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  1. Thank you. It is not typed up (amended where needed) and will be in the post first thin tomorrow if the post office is open, if not them Wednesday. When I have the info I will come back.
  2. Thank you. As they have not taken my sons complaint seriously and advised him if he is willing to close the case they will credit his gas account and electric account with £40. They have left them (1 child of 5 and 1 child of two) for over 24 hours on three different occasions with no heating or hot water after removing his smart meter and fitting a normal one and then not sending him a top up card. I cannot tell you the amount of times we had to contact them over a 10-12 day period. Messages, broken promises and things not done. They only seem interested in him closing the case. I want to know the series of events / failings that left them with no heating or hot water. What exactly is it I am asking for? I am not interested in processing of data and how long they keep it for, I am interested in what was done from engineer visits, telephone calls, whatsapp messages and online chat. The process of taking the message or phone call and what failed and made him call again. Does that make sense?
  3. Hi. Quick Question. Since British Gas are incapable of answering my question, does anyone know if I have to pay to send an SAR to them. It used to be £10, but some don't charge. I have repeatedly asked them for their subject access request policy with no joy. I am beginning to think they have no idea what I am talking about.
  4. Apologies if I am in the wrong thread but I am unable to see one relating to my 'problem'. My husband has full cover with the AA with me as a named person. The cover is for us both in any car we drive and has 'home start' and 'relay'. On 25th September, while on holiday in Cornwall, we broke down around 3.30pm. We phoned the AA who sent out a diagnostic mechanic who advised us the turbo had gone on our car and we needed relay. He said he would sort it with the AA. The next gentleman that arrived (in a transit van) asked us to 'pop the bonnet so he could have a look'. We advised we had already been diagnosed and were waiting for a relay truck. He said he had been sent to diagnose it. We told him we had already told the control centre what was wrong, advised them we were in a layby in the middle of nowhere, had no heat, no clean water, no toilet facility, it was getting cold and the mist was dropping quickly. They advised a tow truck was on the way to take us to a place of safety. He got onto the office, apologised for the mix up and said he would tow us to a place of safety. Due to Covid he wasn't allowed to have us in the cab. Attached his towing pole to the vehicle and towed us 18 miles to Bude where he left us a Morrisons at about 8.50pm. We again rang the control centre as I didn't think Morrisons car park was a place of safety as they had no timescale for us being picked up and Morrisons closed at 10pm. They then said they could possibly move us to a service area, relay us home - then they couldn't locate a truck. said They would get us a hire car - they couldn't find one open at that time of night. said they would put us up in a hotel until morning and then hire us a car as long as we had a debit and credit card with us. We refused that one. At 10.15 they advised us our vehicle would go into storage. We would be sent home in a taxi (Bude to Manchester) and our vehicle would follow later. The taxi and the tow truck would be with us by 11.00pm so we could load the taxi and give the key for our vehicle to the recovery company. Our vehicle would follow usually within 48 hours but could take up to a week. Taxi arrived at 11pm - no sign of the tow truck. Phoned the control centre who advised there had been a delay in collection and could we leave the key near the vehicle for them to collect. Tired and fed up, we did, and headed home. I had already spoken to the manager of Morrisons and told him our car may still be there in the morning. Didn't want a fine for possibly parking overnight. We arrived home 13 hours after breaking down. We had a couple of phone calls to advise it had been picked up and was on the move. Last call was Monday 27th September. On the 1st October I rang and was told it was at Keele Services and was out for delivery that day and would be with me around 7pm. I said I was going out and to post the keys. This was agreed On the 2nd October I rang and was told they had no idea why it hadn't arrived and they would call me back. They did but still had no answers. On the 3rd October I was told it was at Sandbach Services and would arrive between twelve and one. I told them I would be going to the services it was parked up at and sit in it until they sent some one out. He said it was not good and took an 'official complaint' from me. They would look into it thoroughly and come back to me in a couple of days. Even if nothing come of it, they could see where the communication fell down and ensure it didn't happen again to anyone else. The car arrived back on the 3rd October - a full NINE days after we broke down. The driver rang just after 12.30 to say it was on the drive and he had posted the keys through the letter box. I could of pushed it home quicker. Sorry for the essay but I need to know if the AA would be subject to a S A R? Would that give me any information as to what happened? Or why it took so long? Is nine days acceptable when relay is supposed to get us and the vehicle home? Is one week acceptable to wait for somebody to come back to me with their findings on my 'official complaint'. Am I the only one who finds this mess unacceptable? If they have to abide by an SAR, is it just a normal one I send off? I just want some simple answers from them but I don't think its going to happen. Thank you for reading my story and thank you in advance for any help you can give.
  5. I am just going to go with the cashing in of the policy as it is. nobody can seem to answer my question. Most advise it is down to the company it is going to. Dont really want to tie the money up any longer. Did you ask a site team colleague regarding the HMRC overpayment?
  6. I have googled it thank you. I realize I am taxed on it. I am currently in dispute with HMRC regarding an overpayment of tax credits going back to 2004/2005 and 2008/2009/2010. Will they have any rights on this money at tax point? Can they take all the payment to offset the claimed amount?
  7. I am about to turn 55 and have been giving some thought to my pensions. I have three that are under £1000 and give practically no return as a pension so going to cash them in. I have one that has a cash value of £11,000 and a transfer value of £16,000. Just spoke to an advisor and I am a little confused now. I understand the tax free amounts and the taxable amounts. Would I be able to do a pension transfer for the £16,000 into another pension pot with another provider (getting the extra £4,000 bonus) and then cash in the value with the second provider? Is there a time limit on how long it has to sit in a pension fund before being taken out? Example - I have one for £800. Could I transfer the £16,000 into that one. Then cash in for £16,800? As opposed to cashing one in for £800 and one in for £11,000? Thanks in advance.
  8. We are back on with this again. Received a notification that the deduction from my wages has to commence immediately. Pity they obviously haven't read my previous letter to advise I was made redundant at the end of July. Curt reply to my previous request for the breakdown of the calculation for the over payment. Crested the Government Gateway ID ready to make the complaint if I don't get the info I have requested. Not exactly sure who I am dealing with now. I have been requesting information from Preston but the latest reply has come from BX9 1ER so I have sent a copy to everyone. This just says they have sent a final decision notice during the relevant tax years with the details of the over payment and they consider 3 months to be a reasonable time to contest it. I had 3 month to dispute it. As the date has now past, they will not consider my dispute and will ask for the money back. That's not me being brief with details, it is more or less word for word what it says. I cannot believe how unhelpful these people are.
  9. Thanks dx100uk. Unfortunately the credit file has plummeted. Gone from excellent to poor. I can't confirm how much she has spoke to them. As she blocks one number, they pop up again on a different one. She did tell third party that they had been on to her and I believe a payment has been made by said third party. Don't know if this is true or not. I only have third party promise to my cousin. Without engaging with these people I have little knowledge of previous contact, amount of debt or paperwork. That was what made me think an SAR would possibly? give me the info I need. My cousin has acknowledged she was very stupid to take out the contract in her name for the phone but took the promise to pay in good faith. Safe to say, she wont be doing it again and said third party wont be asking again. Do you think the letter would be sufficient and they would listen? Thanks for your help.
  10. My cousin has received a letter from the above. They have been requested by Vodafone to collect the outstanding amount. There is no amount listed on the letter. They are telephoning her daily as well. The mobile in question was taken out for a 'family member' who assured her it would be paid regularly. We think this hasn't been the case, hence why they are now contacting her. She realizes she has been very silly in signing a credit agreement for a third party and I have made her aware that Vodafone or Moorcroft would not be interested in that information. They are there to collect the outstanding amount and are not interested in the details. The figure she thinks they mentioned on the phone is around £1300. Would a mobile company allow a bill to go so high? Why would it not be cut off prior to it getting to that amount? My cousin is a pensioner and hasn't got that money available. The third party has agreed it will need paying but hasn't got that amount of money either. My cousin is now frightened to answer the phone as she doesn't know if Moorcroft are on the end of the phone. This hassle isn't something a 70 year old woman should have to deal with. I am going to have to help deal with this and wondered which way is the best. Would a SAR be any good in the circumstances or should I just ask for an income and expenditure statement? As my cousin has signed the paperwork I would have to put her income and expenditure on the form as it is in her name. The third party has agreed to pay her whatever monthly amount is agreed. That agreement has been voiced to me as well so now I know, I am sure it will be adhered to. I just want to get it sorted so a payment plan can be set up. Third party has been told it has to be paid. My cousin has been told not to ever lend anyone another penny or sign anything for anyone ever. Is it in my cousins best interest to get this payment as low as possible so in the event the third party misses a payment or is late, she is able to cover it? Any help anyone can give will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.
  11. I have sent the letter off today. Lets wait and see what it brings. I have also asked for an address of an independent body to complain to. Is there such a thing? Thanks for you help.
  12. I sent them an SAR back in 2016 when this started. I had 6 parcels delivered which had roughly a thousand or more sheets inside each parcel which are just screenshots of computer screens. Copy after copy is just the same thing. They mean absolutely nothing to me at all. I have now found the award notices for most of the years we have claimed. Some of them say that they are amended awards but there are figures on there which say amounts have been reclaimed. I am going to go through them year by year and try and see if I can get the figures to match what they are claiming. The only thing I am unable to locate is the last letter from them saying the reclaim was due to us not sending in a completed form. If I ask them for specific correspondence from a certain date, would they send it without sending me the whole lot again? Thanks in advance.
  13. Looking for some advice regarding dealing with the Debt Collection Department at Trafford dealing with an 'over payment' from 2005/2006/2009/2010 totaling over £8000.00. Was in discussion with HMRC back in Early 2017. Their last letter being April when they listed the years they were claiming for and stating the reason it was an over payment was because we hadn't signed and returned some declaration in 2005 + 2006 + 2009 + 2010. My last letter to them stating it really wasn't an over payment they were just claiming back every penny we have ever been issued because of 4 unsigned forms went unanswered by them. Nothing else from them until last month came the letter from the debt collection department. I immediately issued a letter stating I didn't agree with the amount being claimed. I didn't think it was an over payment. We were entitled to the money that they had 'awarded' us and to contact the previous person I had been dealing with three years ago. I requested they obtain copies of all correspondence from 2017 and send me a copy. On 02/04/2020 I received a telephone call from Trafford to say thank you for the letter, they couldn't obtain the documentation I had asked for, I had to do that myself and then could send to them and due to the virus they were suspending collection of this amount. The person on the phone couldn't advise me how long it would be suspended for. I asked him to put it in writing advising me they couldn't get the docs I have requested and that it was temporarily suspended. On 03/04/2020 I received a letter to advise they were applying to my employer to instruct them to adhere to the attachment of earnings order and deduct a percentage of my wage and send to them. It had a copy of the letter inside addressed to my employers. On 06/04/2020 I received a letter thanking me for my letter of the 17th March. They attached a sheet detailing the over payments that they were claiming. Confirmed they could not request the previous correspondence and I should request this direct from HMRC. In the event of a dispute I had to contact HMRC. They wouldn't suspend collection until advised by HMRC but under the circumstances they arr temporarily suspending recovery action. They will write to me soon about paying it back. 2005 £821.53 2006 £1635.14 2009 £390.76 2010 £1298.62 My husband has received an identical letter with the same figures on. I am unsure what to do now. I don't want to sit on it until they start up the recovery again. Do I now contact HMRC and continue to argue this out with them? Can they legally take money from my wages even though I am disputing this? Does me not signing a form constitute them being able to recover everything I have been paid? My youngest child left school in 2016 and I never claimed for 2007 + 2008 + 2011 + 2012 + 2013 + 2014 + 2015. Can anyone advise me of where I go from here? Thanks in advance of any help anyone can give me
  14. In March last year I sent a PAP form to Lowell and received a letter saying they would deal with it and come back to me. In October last year I sent a PAP form to Lowell and received a letter saying they would deal with it an come back to me. both were the one off here and not the one they sent in their letter. Earlier this year I had a letter advising me that Vanquish had reduced the debt due to the miss-selling of Insurance. Just gone onto my previous thread bit it says as there is no new thread for 378 days i should start another. Now got a 'Payment due' letter with the new amount asking me to contact them today. They say they are the new owner of my Vanquish account. That's a lie because every other letter has come from them. Do I just send another PAP form and SAR to Vanquish? Dont mind going round this again. Thanks in advance.
  15. The Chief Executive I have emailed left the company on the 13th September. After a little email tennis with a lady who has picked up the email, it has been forwarded to someone who is processing me a replacement gift card and it will be with me in the next few days. Result? We will see.
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