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  1. Ok thanks for the reply I will upload later when I get in
  2. After 3 months of nothing i received a letter from Lowell saying they have now taken back over my account and have also sent me a COPY of my original agreement and summary statements of the account. So now waiting for their next step?
  3. Well I will probably end up claiming anyway.
  4. Hi Andy When i sent the complaint i claimed for the 8% and not 24% thought i had more chance but they have rejected it. I am going to send an LBA and see what happens.
  5. HI In 2006 the additions account was upgraded without my knowledge. i noticed an account fee coming out and when i queried it was told its a charge for the account i said i didnt want it but was told i had to and no free account was offered. 2010 is upgraded again to additions plus ( done by my wife) but was told it needed to be upgraded but you do get more benefits my wife did say we dont use the benefits but was told we had to if we wanted the account so she agreed to keep the account however if a free account was offered we would have took it. Why would we pay for benefits we don
  6. Ok, I have received my letter from Barclays today dismissing my complaint on the grounds that I signed up to the addition account in branch and they would have explained to my wife the benefits. Following my investigation I have identified that your application for both upgrades were submitted in branch. This means that at the point of applying for this account we did not give you any advice. You made your own decision as to whether you could have benefited from the features it included. WRONG YOU GAVE ADVICE ITS THIS ACCOUNT AND YOU HAVE TO PAY AND THERE ARE NO FREE ACCOUNTS. WHY WOULD W
  7. Just says we are no longer instructed in connection with this matter and have returned to our client Lowell financial Ltd
  8. Update Today i received a letter from carters and they have passed the debt back to lowel.
  9. Update letter sent last week so its a case of waiting for the response.
  10. Hi Update I have used a interest calculator at 24.9% and the amounts to reclaim back is just under 4k with 2500 of that interest.
  11. ok mate thanks for the response
  12. Thanks for the reply Andy i am aware of the link you posted but i want to bypass the FOS. I just asking for timescales from the above letter i posted to a letter before action and then court. Regards Rob
  13. Hi Ok i am trying to Re claim my accounts fees as they were missed sold to me. I have all my statements after i finally got my SAR request through. I am claiming back to 2006 when i was signed up to additions account without my knowledge. I have drafted this letter. Dear Sir or Madam, Account name: First Additions Account number: I have had the above account since 1st February 2006 but believe it was mis-sold to me for the following reasons. - I didn’t know I was paying and don’t remember ever agreeing to having this account. - I was upgraded without my
  14. I am now debating whether to go and get penalty charges from cap1 something to do through xmas
  15. Oh did not realise they could re open however i have just read about it :(anyway but if they do pay up im ready for a battle
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