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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I hope you can help me, on the 13/04/2018 there was a credit card trasnsaction made with Ryanair to fly from Manchester - Madrid and Madrid to Tangier Morocco on the same day. We normally travel to Morocco every summer to our home in Marrakech. We always book direct flights either from Manchester or Liverpiool. This transaction is unusual as I normally travel with my three children all aged under eleven. I immediately informed Halifax who raised a dispute against Ryair as it wasnt a fraud since the details matched. I have explanied to Ryanir and Halifax that I did not authorise nor recognise this transaction as its completely bizarre. We have an excellent record of using our credit card no issues with purchases and payments and to be honest we are planning on paying it all off very soon as we have less than £300 remaining. I am so upset and stressed as I dont want to pay for anything that I have not purchased or bought. Today Ryanair have advised Halifax they they will not refund on the grounds are as follows:- 1) Details of passengers match 2) No refund policy I have spoken to Halifax at length that the evidence provided by Ryanair does not substabtiate to the fact that it was I who booked the tickets and under their 'no refund policy' it is an easy escape route. We have prerviously booked tickets with Ryanair flying direct to Marrakech from Liverpool and London. Never once complained - however this transaction is so bizarre that firstly it is pointless booking a one way ticket to Madrid from Manchester then waiting around couple of hours to fly out from Madrid to Tangier. Now from Tangier to my hometown is further 5 hours drive to Marrkech when I could easily book direct flight to Marrakech and be there in my house within 3.5 hours from the UK. Between the connecting flights there isnt much time to explore, its a one big rush to one side of the airport to another. I say pointless because having 3 children and making them rush to one gate to another would be foolish and injustice. I have also offered the bank to check my previous travels that it will show that I have always travelled direct without any stops. I have no family, friends or flats in Madrid and Tangier and I feel that Halifax is being so unhelpful by applying pressure that I should make this payment. Please could you advice what I can do? Regards
  2. I’m hoping someone is able to help me. Back in August 2010 I British Gas adviser knocked on my door and offered me savings on both my gas and electric if I was to transfer to them from Scottish power I decided to do so and settled my accounts accordingly, however after a few weeks I then had a Scottish power representative knock on my door asking why I’d left them I explained what happened when the British Gas representative came around he then went on to show my how in fact my bills would actually increase by transferring to British gas at that stage I decided I was going to transfer back to Scottish power, after a few weeks I received a letter to settled my account in October 2010 which made me now a Scottish power customer and owing no money to either company. Now this is where things become difficult. Everything was fine but then at the beginning of November 2010 I received a welcome to British Gas letter I phoned Scottish power to see why British Gas had sent me this letter and they told me British Gas had been in touch saying I’d signed back with them but I hadn't authorised any change to my supplier Scottish Power told me it was too late to stop this change from happening but what they would do was get in touch with British Gas and do another swap back to them, after speaking with Scottish Power I spoke with British Gas telling them I hadn't authorised them to take over my Gas and Electric to which they apologised and said they would investigate and get back to me. I then received a final bill from Scottish Power and I rang them and informed them what had happened and that I was coming back as I hadn't authorised the swap and they agreed to put the final bill onto the new account as I was previously paying by direct debit a nd was going back to them on a direct debit. Going back to British gas I have never heard anything from them regarding this matter and in fact I’d forgotten all about it. The problems now come because I’m after moving my mortgage I thought I’d check my credit files before I did and on it are 3 Defaults 2 from British Gas (Gas and Electric) and 1 from Scottish Power. British Gas are saying they sent me final bills to an incorrect email address and I had assumed the Scottish Power final bill had been put onto my new account as agreed and when I tried to ring them regarding this they said they had no accounts from me owing money that they were all settled, I applied to Experian to get the default removed but have just had an email from Experian saying that Scottish Power had been in touch saying I do owe the money now. Can anyone advise me if I have any rights and if I can get these defaults removed, I don't dispute that this money is owed but I do dispute that with the confusion and circumstances that I failed to make reasonable steps to sort them out. Kind regards
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