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Found 6 results

  1. My bank has just sent me an email with upcoming changes to my (and your account) which causes me great concern and wonder if other people have had the same. Basically it says: there will be no payments in/out of my account over the weekend. What really concerns me is they warn of a new financial system where TPP (third party providors) will offer to manage my bank account, they could ask for (that means WILL ask for) my banking login and password details. Of course the bank says, if I do this then it's nothing to do with them if my bank account goes to zero. I would think that new service will trigger a zillion crooks into action - beware! The email says this scheme is forced upon them by the EU (I thought we opted OUT!!) and it gets worse... Changes to Payment Regulations Thanks EU
  2. Hi Guys I recently return a car at the end of its lease to RCI. It was in pristine condition, so much so that I had to show the collection guy where it had been repaired (by the dealership) . .The wheels were repaired and two slight scratch all sorted ...Yet they want to charge me £600 I have of course told them to whistle. They are also trying to charge me the incorrect excess mileage charge .. . again I have told them to whistle .. . now they marked on my Experian and indeed Equafax file that the loan agreement was settle in full and closed .. .but I have now seen that they have reopened the account and having it showing the ancillary balance that they are arguing with me!!!? I cannot believe this is legal!? I have made up my mind to take this to court and show the court all the pictures I took of the car and the invoices for the repairs carried out to dealers standard .. plus they told me the car sold at auction for more than the balloon payment I would have made to them if I HAD KEPT IT!! To be honest no matter what happens even if it goes to court and by some miracle I lose ,, ,, on principle . .I will NEVER pay them again .. I just wanted to see if anyone else had these type of issues ? Cheers Nige
  3. Hi all, My colleague offered me a cycle surgery gift card when I left my previous company. While working abroad, I emailed cycle surgery ltd (using the email at back of gift card) to explain that I was traveling for a year. The email bounced back. Now cycle surgery tells me they don't review/extend gift card. why a gift card has an expiry date? it is just a "right to take people money". There is no need for a expiry date. I want to complain or make an action on christmas day. Please I need some advices, Many thanks, Vydei
  4. Hi, has anyone had any problems with this company? (infurn.com). Recently, I purchased some furniture from them. I panicked after I had paid them because I didn't receive a confirmation email or any information regarding my order. I emailed them 3 times and tried to call their number in Spain (the number didn't work). I eventually received an email informing me I would receive my goods in February!!! HELP!!! What do I do?????? Thanks
  5. my insurance due on 10/01/2014,but I had already told swinton that I would not automatically renew even so they took a direct debit payment for the new instance in December, so I cancelled direct debit,after going on comparison site swinton where still cheapest so I signed and set up new direct debit,this was on 29/12/2013,on the 9/1/2014 I had a letter from swinton telling me that they had cancelled insurance because they couldn't collect direct debit and they are charging me £50 even though I was 13.50 in credit with them and the monthly amount was £6.20,I phoned them and explained and I got the impression they didn't like how cheap I had got insurance,any advice
  6. Hi to everyone. Can someone help, Have received some info after three letters but still waiting for statments from 2000 to 2008. Which calculation form do i use for credit card PPI, which APR do i use and do i use 8% interest? this PPI is still running on my credit card to scared to cancel it but also done know how to cancel it. Bob Diamond was in charge of Morgan stanley what a surpise. Thanks if you can help:?:
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