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  1. Hi I've been getting a number of letters from different debt companies and i stupidly ignored and even stopped opening them. I now have a letter from Northampton county court ordering a payment of over £8,000 for a certain credit card bill. I however suspect that this debt might be over 6 years as i remember getting into financial difficulties and defaulting when i was on maternity leave six years ago. I have read a few threads on here that mention doing a set aside and am guessing this is the route i need take, but am not sure who to contact regarding how old
  2. Hi, My ex hubby has just asked to cash in a pension with Prudential and its value is £25,000. He has just had a terrible thought and now is panicking. He works full time with a wage of £25,000 a year and he has an AOE that goes out his wages every week for Bradfoed and Bingley. Will this pension money affect his AOE ( will he have to pay more) Will the cheque come with the Tax already taken off it or does he have to contact HMRC and pay them direct? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi everyone Looking for some advice regarding debts my wife and I have. So a little history. We took on several credit cards and a catalogue account. I lost my job and was unable to make the minimum payments after racking up the debt. Debts were eventually passed on to DCAs. Here is a list of them with current amount owed: Cabot £1200 (Wife, originally HSBC - 2007) Moorcroft £1800 (Myself, originally HSBC - 2006) Capquest £2200 (Wife, originally Littlewoods - 2014) Debts have been through various other DCAs such as Fenton Cooper, Arrow Global etc. apart from the Li
  4. Hi, new here, apologies if i have post in the wrong place. i need legal assistance to write up a claim against a high street bank. Never in my life have i met a company like it. Deny, delay, deceive and shift liability at all costs seems to be the tactics at play. Brief back ground. 2007 i re mortgage to a tracker mortgage 2009 i start getting letters stating my two year tracker mortgage is coming to an end alarmed at this news, i called bank to notify them of my own change in circumstances i was now on ESA DLA etc due to illness, and, to challenge the idea
  5. Got a letter from Northampton Court on behalf of Harrow Council, demanding £195.00 for being in a bus lane on the 16/03/2015 at 11.28. I never received any letter from Harrow Council about this offence, the time indicated 11.28 is strange as the bus lane restrictions are 0700-10.00 and 16.00-19.00hr and this has always been the case since the restrictions were applied. The penalty charge notice gives the correct reg in the photo and you can clearly see the make of my car but vehicle make is stated as unknown. This is very strange, my question is how do I go about rep
  6. Good afternoon. I've had quite a number of letters now from "Smart Parking", who are trying to get me to pay two notices for my vehicle in Exeter back in May. I've attached pics of the front and back of both, although as far as I can see the backs are identical. I've seen the thread with questions to answer, so here goes: They are Parking charges, not Penalty charges, and they were received through the post. 1 Date of the infringement - 27.05.17 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] - 02.06.17 3
  7. At the beginning of last year, after my wife lost some disabilty benefits, we ended up getting into debt, mostly small but included a credit card just over £3k. My wife has since managed to get back on top with all but two, and I will shortly be in a position to clear most of mine, apart from the credit card. If I was to clear some of these debts by offering a settlement of (say) 50% and (say) offer a grand as settlement of the credit card would this be a detriment on my credit rating? We will be moving to private rented accommodation in September and want our credi
  8. My request is a simple one, I want one or two set of Blank Used Empty Original HP Cartridge for Refill Purposes. Model is 953 or 953 XL Printer Model is Officejet Pro 8715 Any one any idea of how I can source these, please let me know. It has to be Originals. Thanks all.
  9. I am not going to name names. I just read of one MP who claimed a Large amount for tidying up their constituency home and garden. Then votes for a cut in ESA of 30.00 a week. I am neutral but feel free to have a look around at MPS expenses in your Town,City,Vllage,Hamlet. For whatever year you would like to see. Does it matter that much whether the woodwork has six coats of Chelsea Blue paint or Postbox Red or whatever coulour you like. Or whether the grass,flowers look like Chelsea flower show or a bowling green. And all the rest you can think about. Aggregated Annual
  10. Restaurants could be stopped from adding a discretionary service charge to bills under Government plans to remind consumers that they do not have to tip when eating out. Sajid Javid, the Business Secretary, is today launching a consultation on tipping amid concerns that restaurants are confusing customers by not being transparent about the charges and who actually receives any tips. One option under consideration is to prevent restaurants “from suggesting any specific discretionary payments” to make it an “opt-in decision” for customers. Under the proposals in the consult
  11. Hello All, I'm looking for some advice, if possible In 2012 my wife and I were given a gift of £5000 by a friend who owned his own successful business after he found out we were in some financial difficulty. We refused the gift which he paid straight into our account, but he was adamant that it would be taken out on his company account and it would be written off. We didn't know if this was true or not but the money was gift with no strings attached. A few days later he called us to say he needed the money back as his accountant advised him that he was incorrect
  12. Received letter from 1st Credit whom I have been paying £30.00 per month for a CJJ from a debt originally Lloyds CC. I have been paying the £30.00 per month since the CCJ was obtained April 14, I have not missed a payment since then. I received this letter with their intention to review my account with a view to applying to the court to obtain a charging order to secure our interest against my property. The letter also states that they want to know if my financial circumstances are likley to change in the forseeable future? I wish I knew. At the end it also states "It is
  13. Hello I would like to send a email, can anyone please help with a direct email address for Credit Card Service? Thanks Dan
  14. A reader wanted to switch pet insurance provider, but was threatened with enforcement action by her current provider M&S Bank I received the renewal documents for an M&S pet insurance policy which I have had for a number of years. I decided to shop around and managed to find cover with the same benefits elsewhere for considerably less, so I decided to cancel my direct debit. Two weeks later I received a letter from M&S Insurance telling me that a “default notice” had been served. I was concerned by the tone of the letter, telling me that I had breached the terms of a loan
  15. There is a call centre some where in the Glasgow area claiming to be "government funded" and promoting the installation of solar panels. The name they give is (nearly always) the "Green Energy Initiative", which if one googles for, turns up nothing. Being ex-directory and TPS registered, I grow weary of telling these people where to go - I have (at times) been polite, forceful, blunt, down right rude, and even vulgar. Nothing seems to work. If anyone has a confirmed address and traceable name for this outfit, I would be most interested. Have a box of kippers and
  16. Electricity meter reader wanted URGENT!! Have you had experience as an electricity meter reader? or Are you currently employed as an electricity meter reader? or Have you experience within the electricity industry? We urgently need the help of an experienced meter reader to give an opinion and possibly a written report on a discrepancy in the reading of a modern six digit di
  17. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/11182215/MPs-will-not-get-an-official-cat-to-tackle-Westminsters-mice-problem.html Perhaps the real reason is the cats may attack the overgrown rats lurking in the corridors of power....
  18. I'm looking for a VW Golf MK6 fuse box map as I want to now what this particular fuse which blew is for. Has been replaced but power steering not working and battery not charging. I'm curious before it goes to the doctors. I've done some research on line but nothing relevant found. People seem to want to post photos of their fuse box layout without explaining what each one is for. Any pointers greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi Long story i owe a solicitor £500 after they messed up the calculations during a house sale. i moved house and they have caught up with me and want the £500. they have threatend me with with court action etc. i have started paying them back £50 a month which i can afford however they are wanting me to disclose my household income as they wont agree for me to pay back installments unitll i do. They have sent me another letter saying if i don't disclose they will carry on with court procedings. couple of questions Do i have to disclose my household inco
  20. Back in June i took a training course to the amount of £500. (this later got reduced after i paid) to other people to £250 not me. I paid full. Did the course(after the tutor re arranged it a number of times) Also cut my exam time down as she was late in turning up. I pass and have been awaiting my certificate since then. they told me it had been delivered but then got returned to sender as we were on holiday. then they asked me to pay an extra £30 to get it sent again. (after i paid the £500 already. After around 10 emails back and forth ive still not recieved my certificate and its now
  21. Hi there im hoping someone can give me a little bit of advice on the best way to deal with the pleasure that is welcome finance. we have a secured loan that was taken out about 8 years ago, we currently pay £200 a month for it, my husband was diagnosed with hemochromatosis with insulin diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver ten months ago and restrictions were put on him at work which led to our income being reduced by £490 a month, we have missed oct and nov payments to them, I have had a few nasty phone calls from them I had planned to pay them ha
  22. Hi All i have a debt consolidation loan with Everyday loans. I am in the process of starting a Debt Management Plan with Step Change, which hopefully should be up and running soon. When i originally enquired about the loan i was asked to pop into the offices for a talk about my finances and go through the details of the proposed loan. After we had talked i agreed and filled out all the paperwork. But one of the forms was a form asking for other phones numbers, i was alarmed as i didnt want anybody to know but at the same time desperate for mone
  23. hi all, looking for a bit more help if you don't mind,as am not quite sure what to do about an offer i got??. took out a home owner loan against house in 2005 and when we had sold the house we thought we had paid off the debt in full as they had lifted the loan off the house in order for us to sell it, after claiming back the ppi the company have said we still owe them nearly £900 which will be coming off the balance. what i don't quite get is, we haven't heard anything from them since we sold the house in 2007. can they still take this from us?????, would
  24. Hi, I have received a letter from Bryan Carter Sols advising that they have been instructed by Fredrickson International on behalf of Lowell Financial to issue court proceedings on 19 Sept 2013. I have had several letters over the past 5 months regarding this but as I have had no dealings with Lowell Financial I have ignored it rightly or wrongly. After looking at my credit file on Noddle it appears that the account relates to the overdraft on my old Halifax Current Account for £821, Halifax defaulted the account on 12/03/08 and they have marked the account as satisfied 31/08/12, a month
  25. I do hope anyone can help me out with this, I am looking for anyone that has had problems with warmsure/warmfront/carillion plc in particular with grant work or even privately. If anyone has had problems with this company or know of anyone that has please post on this thread I will be taking them to court shortly against these and need to gather as much supporting evidence as possible. Thank You
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