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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, On February 22nd I placed an order with Origin Broadband and paid £27.99 up front as they had a really competitive deal....However that night i decided to read reviews (my bad for doing it in that order, usually i read reviews first!)...Anyway i discovered so many many bad reviews about the company that it made BT look as though it was the king of Customer Service. So naturally i decided to cancel the following morning when the lines opened. So i called up (February 23rd) and after waiting 43 minutes in the queue, i was able to cancel my order and would told my refund would be back in my account within 10-14 days....On March 14th nothing appeared in my account from Origin, I called again, but this time i just hung up after 26 minutes in the queue as i had things to do. I emailed in and no reply to this day. Since then i have looked around, Facebook, Forums and Review sites and there are a lot of people saying they have been waiting 2+ months for their refund. I did try to submit a complaint to Ombudsman, but they wont touch it because it hasnt been ongoing for 8 weeks. To me it is clear that Origin are not going to issue the refund, based on what i have seen from other people. I thought about small claims, but after fees it would cost slight more just to take them to Small Claims, what can i actually do here? Whilst it is only £27.99, im not the type of person that can let a company get away with something like this....it urks me! Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. I recently bought a Origin Gaming Gift Card for my young nephew who is new to PC gaming. I bought it on the assumption that he (only being 8 years old) could activate Origins / EA games subscription service "Origin Access" which allows him to access a selection of EA games for a monthly fee of £3.99 I bought the card from a local Asda and thought it a great gift considering it stated clearly on the front of the card: " use this card for digital purchases - including full games, dlc & origin access subscription - no credit card required " (the key points of purchase being no credit card required and it can be used for Origin Access subscription) you cannot use these cards to buy Origin Access, even though the wording on the front clearly states you can. Upon speaking to Origin via webchat they stated that the card could not possibly have that wording on the cards as you cannot (nor have you ever been able to) use the gift cards for Origin access as its a subscription based service. However Asda (my local store) is selling a pile of them with them , all indicating you can use the cards for Origin Access - and this is in bold print on the actual cards themselves (not a Asda label, but actually printed clearly on the cards) Just a word of warning to anyone who buys these cards thinking like I did to use with Origin Access subscription, please do not buy them! As once you scratch the panel and enter the code on your Origin account, bang goes your refund, which is pretty annoying. Obviously you can use the gift card amount to buy a game etc but once again be careful with this one, as if the game exceeds the amount of the "gift" the extra you need to pay becomes a real headache as you dont get an option to pay the rest with a credit card etc.. well not without jumping through hoops & errors. I am in contact with both Asda and Origin at the moment, even sending photos of the card with the wording on it (as Origin need proof of the wording on the cards) To be fair, the card I purchased wasn't for a great deal of money and I wont be losing any sleep over it, although the principle of the matter is I bought the gift card on the assumption it could be used for Origin Access - when clearly it cannot be used for that !! Origin's attitude is pretty unapologetic and all they seem to be saying is you can still use the card to buy a game from us . Im pretty shocked a company the size of Electronic Arts (or Origin their kinda PC gaming subsidiary) are selling these cards with false information clearly printed on the front . I've contacted Asda regarding this too as in effect as the retailer they have some responsibility here be warned, dont buy Origin Gift Cards for Origin Access for use in the UK as your in for a big disappointment.
  3. Hi all! I have ordered a customized shirt from one of the British online stores. The seller claims the shirt are made in uk, however I came across a question, how would a customer find out whether a seller is telling truth or not? Especially, if we speak of small businesses. As far as I know, there is a law that is meant to come in force whenever a seller or manufacturer is misrepresenting his product. Therefore, is there any governmental department regulating and checking business to make sure they are honest??
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