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  1. Hi I've been getting a number of letters from different debt companies and i stupidly ignored and even stopped opening them. I now have a letter from Northampton county court ordering a payment of over £8,000 for a certain credit card bill. I however suspect that this debt might be over 6 years as i remember getting into financial difficulties and defaulting when i was on maternity leave six years ago. I have read a few threads on here that mention doing a set aside and am guessing this is the route i need take, but am not sure who to contact regarding how old this date is. It was originally with Lloyds bank and has been passed to different companies. They are demanding for payments to start on the 5th April and another 2 companies are issuing their demands too but not gone to court yet. Any advice on what to do is very much appreciated.
  2. Hi, My ex hubby has just asked to cash in a pension with Prudential and its value is £25,000. He has just had a terrible thought and now is panicking. He works full time with a wage of £25,000 a year and he has an AOE that goes out his wages every week for Bradfoed and Bingley. Will this pension money affect his AOE ( will he have to pay more) Will the cheque come with the Tax already taken off it or does he have to contact HMRC and pay them direct? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, new here, apologies if i have post in the wrong place. i need legal assistance to write up a claim against a high street bank. Never in my life have i met a company like it. Deny, delay, deceive and shift liability at all costs seems to be the tactics at play. Brief back ground. 2007 i re mortgage to a tracker mortgage 2009 i start getting letters stating my two year tracker mortgage is coming to an end alarmed at this news, i called bank to notify them of my own change in circumstances i was now on ESA DLA etc due to illness, and, to challenge the idea that i was on a two year tracker mortgage not a life time tracker which i asked for! a phone call to the bank informing them (call A) was had and i was not offered any help, no product change no offers nothing, all they would do upon request is put me on interest only holiday payments. i was seriously ill at the time and could not fight them there and then. around 2011 i decide to raise a complaint, a financial advisor for the mortgage broker insisted that the bank should have made me an offer or an affordable product as soon as i informed them i was ill and on the sick. the bank did no such thing and never has to this day! i requested to see the original signed documents to ascertain whether or not i did in fact sign for a two year tracker or if the bank was changing my terms and conditions because my payments on the tracker were very low due to the low interest rate.. the upshot was an ombudsman complaint, about the bank not showing me the original signed contract/agreement. the bank sent a copy of a direct debit agreement and an insurance agreement to prove i was in a contract with them, and the ombudsmen accepted that as evidence of contract. no where in contract law does that stand as a contract, its not even a confessionary judgement, just some circumstantial nonsense. i was naive to the ombudsman process(still am) and allowed the adjudicator to convince me she was the ombudsman and i thought that was it done. i moved onto try and get a copy of (call A) again, i asked for the call in writing, by phone, the citizens advice asked for it, the ombudsman asked for it, the bank refused access to the phone call, concealing the evidence that i had indeed informed them of my ill health. their complaint handler based his whole refusal of my complaint around computer notes and refused to listen to the phone call. demoralised and defeated, i made one last attempt to rectify the situation by calling the bank, got a great woman Spent 4 hours that day trying to get to the bottom of the problem in 2013. S she called me back in the afternoon, and said, you were right! the complaint manager had now listened to the calli i had informed them of my illness that i should never have been on interest only payments that they had set me up for payments of £235 per month That payment was to always remain the same. T Brilliant, i though, finally got to an agreeable solution. she also said the letters i was receiving informing me that my payments were going to go up was a banking error... two weeks later, the letters started to arrive on the door step again. i called the bank they refused to stand by their previous offer/arrangement and proceeded to set me up to fail in order to gain a false legal basis to repossess. i2014 the bank filed for possession , i filed a notice at first and gained an order for my complaints against the bank to be investigated at the next hearing! i filed a 67 page bundle two days before the hearing and the bank ran away, adjourned with an opportunity to restore but had to do so within 1 year or else they would be struck out! 2015, they relisted the hearing, i filed more paperwork they adjourned again for another year, 2016 i requested an adjournment myself, which pushed it into April 2017, when finally the bank failed to relist their claim and consequently were STRUCK OUT!. the bank have since added 6-7k worth of legal costs to my account, despite protest of course, they are now currently ramping up their threats whilst in all this time they have never made me one affordable offer! ive been bullied, threatened, lied to, deceived, misrepresented and set up to fail! the Judge said in 2014 that he agreed with my counter claim, the basis of which was unfair treatment and relationship had developed. Now i want to file a legal claim against the bank but feel i need someone with the legal head to help me write the claim and comprehend the procedures. at very least to bounce ideas off... whom in here want a crack at a major high street bank? one of the worst organisations i have ever dealt with, they will say and do anything to avoid liability, they even lied on their witness statement by claiming the arrears had not been capitalised only last week admitting that the arrears HAS been capitalised!.. im at my own wits end and need some support and help.. any forthcoming will be appreciated..
  4. Got a letter from Northampton Court on behalf of Harrow Council, demanding £195.00 for being in a bus lane on the 16/03/2015 at 11.28. I never received any letter from Harrow Council about this offence, the time indicated 11.28 is strange as the bus lane restrictions are 0700-10.00 and 16.00-19.00hr and this has always been the case since the restrictions were applied. The penalty charge notice gives the correct reg in the photo and you can clearly see the make of my car but vehicle make is stated as unknown. This is very strange, my question is how do I go about replying, I know I can state I did not receive the notice to owner to take it back to the first stage, nor appealing against the charge or receiving no reply to an appeal.. What do I do and why over two and half years to get this letter
  5. Good afternoon. I've had quite a number of letters now from "Smart Parking", who are trying to get me to pay two notices for my vehicle in Exeter back in May. I've attached pics of the front and back of both, although as far as I can see the backs are identical. I've seen the thread with questions to answer, so here goes: They are Parking charges, not Penalty charges, and they were received through the post. 1 Date of the infringement - 27.05.17 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] - 02.06.17 3 Date received - I'm not certain, but I think it was the 3rd or 4th June 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] - No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? - Cameras in the car park, shown on the ticket. 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal] - No 7 Who is the parking company? - Smart Parking 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] - Havens Bank Retail Park, Exeter For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. - POPLA For each notice I've had the notice itself dated the 2nd June '17, then all other correspondence has been from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd with letters demanding £160 per notice on 07.07.17, 07.08.17, 30.08.17, 07.09.17 and a "Letter before referral for legal action" on 25.09.17 I did call the companies involved (which I now realise may have been in error) on 05.09.17, first Debt Recovery Plus with whom I had a very simple conversation: I said "two notices for the same hour of time is ridiculous" and they said " talk to Smart Parking" so I did. They offered to drop each charge to £90 if I paid there and then, I told them to drop one altogether and they said no, so I said I was going to appeal. I haven't done anything since. I'm aware that I was in the car park at that time, I think it probably slipped my mind to check the rules listed as I'm not used to paying to park on a Sunday. The rules for the car park are that you get your money back if you make purchases in the retail park, and I can prove that I did on both visits but I doubt that makes much difference. The kicker for me is that the start of the first visit and the end of the second one are within an hour of each other, so if I'd bought an hour's parking (the smallest amount you can pay for at this location) they'd have still sent me a notice for not paying twice. I did see that the notices don't mention any time period for appeals, so in theory by the rules they've notified me of I can appeal now. I've also noticed that the charge started at £40, then went to £90 and then £100. All of this is explained on the original notice but there's no indication anywhere on the paperwork I've got saying how or when it reached £160 (although I'm guessing that they're adding more for sending it via another company, but not telling me). I'd be grateful for any advice you can give on this one. James Notice 1 back.pdf Notice 2 back.pdf Notice 2 front.pdf Notice 1 front.pdf
  6. At the beginning of last year, after my wife lost some disabilty benefits, we ended up getting into debt, mostly small but included a credit card just over £3k. My wife has since managed to get back on top with all but two, and I will shortly be in a position to clear most of mine, apart from the credit card. If I was to clear some of these debts by offering a settlement of (say) 50% and (say) offer a grand as settlement of the credit card would this be a detriment on my credit rating? We will be moving to private rented accommodation in September and want our credit rating to be as healthy as possible.
  7. My request is a simple one, I want one or two set of Blank Used Empty Original HP Cartridge for Refill Purposes. Model is 953 or 953 XL Printer Model is Officejet Pro 8715 Any one any idea of how I can source these, please let me know. It has to be Originals. Thanks all.
  8. I am not going to name names. I just read of one MP who claimed a Large amount for tidying up their constituency home and garden. Then votes for a cut in ESA of 30.00 a week. I am neutral but feel free to have a look around at MPS expenses in your Town,City,Vllage,Hamlet. For whatever year you would like to see. Does it matter that much whether the woodwork has six coats of Chelsea Blue paint or Postbox Red or whatever coulour you like. Or whether the grass,flowers look like Chelsea flower show or a bowling green. And all the rest you can think about. Aggregated Annual Expenditure by MP In addition to publishing data on the individual claims for MPs every two months, we also publish a summary of all these claims once a year. We also include some additional information, such as the salaries of MPs and their connected parties and details of reward and recognition payments made to staff. From 2013-14 onwards, we are also publishing the maximum budgets available to each MP. The business costs MPs are entitled to claim are separated into different budgets: http://www.parliamentary-standards.org.uk/AnnualisedData.aspx
  9. Restaurants could be stopped from adding a discretionary service charge to bills under Government plans to remind consumers that they do not have to tip when eating out. Sajid Javid, the Business Secretary, is today launching a consultation on tipping amid concerns that restaurants are confusing customers by not being transparent about the charges and who actually receives any tips. One option under consideration is to prevent restaurants “from suggesting any specific discretionary payments” to make it an “opt-in decision” for customers. Under the proposals in the consultation, restaurants could be forced to make it clear that customers do not have to pay the discretionary service charge. However, one plan being considered is abolishing the service charge entirely. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/01/restaurants-to-be-banned-from-adding-discretionary-charge-to-bil/ Give Your Views Here: Online Survey
  10. Hello All, I'm looking for some advice, if possible In 2012 my wife and I were given a gift of £5000 by a friend who owned his own successful business after he found out we were in some financial difficulty. We refused the gift which he paid straight into our account, but he was adamant that it would be taken out on his company account and it would be written off. We didn't know if this was true or not but the money was gift with no strings attached. A few days later he called us to say he needed the money back as his accountant advised him that he was incorrect and the company could not write it off. We couldn't pay him back as the money was used to pay a credit card off. Being nice people that we are and seeing that he was in some distress about the situation (along with us now being in a position of having to pay back £5000 immediately) we approached our parents for the money and explained why, but they couldn't help - in their view it was gift which he decided to give us and got it wrong with his company accounts - why should they be put in a position of paying £5K. We told the friend we would get a loan or credit card to get it back to him but he told us to forget about it, it was his mistake and he would sort it out. 2 years later he contacted us wanting the money back. Again being nice people we said we would try to pay it back to help him, but it was not financially viable for us at that time and would need to look at the possibility of a monthly payment later in the year. That time has come and gone now, our circumstances haven't changed - we cant afford to help get the money back to him and he has taken legal advice - the solicitor told him to mediate the situation with two options 1. a monthly payment of £100 or 2. a one off payment of £4000 (£1000 less than the gift amount - which seems strange to me). It was personal letter from him, not from the solicitor. He has texts from my wife discussing how we could try and help get him the money back ie we would see how our circumstance were early next year and pay £100 a month - this was our good nature trying to help him resolve his mistake with his accounts. But he is taking it out of context and saying it was a loan which we agreed to which he is saying he can prove by using the text from my wife. He has no texts from us or contract in place with us saying it is a loan and will be paid back monthly etc etc. He is using the texts against us now, they were written in good faith to try and help him out when we could and we're fearful of our what position is now and what may happen if its goes further. Can anyone shed some light on what our best course of action is. His personal letter demands a reply by the end of the month, choosing and payment option or confirming we will not pay, at which point he will take it further. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read.
  11. Received letter from 1st Credit whom I have been paying £30.00 per month for a CJJ from a debt originally Lloyds CC. I have been paying the £30.00 per month since the CCJ was obtained April 14, I have not missed a payment since then. I received this letter with their intention to review my account with a view to applying to the court to obtain a charging order to secure our interest against my property. The letter also states that they want to know if my financial circumstances are likley to change in the forseeable future? I wish I knew. At the end it also states "It is not our intention to pressurise you into paying more than you can afford and therefore we may ultimately decide that applying for a charging order is a reasonable and fair outcome." Should you wish to avoid this action please contact us on 01737 237374 etc. Can some one advise / help with what to do next ? Thanks in advance There is very little equity in the property if any at all!
  12. I am hoping someone with some knowledge of help with funeral costs can help me out. My Mother and I have a joint bank current account, she has no savings and neither do I. Depending on the time of the month there can be up to £1000 or more in the account. I know already that when the time comes I qualify for a funeral payment as I get DLA as well as working tax credits, so that is not the issue. My Mother is 83 and not in good health so wants to have everything in order as most people do. We have been told that when the time comes the DWP will want to see a final bank statement as part of the process of qualifying for help, which is understandable. However as we have a joint account there will not be a final statement as it will just continue in my name only. So I am assuming they will accept just a current statement? The biggest worry is will they take whatever is in the account at that time to use towards the funeral costs? As it is a joint account not all the money in it belongs to her or me, so what happens? The bank said that any money in the account will become mine as that is how it works when one person dies and they have a joint account. So would they take that money and say it has to used to pay for the funeral? The money that is in the account is money for living costs, bills etc and not savings but if they use it, then how do I pay to live until the next time I get paid? It is all quite confusing as to what happens as I guess this is not a normal set up. Any advice greatly appreciated
  13. Hello I would like to send a email, can anyone please help with a direct email address for Credit Card Service? Thanks Dan
  14. There is a call centre some where in the Glasgow area claiming to be "government funded" and promoting the installation of solar panels. The name they give is (nearly always) the "Green Energy Initiative", which if one googles for, turns up nothing. Being ex-directory and TPS registered, I grow weary of telling these people where to go - I have (at times) been polite, forceful, blunt, down right rude, and even vulgar. Nothing seems to work. If anyone has a confirmed address and traceable name for this outfit, I would be most interested. Have a box of kippers and some legal papers to send to them.
  15. Electricity meter reader wanted URGENT!! Have you had experience as an electricity meter reader? or Are you currently employed as an electricity meter reader? or Have you experience within the electricity industry? We urgently need the help of an experienced meter reader to give an opinion and possibly a written report on a discrepancy in the reading of a modern six digit digital meter. We also need somebody qualified within the electricity industry to carry out an independent verifiable "kettle test" at a domestic property. We will be happy to pay for this service, expenses and any written report which is produced. If you feel that you are qualified to help us – or if you know somebody else who is, please contact us urgently on our admin email address: admin@ConsumerActionGroup .co.uk please put "meter reader" in the subject line. Thank you
  16. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/11182215/MPs-will-not-get-an-official-cat-to-tackle-Westminsters-mice-problem.html Perhaps the real reason is the cats may attack the overgrown rats lurking in the corridors of power....
  17. I'm looking for a VW Golf MK6 fuse box map as I want to now what this particular fuse which blew is for. Has been replaced but power steering not working and battery not charging. I'm curious before it goes to the doctors. I've done some research on line but nothing relevant found. People seem to want to post photos of their fuse box layout without explaining what each one is for. Any pointers greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi Long story i owe a solicitor £500 after they messed up the calculations during a house sale. i moved house and they have caught up with me and want the £500. they have threatend me with with court action etc. i have started paying them back £50 a month which i can afford however they are wanting me to disclose my household income as they wont agree for me to pay back installments unitll i do. They have sent me another letter saying if i don't disclose they will carry on with court procedings. couple of questions Do i have to disclose my household income? The reason i don't want to is i have just changed jobs and don't want them contacting my employer as it looks quite bad i owe money. If im ringing up on a monthly basis and paying can they still take me to court? Help required Thanks
  19. Back in June i took a training course to the amount of £500. (this later got reduced after i paid) to other people to £250 not me. I paid full. Did the course(after the tutor re arranged it a number of times) Also cut my exam time down as she was late in turning up. I pass and have been awaiting my certificate since then. they told me it had been delivered but then got returned to sender as we were on holiday. then they asked me to pay an extra £30 to get it sent again. (after i paid the £500 already. After around 10 emails back and forth ive still not recieved my certificate and its now february. My question is im i entitled to get a full refund of the £500 i paid? And do my training agin with a more reputable company? As all im getting back is excuse after excuse and this is costing me business as ive not got a certificate to show people. I would apreciate any advice given. Many thanks
  20. Hi there im hoping someone can give me a little bit of advice on the best way to deal with the pleasure that is welcome finance. we have a secured loan that was taken out about 8 years ago, we currently pay £200 a month for it, my husband was diagnosed with hemochromatosis with insulin diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver ten months ago and restrictions were put on him at work which led to our income being reduced by £490 a month, we have missed oct and nov payments to them, I have had a few nasty phone calls from them I had planned to pay them half payment in November but after a call yesterday to them to pay this where the man I spoke to got very annoyed with me on the phone and refused to take a reduced payment I just put the phone down. I had spoken to them last week and was told our account is actually £25.40 in arrears, as we have been paying extra each month, they told me yesterday that our interest each month is £159 which means I don't know how long this is going to take to pay off. I don't have any paperwork from them that I can find. can anyone give me some advice on what I need to be doing to either make smaller payments which will only be short term but also how I go about seeing if there's anything extra im paying for that I shouldn't be or if there's any way of finding out exactly what I owe and what I have paid I have asked them for account details three times now which I haven't received and they have said they have posted it twice so wont post another. Is there a way of getting the interest stopped ? or any advice on what to do would be great. thanks
  21. Hi All i have a debt consolidation loan with Everyday loans. I am in the process of starting a Debt Management Plan with Step Change, which hopefully should be up and running soon. When i originally enquired about the loan i was asked to pop into the offices for a talk about my finances and go through the details of the proposed loan. After we had talked i agreed and filled out all the paperwork. But one of the forms was a form asking for other phones numbers, i was alarmed as i didnt want anybody to know but at the same time desperate for money. So rather stupidly i wrote down some of my familys numbers. Does anybody know if this is normal? Can i request them to remove the phone numbers from my account? Thanks for your replys advace!
  22. hi all, looking for a bit more help if you don't mind,as am not quite sure what to do about an offer i got??. took out a home owner loan against house in 2005 and when we had sold the house we thought we had paid off the debt in full as they had lifted the loan off the house in order for us to sell it, after claiming back the ppi the company have said we still owe them nearly £900 which will be coming off the balance. what i don't quite get is, we haven't heard anything from them since we sold the house in 2007. can they still take this from us?????, would this be classed as statue barred as i live in scotland and it's past 5 years????. just don't know what to do about it, any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  23. Hi, I have received a letter from Bryan Carter Sols advising that they have been instructed by Fredrickson International on behalf of Lowell Financial to issue court proceedings on 19 Sept 2013. I have had several letters over the past 5 months regarding this but as I have had no dealings with Lowell Financial I have ignored it rightly or wrongly. After looking at my credit file on Noddle it appears that the account relates to the overdraft on my old Halifax Current Account for £821, Halifax defaulted the account on 12/03/08 and they have marked the account as satisfied 31/08/12, a month prior Lowell have registered a debt for the same amount and ref no so I assume they have bought the debt. The debt is due to be statute barred in 6 months and before you think I am willfully trying to avoid the debt a little background info might be in order. I started to get into financial difficulties back in 2007 after the birth of my daughter and my then partner becoming ill, upto this point I had paid all my bills as and when they fell due. I tried to keep up my payments as much as possible but my partner losing her job in 2009 and me being made redundant in 2010 made this impossible. Since this time I have only been able to get temporary work such that I can only afford to pay for my current living costs and have very little spare. I have debts amounting to circa £43,000 but only the smaller debts have actually chased for payment with this being the largest, 2 of my debts totalling £15,000 become statute barred in the next month or so with the remainder barring my Mortgage shortfall becoming statute barred over the next 2-3 years, none of which have chased for payment except for the few debts under 1k. I would like to make payment but to clear all my debts would take over 20 years, so barring declaring bankruptcy and finding a way to pay the £700 fee my only real hope is hope all the debts become statute barred. I do have a few hundred pounds saved so may be able to offer a small settlement, I am thinking of sending the prove it letter to give me a little more time to decide what to do, but any advice is greatly appreciated.
  24. I do hope anyone can help me out with this, I am looking for anyone that has had problems with warmsure/warmfront/carillion plc in particular with grant work or even privately. If anyone has had problems with this company or know of anyone that has please post on this thread I will be taking them to court shortly against these and need to gather as much supporting evidence as possible. Thank You
  25. has any 1 got a photocopy of a completed (filled in) FOS questionaire so that i can copy from it,as i'm not to good at filling in forms and things.it would be a massive help if you have. thanks
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