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  1. I have been to the Pandora shop in the Trafford Centre in Manchester tonight to purchase a bracelet, safety chain and cleaning kit. Tried to use a gift card I got last year for my birthday. Lady scanned the card and it showed the card was valid till 23.09.2021. Balance on the card was 50.00. Available balance was NIL. Lady said they are only valid for 12 months and showed me the date written on the reverse saying 23.09.2017 and where it clearly says on the card 'Valid for 12 months from date of purchase'. She said it obviously isn't down to them, it is the card issuer, but she coul
  2. I am doing a bit of inheritance tax planning and need a Gift of memorandum template. Are there any free ones going on the internet? I figure they must be very common! Thanks, Jon
  3. I got out a Carphone Warehouse contract on 14th of December 2017 after much haggling over prices. I called back after ordering it to find out if I am entitled to the free gift as I realised it wasn't mentioned when I took out the contract on the phone. I was assured I would get one sent with the Samsung phone (Free Samsung Gear VR offer). When the phone arrived, no free gift. I called up and was given a link to Samsung gift page to redeem the gift, I tested this out on the phone and the link was expired back in November and I told them this. They then told me it would be sent out on 28th
  4. Hello Perhaps someone can guide me on this matter. I bought a Washing Machine and in less than one and a half years it became faulty. An engineer tested it and said it is a manufacturer's fault and I should claim. I contacted the retailer, gave them details including DATE OF PURCHASE, that it was tested and found to be faulty. They told me to get an independent report, which I did. That report agreed with the first one, faulty machine. They agreed to refund the purchase price, plus the cost of the INDEPENDENT REPORT which THEY ASKED FOR, but not the cost of the first one.
  5. Hi all, Long story, which I will try to keep short for you! I purchased a Humax Freeview recorder for £199 in Jan 2016 on my debit card. Over time it developed lots of faults, such as random crashes, missed programs, freezing and even not turning on. After researching the product online, I decided to take it for a refund - Lots of similar stories from other users. This was within a year of purchasing it. The girl on the till wouldn't refund to my debit card as the card I used to purchase it had been reported lost/stolen. I was made to take a r
  6. I recently bought a Origin Gaming Gift Card for my young nephew who is new to PC gaming. I bought it on the assumption that he (only being 8 years old) could activate Origins / EA games subscription service "Origin Access" which allows him to access a selection of EA games for a monthly fee of £3.99 I bought the card from a local Asda and thought it a great gift considering it stated clearly on the front of the card: " use this card for digital purchases - including full games, dlc & origin access subscription - no credit card required " (the key points of purchase
  7. My Grand daughter purchased an Amazon Gift card at Tesco Metro store for my Christmas gift. She received - Gift card in display pack and a receipt as shown below. I had several other Amazon gift vouchers as well - so I logged on and started entering the numbers. To ensure no mix up - I put one number in - sent the thank you - put the card to one side. Get to this particular card above and I receive an 'invalid number' message. Checked number and thought perhaps the 2 x 8's could perhaps be 'B' so re entered - still receiving the message invalid. Spen
  8. My father has given his grandson a sum of money, less than 10k to help him with the purchase of a house. The solicitor acting for my son, now wants his grandad to supply ID and to prove who he is, with a declaration, and a utility bill. Grandad is 84 and we don't want to stress him unnecessarily. Do we have to comply with the solicitor, or is he being pedantic? Regards Paul.
  9. If people give to charity via a giving site, for example, just giving, can they gift aid with there donation, or is that only by the registered person..
  10. It's just a cash gift to me as he's "splashing the cash" after the sale of his deceased parents' house, but I don't know if I should declare it to the DWP, because they might then decide I don't need the ESA or HB at all and just use that money instead for a couple of months. I wouldn't put it past them, frankly. What should I do?
  11. Hi, My account at Amazon.co.uk has been closed due to the number of returns. I'm sure most people are aware this happens on a regular basis. What I'm wondering is this. I had a gift worth £166 refunded into the account and now I'm being told I've lost this. I'm sure this is not legal to do so. In fact in my eyes it's theft. Before I returned the said item for the above credit I contacted Amazon's customer service explaining the CPU was overheating and they agree to refund the item. I've contracted the CIS team many times only to get a generic email back time after time.
  12. Hello All, I'm looking for some advice, if possible In 2012 my wife and I were given a gift of £5000 by a friend who owned his own successful business after he found out we were in some financial difficulty. We refused the gift which he paid straight into our account, but he was adamant that it would be taken out on his company account and it would be written off. We didn't know if this was true or not but the money was gift with no strings attached. A few days later he called us to say he needed the money back as his accountant advised him that he was incorrect
  13. I'll keep this short - I have a gift card which clearly shows a printed start date in 2012 and a card expiry date in 2016. In much smaller letters are also the short T&Cs that say the value will expire 24 months from first load. When I received this I noticed the 2 'facts' contradicted one another but assumed as it was clearly printed "card expires xx/xx/2016" we would have no issues. To back this up I actually emailed customer services back in '14 to check and was not told which is correct, but in actual fact Thomson always honour expired gift cards and vouchers ///:razz: S
  14. My wife received a fashion catalogue from Afibel Ltd last November promising a luxury coat allegedly worth approx. £80 in return for an order over a certain minimal value. The ordered goods arrived after an extended interval and only after several premium-rate progress enquiry phone calls. However since then we have been fobbed off and downright lied to as to when the coat might be coming. First we had to wait for a claim form (which never came), then we had to write a letter to say we never received the form, then we had to wait for the end of the promotion (31st January), now we ar
  15. Hello all! my mum isnt very internet savy, and she replied to an email she recieved which was to fill out a questionaire and recieve a free gift(a set of creams), she did this, then gave he credit card info for the postage and packaging. As is typical with these things, all was not as it seemed. She received the set of creams and after I looked up the company, could see nothing but bad reviews/other people getting charged large amounts to their bank accounts. I then got my mum to cancel her credit card. and then rang the company. I spoke to a very rude american cha
  16. my brother wants to buy me a brand new car and im receiving support group esa plus mobility low rate pip so my question is can I accept my brothers offer of a new car ?. I know this is a strange question but these days just covering my back.
  17. Hi, Recently I purchased an air compressor from an online store for £200. With this compressor they offered a "free" 5 piece accessory kit. One of these items was a tyre inflator/pressure gauge and this has now become faulty. I have contacted them to ask for a repair or replacement and they have informed me that as it was a free item then there is no warranty and they are under no obligation to deal with it. How do I stand legally? Although they call it "free" it is not really free as I had to buy a £200 item in order to get it. Many thanks guys.
  18. Hello all, apologies if we are not posting in the right section. We are a couple who decided to buy our first house. We found a property where we made an offer that has been accepted so that we started all the paperwork both with broker and solicitors. A part of the deposit comes by a gift from family and as normal the broker asked us for a gift letter saying that that money is a gift and that there is not any financial interest in the property. The letter has been made, signed by the member of the family who transferred us the money and gave to the broker who will f
  19. Hi all, My colleague offered me a cycle surgery gift card when I left my previous company. While working abroad, I emailed cycle surgery ltd (using the email at back of gift card) to explain that I was traveling for a year. The email bounced back. Now cycle surgery tells me they don't review/extend gift card. why a gift card has an expiry date? it is just a "right to take people money". There is no need for a expiry date. I want to complain or make an action on christmas day. Please I need some advices, Many thanks, Vydei
  20. Can anyone help or advise on the following:- My two boys each received a £10 JD Sport Gift Card for Xmas last year. They recently tried to use them only to be told that they had expired. The Gift Cards are only valid for 12 months so must have been purchased early December 2013. Are they worthless or do I have any rights? Thanks in advance TS
  21. Summary: ex girlfriend books a holiday and invites me along saying she will pay. (She came into £300,000 recently). 4 weeks after the holiday she decides to end the relationship and is now sending me emails asking me to pay back £700. Can she take me to court ? Should I reply to the emails. ? Apologies if this is the wrong section. I am new to the forum and very worried so posting out of desperation.
  22. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/oct/06/royal-mail-parcel-promotion-bigger-gift-christmas
  23. General heads up on this Under the T&C's it states "You are also entitled to a £70 Compliments card which you can redeem at over 130 high street stores. You will receive the card within 28 days of your supply start date or your tariff switch date." been told by British Gas Social Media Team via email this " Dear John Thanks for your email. I’m sorry you have not received your Gift Card. I have spoken to Edenred which is the company that send out the cards on our behalf. They have advised when your card was applied for by us, there were a few problems
  24. Vouchers, or gift cards, can be a great idea at Christmas. Give them to a teacher, a colleague, or a teenager perhaps, and you can show you have at least thought about them, without second-guessing their tastes. But last year thousands of consumers were left out of pocket, when HMV, Blockbuster, Comet and Jessops all went out of business after the Christmas period. Most vouchers were eventually honoured but only after a period of uncertainty. In the case of Jessops, now under new management, some people were offered replacement gifts
  25. :???: am looking for some advice, as to where i stand with a gift certificate as a present, i have gone on to book this and received email from them, which was my experience boarding pass copy and pasted on here Voucher number: EXP669-******** Participant name: STEPHEN SANSUM Experience: The Tank Driving Experience, Stirling Booking date: Sunday, August 4th, 2013, confirmed Booking time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM, confirmed Location: Stirlingshire Participants: This voucher entitles one person to the experience Experience duration: Experience duration 1 hour, drive time o
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