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  1. Thank you all very much for the sound and well-reasoned advice. The latest update is the police officer involved seems to be very helpful...he has emailed Cash Converters and also the head office of the local franchisee. He’s kept me informed about the situation and now Cash Converters have reopened there may be further developments shortly. Incidentally, a very strange thing happened regarding my iPad Pro, which was also stolen. I immediately locked it remotely and if anyone tried to access it a message was also displayed with my phone number. I had an irate phone c
  2. Thanks for the very quick and helpful reply...the item is a Markbass Minimark 2 Bass Amp, worth in the region of £400 (they were selling it on eBay for a starting bid of £82!!...that’s the going price of the carrying bag for it). Good idea just to ask for it... if they refuse then that contradicts the email copy that I have!
  3. Many thanks for your reply...much appreciated. I don’t have a great deal in writing...just police crime reference number and various acknowledgements. However, this is a reply from Cash Converters to my brother (who contacted them with questions about the item before bidding on it , the reason he was involved was he lives 200 miles away and would not arouse suspicion, whereas an enquiry by myself just a mile away might well do)... ) Hi, Sorr
  4. Just over a week ago my car was broken into and a number of items were stolen (I think you can see where this is going!). Police were immediately informed. The next morning I phoned the local Cash Converters to inform them of the stolen items and of the possibility that someone may try to sell them. Of course, the inevitable happened and one of the items appeared on Cash Converters EBay site three days later. Police given all of the information and provided with serial number and photographs of the item. They duly went to Cash Converters and the item was withdrawn from
  5. Firstly, many thanks in advance for any advice...it is very much appreciated. The basic facts are as follows... My partner has been a customer of Barclays for about 40 years! She has never been overdrawn and any loans she has had from them in the past have always been repaid exactly according to the agreements. Her age is 64 and has fallen foul of the Government's pension regulations (which is affecting many women). She is disabled and in receipt of DLA, which is her only income. I am in receipt of a basic state pension, plus an additional sum of pension cred
  6. Hi, Just had a letter from the local council saying they are going to participate in the "Rental Exchange" scheme with Experian. Perhaps I'm being a bit over concerned, but the mention of Experian, council and sharing information immediately makes me extremely cautious! Should I opt out from this scheme? Incidentally, I have never had any rent arrears, so in theory should have nothing to worry about. Additionally, I wonder how much the council is making out of the deal, given that neither Experian nor the local council are world-renowned names in the field of philanthropy
  7. Many thanks in advance for all advice! The situation is as follows: In February this year, my brother informed me that he couldn't cope with dealing with his local council regarding his council tax arrears (he has been suffering from extensive serious health problems, which have also affected his mental capabilities). His problems regarding council tax initially began when a direct debit payment was refused. The council were asked to set up a new direct debit, but instead repeatedly tried to collect on the old one. Eventually, my brother contacted me to try and help.
  8. Nothing quite so uplifting as previous posts, but the following story raised a grim smile (from me, anyway!).. http://www.focus-fen.net/news/2016/02/06/397387/thisisenglandorguk-migrants-in-murmansk-go-too-far-with-russian-girls-some-in-hospital-some-in-jail.html
  9. Hi, Really can't seem to get any further with this... In January I started looking round to change my energy supplier, as EDF had nearly doubled my DD just before Christmas. Eventually, I subscribed to the Cheap Energy Club on MSE, which were having an auction in order to get cheaper costs for their members. In February (can't remember the exact date) I completed the online application to change suppliers to Sainsbury's Energy. I received confirmation from Sainsbury on or around 20th February, along with terms and conditions. A couple of days later, I received anothe
  10. Thanks for your reply... I assume that it's Aqua credit card. Would it make a difference? Can Aqua re-assign it to whoever pays them the most?
  11. Had a text message from them this morning, presumably about my Aqua arrears, although no mention of Aqua. This afternoon, I received a phone call from them. It was recorded and I could upload the conversation, especially as no security questions were asked! Perhaps a moderator could give permission (the only personal information revealed is my full name, with which I have no problems giving on this forum). given my current situation (ESA support group, trying to catch up with bedroom tax) I don't suppose there is much they can do. My total debt to Aqua is £748
  12. This is my latest reply, after having received notification that my complaint should be resolved by 27th August... Thank you for your reply dated 30/07/14. I would, however, refer you to the fact that my original complaint was delivered by hand to your XXXXXX branch on 15/05/14, almost twelve weeks ago. During this time, a further £139 has been charged in fees, despite you having been informed on more than one occasion that my income is solely Government Benefits (Employment and Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance). I am taking this opportunity to fu
  13. I delivered a letter to my local Halifax branch on 15/05/2015 to try and reclaim my Ultimate Reward account premiums. No reply at all, so sent this email to David Nicholson... I apologise for having to contact you personally in this manner, but I am in a state of some desperation. On Thursday 15/05/2014, I hand-delivered a letter to my local Halifax branch (XXXXXXX) expressing my concerns that I was, in effect, mis-sold my Ultimate Rewards Account. To date, after nearly eight weeks, I have received neither a reply nor acknowledgement, which explains why I feel a need to explo
  14. Many thanks in advance for any advice! Basically, my circumstances are as follows: My only income is ESA and DLA. In about 2008 I opened a Halifax Reward current account. In September 2010 I upgraded it to an Ultimate Reward account in order to receive an overdraft (needed at the time because of relationship problems and having to find temporary accommodation). Halifax granted me an overdraft of £650, of which £300 was fee-free as part of the benefits of the packaged account, the remainder being charged at £1/day if used. Anything over £650 was classed as unauthorised and subjec
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