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  1. The Chief Executive I have emailed left the company on the 13th September. After a little email tennis with a lady who has picked up the email, it has been forwarded to someone who is processing me a replacement gift card and it will be with me in the next few days. Result? We will see.
  2. I have just emailed the Chief Executive of Pandora to see if that gets a response.
  3. I have been to the Pandora shop in the Trafford Centre in Manchester tonight to purchase a bracelet, safety chain and cleaning kit. Tried to use a gift card I got last year for my birthday. Lady scanned the card and it showed the card was valid till 23.09.2021. Balance on the card was 50.00. Available balance was NIL. Lady said they are only valid for 12 months and showed me the date written on the reverse saying 23.09.2017 and where it clearly says on the card 'Valid for 12 months from date of purchase'. She said it obviously isn't down to them, it is the card issuer, but she couldn't accept it as part payment for my purchase. Suggested I ring them but only got a recorded message saying it was 12 months. No more info. If the balance wasn't what I thought then it could be down to card fees processed by the issuer. To say I am fuming is an understatement. Does anyone have any idea if this is legal? That gift card was purchased in good faith. The person who purchased it wasn't advised it only lasted 12 months. It has happily sat inside the card it came in so it didn't get lost. Do I now accept that Pandora have 50.00 of my money that I cannot spend with them and apparently not get back? Or is there some way I can take this further? Apologies if I have listed this in the wrong thread, but any help would be gratefully received.
  4. Title says 'Letter of Claim - 30 days to Prevent Legal Action'. Letter is dated 15th September 2018 Says they are acting on behalf of Lowell Portfolio I Ltd. Reply Form is the one with options A to I and I have to fill in and return the form. If I don't, it could result in court proceedings. Exactly the same as I returned back in March.
  5. And this has raised its ugly head again..... Just received a letter from Lowell Solicitors. Exactly the same vein as last time. They are acting on behalf on Vanquish to recover the debt. I have 30 days to respond. enclosed is a 'Background to your debt - before a claim is issued' sheet. Also enclosed is an information sheet about seeking debt advice. Finally a 'Reply Form' for me to complete. All the same boxes that I printed off from here, filled in and sent them back in March. Do I do the same again? Do I find their letter advising me it is in hand and they will come back to me? Do I send a letter advising it is in dispute and I am still waiting for the information previously requested back in March? I take it I don't just ignore it?
  6. I have been with Virgin since December last year and wasn't happy before these channel cuts. I watch these. Do I have a right to get out of the contract? Is a 10 channel loss enough to opt out as a change of contract? Didn't know about it until we went on one of the channels and it informed us it was going. Sorry if this question is in the wrong thread x
  7. Still trying to locate a copy of her contract. Don't want to arouse his suspicion and ask for a copy. Looking on my calendar for last year, I think it was signed around June time. The notice in writing still hasn't appeared and we are now 2 weeks in. The boss's wife has told her she is now on the national minimum wage so her wages for this month will be a bit higher than normal. She has spoken to the lady who comes in to the salon to train and although she hasn't been signed up to them, she has agreed to help her find a new position and has put her on her list. She advises she is near the top - but unable to guarantee anything at this moment. If I was to contact her, would she be under any obligation to speak to me? She has been taken off the training schedule and is down to work in the salon only. The boss actually advised her that things may still change yet. He said they may keep her on or she may find another job. As I have had words with his wife before now, I think that maybe just to sweeten her as I haven't jumped in and done anything yet. Obviously I want to get my information correct before doing so. I have asked my daughter to request her notice in writing - does anyone think that will affect the way that he treats her going forward? Thank you. Tired Mommy
  8. Thank you for your comments. I will did out the contract. Am I right in thinking that if it is fixed term, he cant get rid of her early? I think she was actually given her contract in the August, but I cant be sure till i find it. How do I know if it is fixed term? I will study the links supplied. Thanks again.
  9. I have received yet another letter advising me that the documentation I have requested is now being processed and will be with me as soon as possible. Will let you know when it arrives.
  10. Unsure if I am in the right section to ask this question so apologies if I am not. My daughter is currently on a hairdressing apprenticeship with a local salon and will have been there 2 years in May. She has qualified for level 2 Hairdressing and should be going on to do the level 3 as a designer in the salon. A couple of weeks ago the owner of the salon took her to one side and advised there were no designer places available and she needed to have a think about her options whilst she was off the following week. He didn't advise her what her options were and gave her no indication of where she could find any assistance with it. Just to consider her options. He didn't sign her up to the new Apprenticeship people they have gone with despite transferring all the other assistants. She told him her Dad would probably ring him to speak to him about this matter and was told he didn't know why her Dad would ring as he didn't have anything to say to him. On Saturday he took her to one side again and told her he is giving her one months notice. They usually on give one week but he thought that was a bit unfair given the amount of time she has been there. He will give her the contact details of the lady who runs the scheme for them and 'hopefully' she will be able to assist my daughter in finding another placement to do her level 3. I am trying not to interfere in this as she doesn't want to make it awkward in the last month of her working there. But at the end of the day, she is only 17 years of age and obviously not as worldly wise as her mother. I think he should give her this notice in writing and not verbally. I also think he should advise the reason for letting her go. I think the 'talk about her options' was his way of telling her to go and when she didn't, he had no option to tell her. I know there has been one member of staff who has been doing a lot of tale telling to the owners wife and this has included my daughter in the tales more than once. She has 'invented' a problem between my daughter and another member of staff when there wasn't a 'problem'. This was confirmed by both girls. I had to have words with the owners wife regarding her conduct at having my daughter in tears over this matter. The salon is well known in the hairdressing community for bullying its staff but my daughter has managed to stay of the radar so to speak. Half of me wants to let it go and get her the hell out of there and the other half of me wants to go in and rip his limbs off. So if you can answer any of my questions below I would be grateful. Can notice be given verbally? Can I ask for it in writing giving the reason for it? If he puts it in writing the reason is no designer places available, then makes somebody a designer, do I have any comeback? Any help or advise anyone can give would be great.
  11. I sent them a printed copy off here, not the one they sent in the letter. I ticked all the boxes advised. I also wrote the list of additional things I required them to supply. I sent the PAP form to the Solicitors and the £1 with the CCA Request to Lowell. Obtained proof of postage for both. Do I still need to SAR Vanquish again as I cant find all the info from the previous one?
  12. Well I have received a letter from Lowell confirming receipt of my letter. States they regard that document as my response to the Pre-Action Protocol letter. States the matter is in relation to a former vanquis account taken out 13th Sept 2008. Confirms they have requested a copy of the agreements and statements from the original creditor. When response is received they will contact me. Account remains on hold until such time. I can ring them if I want to. Alarm bells are ringing for the wording 'regard that document as my response to the Pre-Action Protocol letter'. Are they saying that is some sort of admission? Do I have a right to be worried? I am unable to find much paperwork for the previous SAR request. I have a letter dated 20th January 2016 which says it 'encloses a copy of the executed agreement being the vanquis visa card terms and conditions'. Debt was sold to Lowell on 30th September 2015 - Amount due £1117.98. Attached is a 'Digital Signature Application details'. Name. Address. Employment Details etc. Covers 2 pages. I cant seem to locate the copy of statements, but I am sure I have had them. There are then 4 pages under the heading 'Vanquis Credit Card Agreement And Full Terms'. There follows 6 pages which start at a sub paragraph 23.4. This is different print to the others. The second column on the first page says it is 'A copy of my executed regulated consumer credit agreement for me to keep. Vanquis credit card. redit card agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974'. Would I still be best sending another SAR to Vanquis? Thanks in advance again
  13. Now I am confused - Sorry. I have clicked links which lead to a £1 postal order and yet another says £10. One asks for a copy of the agreement and another asks for all the data. Which am I asking for? The £1 for the singed agreement - sent at the same time as the reply form. Sorry to be such a pain x
  14. I have got the £1 postal order to send off. Am I right in thinking I have to print off the form here and not use the one that they sent me? The SAR goes to Vanquish and the form goes to Lowell. IS that correct. I did send an SAR to Vanquish a long time ago but unsure where the details have been put - could of been thrown away. Does it matter that they have already had one? Card was taken out around about 2008 I think. Emails re settlement offer was around October 2014 so I would say the last payment would of been early 2014. Lowell say debt passed to them September 2015. Historical threads The £175 refund was never actioned - it is included in the outstanding amount. Got taken to court by Belmont Thornton for their fees in claiming it back. Contested the summons. Went through mediation with the court and ended up paying the fees as the court says they obtained the refund. Just paid the fees and they stood the court fees. They advised if I took it further it could end up costing me more if I lost. Cost me £60 ish for nothing. Not much faith in the legal system.
  15. Hi I have an old Vanquish credit card with £1117 outstanding. I have been offered numerous settlement figures by Vanquis (last one 2014) after they stopped the use of my card (cant remember the date). When I sent a SAR they sent me what looked like an application form and I put the account in dispute. They said it was a legally binding contract and not an application form. As I advised them. it wasn't a contract that had my signature at the bottom of a list of terms and conditions and sending me the current terms and conditions wasn't good enough. Every so often I either get an offer of settlement or a threat of legal action. The account is in dispute, so I never reply. Started getting letters from Lowell (probably about 2015). They were advised the debt was in dispute. They sent me the same as what Vanquis had and I responded the same. I get occasional letters from them 'reminding me of the debt' and how it will not go away. Last week I received a 'Letter of Claim' from Lowell Solicitors. They are ready to issue proceedings against me and I have 30 days to respond. It was assigned to them on 30/09/2015. It says it is being issued in accordance with the Practice Direction on Pre Action Conduct and Protocols contained in the civil procedure rules. Refers me to paragraph 13 to 16 of the pre action PD concerning the courts powers to impose sanctions for failing to comply with its provisions and ignoring the letter may lead to them commencing proceedings and may increase liability for costs. It then has an information sheet giving me telephone numbers and website addresses for help I can go to. There is also reply forms. Section1 - Do you owe the debt. Section 2 - How will you pay. Section 3 - Do you intent to get, or are you already getting debt advice. And a financial statement to complete. It all looks seriously legit and I am wondering how to proceed. If I ignore it could I possibly end up with a CCJ (really don't want one of them). Should I just issue a simple letter advising them the account is in dispute and will remain so until I received a signed agreement. Even though they say the electronic application they sent me is legal and binding. Or should I send them another SAR for all the information again? I would be very grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction as to how to proceed. Thanks in advance of any help offered.
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