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  1. thank you for all the useless information and lack off half, from such a judgemental site this has become, even after making a large donation to this site in the past, your team are as useless as a chocolate teapot. After 2 weeks with help and advice from Which magazine and their team of advisers Ao has arranged the uplift of this product, given me a full refund and compensation, all this in 2 weeks,, after 2 years on this site asking for help and advice, only to be insulted. Mind you the reviews on review sites off this group now says it all
  2. not had much use out of it due to the breakdowns its had, the faults were first reported within 6 months and problems Samsung already were aware off, but have still done nothing,
  3. can anyone advice if i claim for the retail value of this, or the amount paid to the finance company?
  4. I have someone who is helping to go through it all. And have gathered as much proof with regards to the failures of this appliance, I am not bothered if it does take another 9 months it's not even 4 years old and if the 5 year warranty that was sold with it per the invoice it would have been replaced. And the fact it's failure is due to a manufacturer defect The model I have is also the model in a class Acton suit being made against Samsung in the USA and already being on the news and several other models with the same failings link to to page my model is the RF24FSEDB Looking for Updates on the Samsung Ice Maker Lawsuit? Here’s Everything We Know. WWW.CLASSACTION.ORG Certain models of French-door Samsung refrigerators come with built-in ice makers. A proposed class action lawsuit filed back in February 2017 alleges these ice makers are defective and have...
  5. hi sorry for late reply nothing has happened since then, other than me getting everything i need together emails evidence of the faults other people have suffered, and loss of food stuffs lost, i did eventually get a copy of the SAR, but i also wanted to know when taking it to court, do i claim for the purchase price of the fridge freezer or the full cost i paid through the finance?
  6. hi folks just checking in, and still the saga with this fridge freezer goes on, any advice on my next steps would be greatly appreciated
  7. hi folks its being a while, finally got my mac back working again, and need to pick some brains and get this fridge freezer sorted out i did send an email to both AO.COM and SAMSUNG requesting SAR which both companies received and i have left it longer due to covid in case of short staff, but as of yet i have not received from either of them
  8. sorry think my pc is playing up grrrrr if its not one thing its another lol, with the breakdowns i would say its about a year and a half of good use out of it, i will get the pics and some screen shots off the Samsung forum also while i wait for the SAR thank you
  9. i am not sure if its the same model, is a samsung fridge freezer with exactly the same issues i am experiencing, food also being wasted. At anytime i would say its usually about 200-300 pound of food, our dogs are raw fed, and their food is also stored in this, last breakdown i did take pictures of the wasted food and from the first breakdown pictures you can clearly see its not a small amount. It does have a sticker on the door saying Samsung guarantees certain parts 10 years warranty, so i would assume its expected to last 10 years or more . i did find this on a google search:- Appliances aren’t always the cheapest of items, so getting some that will last you a long time is ideal. Fortunately, when it comes to luxury appliances from Samsung, you’ll find that they’re built to last. If you’ve been dealing with some major appliances that look to be on their way out, find out here if that’s the normal life expectancy or if your appliances should be living much longer. Refrigerator Arguably one of our most important appliances, if your refrigerator goes out, so do you – straight to a restaurant and straight into debt. Refrigerators tend to make it to the old age of 15 years, sometimes less time and sometimes longer. Normally, you stop using a refrigerator appliance when it suddenly dies, but it’s usually better to replace it before that day comes. Once your refrigerator goes out, your food that needs to stay at a cooler temperature starts going bad, and you end up with a complicated mess on your hands. Prepare yourself for the worst and if it hits 15 years, replace your refrigerator ASAP.
  10. yes this makes sense, i do want to take this further, if it was covered by the warranty then i would have had it completely replaced, on delivery it came with no paperwork, email sent followed with a telephone just after delivery to inform them off this, still have these in my sent folder. Invoice states 5 year warranty no mention it has to be registered and looking at T&C it says may have to be registered, feel the description is also misleading that i have to go searching to find this, i purchased it in good faith because it was advertised with the 5 year warranty don't know if the delivery people took the manuals away with the rubbish, because i just presumed it was on PDF as most companies are doing this these days, and i prefer that myself less manuals lying about, and i have informed them 2 separate occasions that all food was wasted thanks for your reply . I have had a look on the Samsung forum and it appears my fridge is not the only one having these failures
  11. hi sorry not replied before now, i should have said that i had changed the bullet points you put on, yes i am prepared to go to court, SAR has being sent to AO and Samsung, i had also sent Ao a copy of the engineers report and just got this reply back this morning, and have enclosed the report regards steve Good morning Mr Sansum Thank you for your reply and for the enclosed engineers report. I am very sorry to hear that the appliance is unrepairable. As the appliance is unrepairable then we would agree that it has not lasted as long as it should. When this happens we provide a reduced refund based on the time you have to claim for an item under the terms of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, in your case this is 5 years as you are in Scotland. The total refund for the appliance will be £622.96, which is worked out by taking the total cost which was £1699 and dividing that by the number of months, which is 60 and this is then multiplied by the number of months you would have remaining, which is 22. We are also going to refund you the cost you incurred in having the report produced which is a further £78.00 bring the full amount to £700.96. We will need to arrange the collection of the appliance, which we can do from Friday onwards. The refund will then be processed back to your finance account. If this will leave you in credit, V12 will reimburse you. Please let us know when would be best for collection. The issue with the TV is separate. Once we have the engineers report for that one we can look into it for you. With regards to the warranty registration, it is advised on every Samsung product that the warranty needs to be registered. A card is also included by the manufacturer with every purchase as there has now been 3 years then it would not be possible for you to prove to Samsung that this was not included and therefore the 5 year warranty is not valid I’m afraid. I hope that the above is okay and that we can look forward to ending this matter for you soon. If you do have any questions at all then we are more than happy to assist. In addition, if you would prefer a phone call then please reply with a contact number as the ones we had for you were not valid when we last tried. Kind regards, Brendan ao.com Colin.pdf
  12. because of my dyslexia and most people who suffer from it, the only way for those that suffer from it to to go to great lengths to get a point across and to understand things, i did adjust the points to show the correct information you did for me, and you did also ask me to explain things, also i had said i was not claiming on the old fridge was using it as an example to the same problems i am having with the new one, from your last message regarding the SAR i presumed that i could not do anything further yet until i get this back and then taking it from there with regards to court action, yes i am frustrated with the fridge, and yes i get frustrated with my condition and having to keep explaining this and being made to feel stupid then its no wonder i am getting upset, i feel like your criticising me because i am struggling to get to put it the way you want, when i have tried to do what you have asked, and have came here because i am struggling with some of the stuff on here, where you mind know all the ins and outs what to do, you maybe just don't realise how difficult this is with this condition
  13. I am probably confusing it with the 2. I am using the old appliance as reference really, purchased 2007, came with a 5 year warranty which did not require to be registered and some components on it came with a 10 year warranty, i have in the past bought appliances that came with a 3 year warranty extended to 5 for example if registered, so i know the difference from something advertised with a 5 year warranty with the options of it being extended longer upon registration. This too had very similar issues while in use, { similar to the problems i am now having with the new one purchased in 2017.} It broke down with a major mechanical issue, lost frozen food, was repaired under the 5 year warranty, Because it was a major failure Samsung extended the warranty on it to 10 years. when it was about 9 years developed the same failure, again it was repaired under the warranty, the engineer that called out did inform me that it may fix it for a while and if it was to start showing signs of doing the same thing the issue was more to be with the insulation failing and would be unrepairable, so when it started showing signs in 2017 we purchased the new one in October 2017 and old one put out into the outhouse. October 2017 at a cost of £1799 purchased online from AO.com with buy now pay later, when this was due it was then financed over 3 years and settled in full a year into the 3 year finance. Installed by AO.com and packaging removed by them. Advertised with a 5 year warranty as stated on receipt no mention of it having to be registered, and a sticker on the door saying the inverter guaranteed for 10 years, so this is telling me it at least has a life expectancy of at least 10 years hopefully longer. October 2017 arrived with no paperwork or manuals, i emailed them within 2 days of delivery followed up with a telephone call, as my email was not answered with what i asked. The email i sent was enquiring about the paperwork, it was advertised with £200 cash back and price match, and as Currys had the same product advertised cheaper, i informed them of this and the returning email informing me i was not entitled to this due to it being financed, the follow up call was to ask more about this and also the missing paperwork to be told it was available in a pdf which i got and thought nothing else of it. It was a few months in when i reported it to Samsung where they had all the details of the model and its purchased date regarding the ice dispenser and i thought it had a fault, the ice would come out white, and added to a fizzy drink it would flatten it, the previous one purchased in 2007 connected to the same water supply came out as clear ice and drinks always stayed fizzy, why i presumed a fault with the new one. This would have being early in 2018 i reported this to Samsung, and they asked what appliance i was calling about the one purchased in 2007 or the one in 2017 , the 2017 i am reporting and kept getting it was not a fault and due to hard water. In Scotland we don't have hard water, and was informed if they sent a engineer out and no fault found i would ave to pay for the call, so i gave up on chasing this. Second fault was roughly a year ago, reported to Samsung to be informed it was not under Warranty, i informed them it was sold and advertised with a 5 yer warranty and as a goodwill gesture they would send out engineer to repair it due to it being less than 2 years old, major fault where all frozen food wasted, broke down while away on holiday, and i had previously posted about this on the CAG site on FB due to Samsung at first refusing to repair it. End of Sept 2020 another breakdown this time food in fridge going off, food wasted again i contacted Samsung to inform them, had to send them copy of purchase invoice that stated it had a 5 year warranty which i did, they then gave me the details for the company that does there work, they called to arrange the visit and asked who was paying the bill {same company that came out to the old one purchased in 2007 for all the repairs done on this } again contacted Samsung to inform me i would have to pay this myself and repairs to it. Sent email to customer service at AO.com with the problems so far, and all they offered to do was pay half the cost of a service report so i was not out of pocket but unable to help towards repairs. Last week i arranged myself at my own cost £78 for the engineers to call out, who arrived today, to inform me the insulation is faulty because it has gone porus and this is a manufacture defect and is also unrepairable. They are more than happy to state this in there report as i have explained to them whats going on. I have not included the exact dates, but do have them from emails sent/recieved and the company has the details from the last breakdown and date, the old fridge i have only mentioned because i suffered the same faults and aware what have might being wrong with the new purchase in 2017 where the new purchase has not lasted 3 years before fit for the scrap. As the old fridge was still in the outhouse unused, cleaned it up and appears to be working for now, engineer reckons that if its brought into the house it would start to fail, its prob only working because its cold out in the outhouse You bought a Samsung fridge freezer in 2017 On arrival it appeared to have a fault with the ice dispenser but Samsung didn’t accept that it was a fault. You gave up on that 2019, when it was 18 months old the fridge freezer broke down completely. All food was wasted. Samsung said that the fridge freezer had not been registered so Samsung refused to honour the warranty but agreed to repair as a gesture of goodwill. Refused to reimburse for the lost food August 2020 fridge breaks down again. Samsung and AO have refused any liability. Seventh of December, engineer arrives paid for by ourselves and arranged by us and pronounces that fridge is unfit for repair. In Now preparing to email a report i have as yet not sent a SAR to either Samsung or AO.com, can i send this via email to there customer services? purchase price was £1799.00 cost a bit more than that on the finance with the 2 breakdowns i reckon the food wasted has being about £200 and £78 for the engineer to call out, who has fixed it, but reckons it will last until xmas, he has also taken pictures to show the failure, i am not bothered out the last freezer, it is over 10 years old even though i expected it to last longer than that also, i also have a old fridge i keep for drinks, and thats 25 years old and cost about £60 and has never let me down yet, wait and see it will now lol and sorry about the novel
  14. i was only using the last fridge freezer as an example, as is came with a 5 year warranty, when it suffered a major breakdown it was repaired and Samsung gave us another extended 5 year warranty on it, taking it up to 10 years, this was replaced 3 years ago as it started showing signs it was failing again, and was moved out to the garage until i got round to disposing go it, thats when i found i had cancer and spent quite a bit of time in hospital, so ws never disposed off, and at the moment its what we are having to use. My problem is the new one purchased 3 years ago, same make Samsung only because we have never really had any problems with samsung products, it arrived with a fault i believe, which Samsung made very hard to prove, ice dispenser in my opinion has a fault, ice coming out white, and when used in fizzy drinks they would go flat instantly they were added to a fizzy drink, i was informed it was because of hard water, but where we live we don't have the problem of hard water, previous samsung model, is connected to the same water supply, ice comes out clear, and does not make drinks go flat, with all the hassle Samsung was making it to have it looked at, i just gave up on this fault. the second fault repaired top of my head in the last year, was a major breakdown, all frozen foods wasted, product was about 18 months old, Samsung refused to repair it saying product had not being registered, but as a one of gesture they would repair it, they had all the details of the product and the date it was purchased, i informed product was sold as stated on invoice 5 years manufactures warranty, no paperwork came with it, email sent just after it was delivered, followed up with a telephone call to be informed it was available on pdf. then end of August beginning sept 2020, breaks down again, this time all food in fridge going off, both samsung and Ao.com who it was purchased from in October 2017 refusing to cover the product and i would have to pay for repairs myself. This morning Monday 7th Dec 2020 i had an engineer out, the company that is authorised to carry out Samsung repairs at my cost to be told that the unit is unfit for repair, as all the insulation has gone porus something that very rarely goes and if so would be down to a manufacturing fault, its being temporally repaired, and have being told it might last long enough to last me past xmas, but after that i will have the same problems again due to the fault, and the fault not repairable. The company will email me a report in the next couple days, going to ask them if they still have the details from the freezer breakdown from about a year ago, is the same company that was out then and the one that called today as authorised by Samsung to see if i can get the exact date and what the fault was then, so after the xmas if it lasts until then i will have a product thats just 3 years old at a cost of £1800 and is fit only for the scrap heap now, it was taken out on finance and after a year i paid off the balance due in full, i had hoped it was just a repair it was going to need, but now its the unit is beyond repair, i don't know where to start
  15. can i ask for a bit of advice, not that i am expecting any, going to send another letter to AO.com under section 75 can i ask if i send one to the finance company also?
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