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  1. sorry think my pc is playing up grrrrr if its not one thing its another lol, with the breakdowns i would say its about a year and a half of good use out of it, i will get the pics and some screen shots off the Samsung forum also while i wait for the SAR thank you
  2. i am not sure if its the same model, is a samsung fridge freezer with exactly the same issues i am experiencing, food also being wasted. At anytime i would say its usually about 200-300 pound of food, our dogs are raw fed, and their food is also stored in this, last breakdown i did take pictures of the wasted food and from the first breakdown pictures you can clearly see its not a small amount. It does have a sticker on the door saying Samsung guarantees certain parts 10 years warranty, so i would assume its expected to last 10 years or more . i did find this on a
  3. yes this makes sense, i do want to take this further, if it was covered by the warranty then i would have had it completely replaced, on delivery it came with no paperwork, email sent followed with a telephone just after delivery to inform them off this, still have these in my sent folder. Invoice states 5 year warranty no mention it has to be registered and looking at T&C it says may have to be registered, feel the description is also misleading that i have to go searching to find this, i purchased it in good faith because it was advertised with the 5 year warranty don't kn
  4. hi sorry not replied before now, i should have said that i had changed the bullet points you put on, yes i am prepared to go to court, SAR has being sent to AO and Samsung, i had also sent Ao a copy of the engineers report and just got this reply back this morning, and have enclosed the report regards steve Good morning Mr Sansum Thank you for your reply and for the enclosed engineers report. I am very sorry to hear that the appliance is unrepairable. As the appliance is unrepairable then we would agree that it has not lasted as l
  5. because of my dyslexia and most people who suffer from it, the only way for those that suffer from it to to go to great lengths to get a point across and to understand things, i did adjust the points to show the correct information you did for me, and you did also ask me to explain things, also i had said i was not claiming on the old fridge was using it as an example to the same problems i am having with the new one, from your last message regarding the SAR i presumed that i could not do anything further yet until i get this back and then taking it from there with
  6. I am probably confusing it with the 2. I am using the old appliance as reference really, purchased 2007, came with a 5 year warranty which did not require to be registered and some components on it came with a 10 year warranty, i have in the past bought appliances that came with a 3 year warranty extended to 5 for example if registered, so i know the difference from something advertised with a 5 year warranty with the options of it being extended longer upon registration. This too had very similar issues while in use, { similar to the problems i am now having with the new one purchas
  7. i was only using the last fridge freezer as an example, as is came with a 5 year warranty, when it suffered a major breakdown it was repaired and Samsung gave us another extended 5 year warranty on it, taking it up to 10 years, this was replaced 3 years ago as it started showing signs it was failing again, and was moved out to the garage until i got round to disposing go it, thats when i found i had cancer and spent quite a bit of time in hospital, so ws never disposed off, and at the moment its what we are having to use. My problem is the new one purchased 3 years ago, same make
  8. can i ask for a bit of advice, not that i am expecting any, going to send another letter to AO.com under section 75 can i ask if i send one to the finance company also?
  9. its ok have posted the same on the resolver and getting help on that, thanks for nothing seems this site is nothing like it used to be
  10. hi sorry have being unwell and not dealt with this, yes i have 2 samsung fridge freezers, still have my old one which i am using at the moment, its also a samsung, that had a similar problem that was repaired under the 5 year warranty it came with, because it was such a big mechanical failure they extended the warranty on that by another 5 years, this one is now 13 years old, i was using this just as an example that this came with a 5 year warranty, it did not have to be registered, and why i went with the new one again purchased in oct 2017 as it was advertised wi
  11. i have redone it, hopefully it makes a bit more sense now, i just started a new thread, do i delete this one?
  12. hi folks looking for some advice regarding our Samsung RF24FSEDBSR purchased October 2017 delivered 14/10/2017 and stating on order details manufacturer 5 year warranty. We previously had a Samsung american fridge freezer, that at 3 years old had a major breakdown repaired under the 5 year warranty and was extended by another 5 years due to the fault and we replaced it with what we have now, as it was no longer being as reliable. The replacement cost 1.7k and seemed to have an ice problem that has never been resolved, then in 2019 aprox it had a major breakdown, all f
  13. sorry i am dyslexic, the one from last year would have been the first major breakdown it had, and they refused then to repair it, i had posted on the forum on Facebook a few weeks ago regarding this one, and followed the advice given and contacted AO
  14. hi folks posted a few weeks ago on facebook with regards to our Samsung american fridge freezer purchased from AO.com Oct 2017 states 5 year manufacturer warranty, so far its had 3 issues, one within the first few months of purchase with regards to water issue, that never was resolved or any explanation as to why, on that call they confirmed with me the purchase date, skip forward to it just been a year old, freezer breaks down, all food wasted, called to be informed that it was not covered by manufacture warranty as it was out of date, i informed them it
  15. hi folks looking for some advice, purchased a set of alloy wheels through a company, that after 8 months wheels have started to erode, and were still under warranty, sent off an email, with pictures of all the wheels, it was not just one this happened on its all 4, after no reply, had put it down to them maybe been closed due to covid, called them a few weeks later, to see if they were open and had got my email, to be told they had changed their email, to forward the details onto them, as i did, they got back to me and said as they are now ou
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