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  1. Starting from 2nd Nov, Lloyds are changing their overdraft fees and rates. There will be no charge for unauthorised overdrafts, as I understand it, but their rates will be charged at 1p for every £7 you are overdrawn, everyday. I will be switching banks, so it won't bother me. However, today I worked out the EAR that the new rates would be equivalent to. If x is your current overdraft, after 1 day you will be charged (x/7)×0.01=x/700. So your overdrawn balance will be x+x/700 after one day, assuming you spend nothing else. Factorize the x out, and this i
  2. Hi, I have had a problem switching from British Gas to PfP energy. I submitted meter readings to PfP in June. I wrote them down on a piece of paper and saved it, then submitted them on their website. I received confirmation that I was on supply. I forgot about it until I received a final bill from British Gas about a week ago. I checked their final readings against the ones on my online PfP account and they matched, so stupidly assumed all was ok. I paid my final BG bill today. However, I then decided to send a second reading to PfP and found the new reading was less than
  3. Yes I did, so I am looking forward to getting the bill to see what creative mathematics they have used to come to their figure.
  4. I believe so; I gave them the readings and she replied with this £314 figure and I made sure that it was definitely the amount by which I am in debit -- i.e. what I owe. As I say, yet to receive the paper bill to actually see how they have worked it out.
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply. I keep trying to register on their portal thing, but there's a fault. They say they are trying to correct it, but they never do. The chap I spoke to about it today said he was going to fix it so I can register. I gave them my current meter readings this afternoon over the phone.
  6. I perhaps ought to add that I have not actually received my bill yet; this is the figure she gave me over the phone this afternoon when I submitted my readings.
  7. Hi, Just joined because I have a specific question I'd like to ask. Hope it is ok to post this here. I think my electricity supplier has miscalculated my bill, and I just want to check that I am working it out correctly. I'll try to give as much info as I can. I moved into my current address on the 18th June 2014. I have one of those dual meter things, but I am paying the same tariff on both. The readings when I moved in were 11664 and 24844. The readings now are 12572 and 26660, and the tariff is 12.62p per unit and an additional 26p per day (both inc
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