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  1. Thank you very much for your quick reply dx100uk... much appreciated. As requested, this is the state of proceedings from the MCOL site... A claim was issued against you on 29/10/2020 Your acknowledgment of service was submitted on 12/11/2020 at 12:54:51 Your acknowledgment of service was received on 12/11/2020 at 14:05:17 Your defence was submitted on 24/11/2020 at 04:35:00 Your defence was received on 24/11/2020 at 08:05:38 That’s all! Hope this helps...I must say I feel a little
  2. Still wondering what to do! Here’s a quick summary of the facts so far... This refers to a Vanquis credit card with a £250 limit. Due to illness, I stopped paying on 1/7/2014 (which I informed Vanquis). Evidently, a default notice was issued on 11/6/201, very nearly a year later. Lowells have dismissed my “statute barred” defence, stating that the six year period runs from the expiry date of the default notice, which would be six years after 1/7/2015. Having read the statement of account which Lowells provided, at the time of my last pa
  3. Thanks for your reply. At no time has she missed any payments, which is why she’s so upset about it...when she needed help they failed to provide it after nearly 40 years of an unblemished record! She received a notice of assignment saying the debt was assigned to LC Asset 2 on 15/12/20 (letter dated 08/01/21).
  4. Thanks for your reply...much appreciated. Last payment date was December 2018. She had been paying £50/month from July, and they wanted £150/month, despite my partner losing her PIP (which was eventually reinstated after appeal). She stopped paying anything after they failed to supply a true copy of the original CCA (which she took out in 1981). Her name and address were different in 1981 due to marriage (and subsequent divorce!). Again, no mention of that in the “reconstituted” agreement which they supplied. Once again, many thanks and
  5. converted.pdf Trying to help my partner with a Barclaycard debt (she lost her pip in 2018 but it was eventually reinstated). Even though she offered payments of £50/month for a few months they refused and demanded £150/month, at which point I intervened and sent off a request for the original CCA ( which was taken out in 1981!). Here’s a copy of their reply... I ignored their reply, as what they supplied was clearly non-compliant. Let sleeping dogs lie... They have now sent the account to Link (after two years of inactivity) and Link have s
  6. An update... Firstly, season’s greetings to all...let’s hope 2021 is far better for everyone than 2020! Received acknowledgment of receipt of my defence from the Court saying that it was being served on Lowells (letter dated 24/11/20). Today I have received a copy of the directions questionnaire from Lowells and also a letter saying that they have agreed to mediation and suggested that I should agree (and also asked me to put forward an “affordable settlement” arrangement, which may avoid me having to pay more costs being added to my “debt”). I really
  7. Defence submitted! Now it’s just a matter of waiting. Thanks to all so far....
  8. Would this be a suitable defence (many thanks dx100uk...found it in the Legal Success forum)... .... 1 The Claimant's claim was issued on 29/10/2020 2 The Defendant contends that the Claimant's claim so issued is a claim in contract and is statute barred pursuant to the provisions of section 5 of the limitation act 1980. . If, which is denied, the claimant contends that the Defendant is in breach of the alleged contract, in excess of 6 years have elapsed since the date on which any cause of action for breach accrued for
  9. Many thanks for the replies so far...all extremely helpful. Here’s an update... Completed AOS online on 12/11/20. Now here’s a question that I can’t find an answer to. I’ve received an email from the NHS stating that I’m classed as “extremely vulnerable “, etc. and I shouldn’t leave the house for any reason. Under the circumstances, could I request the CPR 31 information via email (normally, I would ask via recorded delivery post, but I don’t have anyone who could visit the post office for me, as it’s quite far away). This has also prevented me from requesting a CCA.
  10. That’s great, thanks for your advice Andy.
  11. Very confident of the last payment date...managed to download all bank statements which prove it. I’ll just hold fire on anything unless I post it on here first. I presume I should acknowledge service or should I wait until nearer the deadline, which I think should be about another 15 days (but am prepared to be corrected!). Very many thanks.
  12. Thank you very much for your extremely quick reply...very much appreciated! I’ll check out all I can about the SB defence and submit my reply here before sending it to the court. Do Lowell’s usually continue regardless if a SB defence is submitted or do they cut their losses and give up? Oh, and do I still ask for the CCA or would it be a waste of time in this case? Once again, many thanks for your invaluable assistance.
  13. Name of the Claimant ? Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd Date of issue 29/10/2020 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – 1 The Defendant entered into a Consumer Credit Act 1974 regulated agreement with Vanquis under account reference (16 digits) (‘the Agreement’). 2 The Defendant failed to maintain the required payments and arrears began to accrue. 3 The Agreement was later assigned to the Claimant on 23/09/2019 and notice given to the Defendant. 4 Despite repeated requests for payment the sum of £519.00 rema
  14. This MAY be relatively straightforward! Had a Vanquis credit card and the last payment I made was July 2nd 2014. County Court summons was issued 29th October 2020. Could this be regarded as statute barred (have been suffering from serious health problems, which is why I haven’t dealt with it already). Many thanks in advance.
  15. Thank you all very much for the sound and well-reasoned advice. The latest update is the police officer involved seems to be very helpful...he has emailed Cash Converters and also the head office of the local franchisee. He’s kept me informed about the situation and now Cash Converters have reopened there may be further developments shortly. Incidentally, a very strange thing happened regarding my iPad Pro, which was also stolen. I immediately locked it remotely and if anyone tried to access it a message was also displayed with my phone number. I had an irate phone c
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