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  1. Thanks for the advice and wording. Extremely useful. . Much appreciated. But next 'curve ball' question: If she does decided to take me to small claims court ... can I counter claim the following: 1) I did some work for her designing her company logo ... I also helped her out with some work on site ... I also bought her a very expensive watch for her running. Can I counter claim that I want those gifts back in the same court hearing. How would I roughly go about this ? (May need wording and procedure advice later) Note: I don't want to get this petty.. but I am not willing
  2. Summary: ex girlfriend books a holiday and invites me along saying she will pay. (She came into £300,000 recently). 4 weeks after the holiday she decides to end the relationship and is now sending me emails asking me to pay back £700. Can she take me to court ? Should I reply to the emails. ? Apologies if this is the wrong section. I am new to the forum and very worried so posting out of desperation.
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