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  1. Hi there and thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give me. My husband and my daughter were involved in a RTA on Christmas Eve on the A1, the car in front of my husband (young driver only been driving 3 months) braked and braked harder than planned (emergency stop to be precise) my husband broke but was not able to stop in time and drove into the back of him, his car was badly damaged ( expected to be written off) the car he hit was not much evidence of damage. he did the right thing called police, off duty paramedic attended (just happen to be in traffic behind him) he called green fl
  2. Hi there i am currently in battle with advantage as well and they are refusing to give me their bank account details do you still have them ?
  3. wow that takes some reading and the attachments i cant find or open so im struggling with it i will print off the SAR now and post to them and then will come back for help please. thanks Michelle
  4. sorry for sounding thick but how do i do it ? some months i have had up to £100 in charges. I have asked them not to call me and told my husband to never answer the phone to them so they dont change us so they then send me letters which they charge me for instead ! If possible send me the links to anything ill need or just tell me what i need to do please. Thank you so much for your help x
  5. Hi there I wonder if i can ask a couple of questions after reading other posts on here I would like some help too now. I have a secured loan with welcome, this loan was initially taken out about 2004 for a caravan, over the years we stupidly got talked into increasing the loan and re starting it. In 2008 i went to university and struggled financially during those three years and reduced the payments to welcome. I recently received a statement from them saying the original credit was £17409.65 for a duration of 240 months in feb 2008 the outstanding balance
  6. Hi there I am looking for some advice with Advantage car Finance. I have a car that is due to be finished in the next 6 months have had the finance over the past three years. My questions are is there any rules that state what companies can charge you for phone calls letters texts unpaid direct debit charges etc ? Advantages charges are very high i was wondering if i could claim any back as unfair? they charge unpaid direct debit- £12 telephone call £7.50 text message 50p arrears management fee £12 (per week) letter £7.50
  7. the address I have on one of their letters is trinity court 2-4 west street Fareham po16 0bh do I post everything to that address or to the address on your SAR letter ? Welcome Financial Services KINGSTON HOUSE CENTRE 27 BUSINESS PARK WOODHEAD ROAD BIRSTALL BATLEY WF17 9TD
  8. thank you so much for your reply yes I think it may have been restarted at one stage when they payments were too much for us. I have printed off both letters and will post today. do I just wait for their reply then ? how do I go about claiming back anything I am owed ?
  9. Hi there im hoping someone can give me a little bit of advice on the best way to deal with the pleasure that is welcome finance. we have a secured loan that was taken out about 8 years ago, we currently pay £200 a month for it, my husband was diagnosed with hemochromatosis with insulin diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver ten months ago and restrictions were put on him at work which led to our income being reduced by £490 a month, we have missed oct and nov payments to them, I have had a few nasty phone calls from them I had planned to pay them ha
  10. Thank your for all your replies and help unclebulgaria67 i have accepted that i have to pay for this i know someone else in a similar situation with same university and they have had to pay in full so i simply want to delay any sort of baliff visit and for them to accept a reasonable payment offer. ploddertom yes these are the only seats we have we have three settees (2 2 seater 1 three seater and the tv is flat screen but has damage to the screen (area of blurring in one corner) so wouldn't be worth much As for my son he is 15 but is a big 15 so doesn't look his age which is why i
  11. Yes he let them in and yes they made a levy which included two leather settees 1 tv, printer desk microwave and a table and 4 chairs, everything else is either financed or not mine he did take registration numbers for both of our cars but he also documented that these are both on hp arrangements. I have spoken to the national debtline who informed me to speak to the bailiffs on Monday morning and to complete a N244 form and take this into my local court and they would hopefully be able to put an urgent/ temporary stop on this for me to make further arrangements. My concern was that the le
  12. I am very confused is this a CCJ or a high court writ and can someone tell me what the difference is I do not want to send the wrong form in to them? and where I find the fees to the court to send the form in as I cant find them on the site ?
  13. I have just checked my credit rating on noodle and it does not appear on there
  14. Hi there I have found the court paperwork that was2/7/2013 it lists the amount I need to pay and the address for payment which is a solicitors in Buckingham. the forms the bailiff left me says I have received a high court writ that is enforceable at this address with a notice of seizure form he told me I had to email them proof of everything by the Monday and that they would contact me to either accept of decline my offer which was included with all the documents I emailed to them. ive checked out the court information at the citizens advice site and do I need a N244 form ? as the link doe
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