but this as well as showing everyone just how much of an idiot he is, this is asking for trouble, as forcing anyone to have treatment would surely infringe their human rights, as would be denying them benefits on those grounds, not to mention he has clearly forgotten that our broken NHS cannot cope as things are now without adding more pressure, He and his cronies really have no clue, They have obviously lost some of the grey matter they where born with ,(assuming that they had sufficient to begin life with)
  4. Hi, I'm hoping one of the clever people here knows of a way around the system, or using the system, that helps me become the main claimant on an ESA claim. 5 years ago, me and my wife signed up for ESA. They asked who will be the main claimant, we asked what difference it made, they said none at all except the tax code may determine how much we get (income based or contribution based I guess). My wife was earning about £3,000 a year more than me, so they said they'd put her down for that reason. But it doesn't really make much difference. Well for 2 years it didn't. We had no hassles, we just provided sick notes in my wifes name, and we were good. Then the ATOS stuff started to happen. Assessments where score my wife zero, go to court, claim is decided in our favour and we're awarded 25 points. This happens twice, each time with a 9-13 month wait for the court to decide. This stresses my wife out, and instead of getting better, she is now worse. Along with a leg surgery that went wrong leaving her with osteo arthritis, she now has anxiety and depression far worse than she had just a couple of years ago when she was getting better. Obviously, I want to help my wife, so I want to become the main claimant so the stress of the interviews is on me. I was told during this time that we can do this, but not during a period of review. So we'd need to wait for an ATOS result to be cleared by court. This was about 12 months ago. We were happy with that, we sent sick notes, we waited for the results in the post. They finally came. As mentioned, we passed it again. Great, we can switch over. I asked about it (with my wife there in the room, because they wont speak to me unless she is) and I got told about data protection and how they can't alter her claim. Despite us both being there. Gutted does not begin to describe it. Well now I'm at a point where I can return to work 1 day a week, possibly two. There's tons of jobs around here for 6-10 hours work per week. (usually two half days) and they're perfect for me, because my doctor said to only work as few hours as possible (I suffer migraines that are sudden and cause black outs, although I start screaming in pain and rambling. I dont know I'm doing it. I have about 30 minutes of warning before they come. They keep me down for about 2 days afterwards) I need the job to be flexible, so I can have a day off and replace it with a day later in the week if the need arises. I have found jobs that are willing to do this. In fact, I got one. So off I go to the job centre. ask to do permitted work. "Thats great. Where will your wife be working?" it's not her, it's me "Oh, well you cant do it then. You need to be the main claimant" So that's where we are now. After a big argument with them. I'm ready to do some work, to help get me back to work full time, but I'm not allowed to do it. MY wife likely wont be ready for work for a long time, her therapist just put her on an 18 month course of counselling, and despite it clearly being best for us, and the government to let me become the main claimant and start working towards taking us off benefits... we're not allowed. If we did sign off, and make a new claim, we'd lose the additional support component of £60+ a fortnight. I'd be making about that in my job, so there's no benefit to it. I was told the support component can take up to 12 month to claim now, cause ATOS are backlogged in our area. I spoke to the job centre about this, they did a better off report, and because I'd only be earning £60 a fortnight at the job I was offered, they would be against us signing off, and me signing on a new claim. Even mentioning that it could possibly cause issues with the process. Is anyone here smarter than the people in the office? do they know a way around this? some help I can get if I get a job, that wont cause our benefit to be cancelled (which it will at the moment, apparently) PLEASE HELP
  5. I need help in a possibly issue I have with Empire Magazine. Just over 3 months ago, I was called up out of the blue by Bauer Consumer group. They offered me a bunch of subscriptions for magazines, based on some advertising I'd apparently agreed to. I only ever agree to advertising if it's with a company I trust, and never allow 3rd party. When the lady on the phone began to list off the magazines, I recognised who they were. It was from a website where I'd entered a bunch of competitions, and even won a couple. I was offered 3 months of Empire Magazine for just £1. I explained there was no point, because I cant afford the £35 payment at the end of it. She told me not to worry, it's just £1, I can cancel at anytime, and that I should do it as soon as issue 1 arrives to make sure. Issue 1 arrived, I phoned, I cancelled it, I asked her to double check. She did. It was cancelled. Woke up this morning, checked my bank due to it being a day when most of my bills go out (everything leaves on the 26th generally, except a few small ones) and was shocked to see my bank £10 in red, and 1 payment had been cancelled. It was then that I noticed the £35 payment to BAUER CONSUMER MED. I've explained what happened to my bank, and they've told if I can get it refunded in 5 days, they wont charge me for going over my set limit which was nice of them. The company whose payment I missed wasn't so kind, and they've charged me an extra £6 because I wont be able to pay them now until next Monday. I phoned BAUER CONSUMER MED up as soon as I'd explained the situation to my bank and the people I missed paying, hoping for a quick resolution. Turns out that there is no record of my phone call when issue 1 arrived. Since I've not had an issue on the subscription yet, I asked can it be cancelled now. Yes it can, but I can't have the £35 back because I paid it and they don't offer a refund unless in an extreme case. They told me they could send me a different magazine from their range instead, but I can't be refunded. I've asked to speak to their manager, who said the accounts team would list to call that is on record (the first one) as it was a trainee and her call was recorded. If I ask her to cancel it on that call, they will refund me. However, I know I don't ask her on that call, because she told me to call after issue 1 to do it. We talked about cancellation, but I never asked to cancel, because technically there was nothing to cancel. Is there anyone out there (on here) who knows whether what they're doing is legal or not. Like I said, I've received nothing from them so far regarding issues on the £35 subscription and I definitely did phone to cancel it (I'm always quick to do anything like that, my budget is kept very tight and constantly checked) Thanks for any help.
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