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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all I am after some advice. I am currently on a DMP through Step Change and I have been paying £422 a month for about 3 months now. I am due to inherit some money so I want advice on paying the debts or ‘settling them’ as I have seen in previous posts. Full and final is what I have seen crop up a lot. The balances are as follows; £27,814.00 – Sainsburys Loan showing as ‘1 month late’ on my credit report £2,265.00 – Halifax Overdraft £2,028.13 – Halifax Credit Card £3,826.00 – MBNA Credit Card showing as ‘1 month late’ on my credit report I have seen posts about offering 20% to each firm, can someone point me in the right direction for templates ect. or advise what I they recommend I should do. If I can get them all settled and get myself off the DMP how long will my credit file be effected for? Thanks, Sam
  2. At the beginning of last year, after my wife lost some disabilty benefits, we ended up getting into debt, mostly small but included a credit card just over £3k. My wife has since managed to get back on top with all but two, and I will shortly be in a position to clear most of mine, apart from the credit card. If I was to clear some of these debts by offering a settlement of (say) 50% and (say) offer a grand as settlement of the credit card would this be a detriment on my credit rating? We will be moving to private rented accommodation in September and want our credit rating to be as healthy as possible.
  3. Hi There I have followed a number of the threads on this forum, and hope you will forgive me posting this. I am just absolutely terrified about my current situation and the legal implications (if any). I would highly value any help members could provide. My situation: I was on a six figure salary with my previous employer who, a few days ago, informed me that they would be closing with immediate effect. Unfortunately, I have just gone and taken out a couple of loans (about five weeks ago) to help fund a new car and decorate my mum's house for her 80th birthday, and have accrued a fair bit on my credit cards to pay for a silver wedding anniversary cruise for the wife and I. The best part of my salary for the past few years has been spent funding our two children through university overseas. I've been offered a replacement role in Australia, but on a much lower salary (about £40,000 equivalent) and without any accommodation arranged. I already hold a permanent resident visa - as my wife is Australian and we lived out there for a few years. (Returned in 2014, and I have my right to return still active). We will be able to move across to Australia to take up the job, but I know I will be completely unable to properly service my debts (which are roughly £100,000). I am primarily terrified that I will be prosecuted for fraud (although I, in all truth, believed there would be no change to my circumstances when I took out the loans -- as these were only taken out a few weeks ago). I can make full repayments for the next few months before we move; however, I am going to need every penny from my salary to keep us going in Australia for the first little while. I am pensive about offering my debtors a nominal £1 per month payment in good faith until I get established over there. I do not want to run from these debts; however, I also do not want to face prison if the lenders think I committed fraud. We have no mortgage, the house is in my wife's name and I have never contributed towards the house payments: so I think it is safe from repossession, in case things go wrong out in Australia? Basically. Help. Am I going to have an international warrant for my arrest put out because of perceived fraud!? I know this probably sounds ridiculous to some, and I hope you can clarify where I stand. I've got myself in a right bloody mess here.
  4. Hi all, Just give you a quick run down of the operation of the local station and route to hopefully clear up any confusion before any advice can be given. Our local station is an unmanned station, as are all the stations on the branch line, apart from the two terminals, in this case Strood and Paddock Wood, and the middle main station being Maidstone West. All the stations have a machine placed at each entrance in which to purchase a Permit to Travel ticket which can then be exchanged for a travel ticket by either the issuing ticket office at Strood, Maidstone West or Paddock Wood, or by buying a ticket from the conductor/guard on board the train. However, in the last month, the types of trains used have changed from a 3 coach class 377 with a driver and conductor/guard, to a 2 coach class 466 driver only. The Permit to Travel machine at our local station always appears to be broken, either it is jammed with coins where it won't accept anything, or the coins just slip through to the rejected coin collector, although there is a time displayed on the machine to indicate that it is turned on. Over the last two weeks, my daughter has twice been issued with a £20 penalty fare by Revenue Protection as she wasn't in possession of a valid permit to travel or travel ticket, although she wasn't able to purchase one in the first place. Revenue Protection were at the first station she would have been able to purchase a ticket from, and before the ticket office, therefore stopping her from purchasing a ticket as she has done on numerous occasions before. She did state that the Permit to Travel machine wasn't working, but they said it was, even though they weren't at the station. She paid the first Penalty instantly, but she want's to appeal this second and any subsequent penalties that she may occur if the opportunity to purchase a Permit to Travel isn't available. Hoping that some of you good guys and girls on here can offer some advice and ammunition so she can win her appeal. Many thanks, Bloke 199
  5. General question, all these debt help companies in the media saying how they will clear your debts, if you don' t have a mortgage what is in it for them.. Or do they cherry pick the best cases? Must make a profit somehow
  6. Hello to all, I was caught using my mobile phone whilst driving (bluetooth had not operated and answered a call) went through all the relevant questions and got a Fixed Penalty Notice, and a 'produce' ticket. I mislaid my Paper Licence, and went to local police Station, with other papers, and told them i had mislaid paper licence. Desk Sargent said don't do anything you will get a court date, The court date finally arrived, and i did not contest the Offence, just my explanation, to why i was using at that time. I didnt hear from the Court until a demand notice came demanding 197.00 ( the fine was 3 points and 86.00 pounds. I made an appeal, saying that i wasn't given the opportunity to pay the Fixed Penalty as was advised against it because paper licence was mislaid. Now the case has gone to High Court Appeal, and i am worried that i might incur more court charges, if they do not accept my explanation of events. can anyone suggest a course of action , or a letter to write in to the court? any help or comments would be appreciated, regards
  7. Having been given the opportunity of employment I have had the rug pulled from underneath my feet due to having an endorsement on my license which is due to expire in 5 months. The company i have the opportunity of employment with I worked for before and they put me through my class 2. My license has been clean for 5 months short of 11 years but the endorsement is still standing in my way of what I love doing - driving lorries. I wrote to the DVLA and explained the situation and asked if they could remove said endorsement off of the counter part of my license but keep the endorsement on file. I recieved a letter 3 weeks later from the DVLA stating that the law is the law and they can't help me. They said: "Unfortunately the Law states that these endorsemets have to remain on the driving licence until they have time expired. If after 05/11/2012 you want expired endorsements removed from your licence then please apply by completing the enclosed application form (D1) and return it together with your licence and correct fee." I understand that the endorsement is my fault but surely letting it stand in my way for 10 and a half years should not have an impact on me getting a HGV class 2 driving job. The Government wants to get people back to work and I am trying to do so yet have hit a brick wall. I think that DVLA should judge different cases on different merits.
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