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  1. The council are also offering a grant relating to business premises, and rate payers who are receiving rate relief. Paul.
  2. Can someone advise on the corona virus grants offered by the government, to the self employed, as to if they count as income, and are taxable, or if they affect benefits. Paul.
  3. My son had a letter from the court today, saying that his fine had been reduced to £355.00, and he can pay over 10 months. So a good result for him, and affordable. I would like to say thank you, to everybody for their advice on this matter, it was much appreciated. Paul.
  4. We sent off a letter, to ask about whether the court, would look again at my son's case. We received a short reply, asking us to fill in a means tested form, which we did, and returned it to the court, with a recent bank, and credit card statement. We received a reply, and the statements returned. We understood from the reply, that we would have to wait for the next hearing on the 14th of March. After a few days, a summons arrived, dated the 8th of March, saying that the fine had not been paid, and that a hearing on the 26th of March would deal with it.
  5. Many thanks for all the advice, my son has been asked to contact the court, so it may be good news. Paul.
  6. Thank you for replying, we have sent a signed for letter, asking for another look at the case. How would we know the difference, between an admin reply, or a magistrate's reply. Paul.
  7. He is self employed, but doesn't have much work at the moment, in fact i have just had to lend him some money. Paul.
  8. My son was stopped and prosecuted, for two defects on his car. He was informed that he did not need to attend court, and if he choose not too, his offences would be dealt with, in his absence. One offence was a defective tyre, and the other was jagged, plastic body work. The paper work has come from the court, and i think that the fines are excessive. £440 for each offence, £85 for costs, and £45 for something else. Do these seem excessive, and if so can he appeal? Paul
  9. Just a thought but I am sure that I was executor for at least 30 days after dad died, after which my step mother visited the solicitor, with a will that her brother wrote, and seems to have been accepted. Would it be better to write to my dad's solicitor, asking them why they did not contact me in that time? As in reality I didn't do anything connected to being an executor, I mostly went along with my step brothers, as they had gone through this when their father died. Registering the death etc. I did notice when I spoke to my dad's solicitor that they seemed to speak about dad's will in the p
  10. The wills that do not need probate, can they be viewed after a certain time? But do I have the time, or if I feel uneasy about this situation, do I need to act quickly? There seems to be an air of secrecy about this, if everything is above board what harm is there in my wish to see the will? Paul.
  11. What is the situation after probate? Does probate happen in every will? Perhaps I am being paranoid, but I was told by my father that I was an executor, my step mother said that after 30 days the solicitor called her in with her brother, who I gather had written a will for her, she claims that everything has been left to her. I only have her word for that, the solicitor never contacted me in the 30 days after my dad died, and now this is my situation. Is it unreasonable that I should want to view the will, to know that my fathers wishes have been met
  12. The whole estate was in joint ownership. Am I correct in assuming that if the executor will not allow me to view the will, then another solicitor would be able to allow me to do so, through litigation? Paul.
  13. Thank you for your advice, this is an upsetting time, especially after losing dad. I find it odd that the solicitor would not engage me, any further than a stranger. The will was my fathers after all. I am going to speak to my sister, and possibly to my step mother's executor, whom I know. I wouldn't say that we are close as a step family, but I wouldn't want to upset my sisters situation. My step mother has said that we will all be looked after if something happens to her, but this seems vague to me. I know that after 30 days passed, my step mother went bac
  14. I have looked at this site, but my fathers details are not there. A similar name came up but an earlier death date, so his may come up later. Or do they all appear here? Paul.
  15. I have been to the solicitor who acted for my father, in drawing up his will They say I am not an executor to the will, contrary to what my father told me when he was alive. They would not discuss the matter further, now I am not sure how to proceed. My step mother has said that after 30 days the will passed to her and she inherits everything. It is now four months since he died, so is there time limits on these things, or do I contact another solicitor. I also have a sister who has an interest in this case. Paul.
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