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  1. Thank you BankFodder for your reply. Firstly, they asked me to come in and select another machine up to the value as replacement. The one I chose would take weeks to be delivered, so I asked for, and received a refund. I was reimbursed for their requested INDEPENDENT REPORT. It is the £25.00 I am insisting that they refund as well. I told them that instead of requiring me to get the second report, I could have put them in touch with the FIRST ENGINEER who would confirm the findings of Manufacturer's Fault. So it was solely their choice, and that the people in Customer Service s
  2. Hello Perhaps someone can guide me on this matter. I bought a Washing Machine and in less than one and a half years it became faulty. An engineer tested it and said it is a manufacturer's fault and I should claim. I contacted the retailer, gave them details including DATE OF PURCHASE, that it was tested and found to be faulty. They told me to get an independent report, which I did. That report agreed with the first one, faulty machine. They agreed to refund the purchase price, plus the cost of the INDEPENDENT REPORT which THEY ASKED FOR, but not the cost of the first one.
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