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  1. ah thanks stu thats exactly what i was looking for, appreciate that, helps a lot
  2. do you know by any chance where i can find the relevant legislation on business lease, i have scrolled the internet and all i can seem to find is for residential, or i few paragraphs on a solicitors page, was at the CAB today and only found a section that talks about it briefly, away to have another look anyway, CAB have given me other ideas to search for it, so hopefully find something on it
  3. just an update, the judge has replied back with a date for the 28th for a mediation meeting before he decides if it goes to court or not, i was in seen a solicitor the other day, that was not really that helpful, and a case they would be unlikely to assist in, the only thing i left with really, was what she has done is committed a criminal act, breaking the law when giving no notice, changing locks, never said anything about what i should do, do i report this to the police, she said nothing about the slander, false accusations, definition of character, sent in messages and also listed on the court papers, the judge did also suggest we speak to each other before the date, to see if we can sort it out between us
  4. just an update, and some advice as to what i should do, i have now had a letter from the simple procedure for claims under 5k. what concerns me is that she has told lie after lie, most of which i can prove, by her own words, in previous messenger messages she has sent me, but my concerns now are all the lies, the false allegations, which she has included on the procedure papers, she has accused me of breaking in, and even how i am supposed to have gone about this, which i know is complete bull, bearing in mind there is 2 houses on the site of the kennels and quite a lot of dogs that would have the place in uproar at any sounds heard, slander, definition of character, harassment, even sending people down to use the shop when we were not there, i am also accused of stealing items of hers, again all fabrication, i can post copy of all her messages and the procedure letter, and you can see that overtime she messages its a different story from the last message, and the same with the procedure papers she has sent me, should i phone the police, with regards to her false accusations, just not sure what steps i should be taking
  5. hi folks need some advice, purchased a new tv back in october 02 last year, receiving on the 8th, that i received damaged, one of the cdmi fittings was not secure to the unit, this was not noticed until a month later, when i went to connect another unit to the tv, i emailed ao about this, but never received any reply back, with holidays coming up i forgot about this, and phoned them, as now a few months had passed they said they would not be able to accept it back as being damaged before i got it, which is fair enough, said they would get in touch with their repair centre, again i never got any contact back, and again i forgot about it, recently, where i called them back, they informed me that they could no longer do anything about it as the year has passed, this was the 13th oct, told me to phone lg directly myself, which i did, as their customer services was to busy the girl i spoke to took my number, said someone would call back when the lines were not as busy that day, needless to say i never got that call until about 10 days later, they said they would look into this, and get back in touch, got another message left asking for the purchase date, which is on the invoice that ao sent them, and would look into see if they could do anything about it, am just off the phone to them where they have said, as the purchase date was the 2nd oct 2016, i never got it until the 8th oct 2016 the warranty is now a month and a half expired, and they cannot do anything about it as the warranty is now expired, and thing i can do with this thank you
  6. hi folks, looking for some advice, 1.5 ago myself and friend took on a lease for a shop on a site of a boarding kennels, we opened as dog groomers, the problem we have, the owner could not understand she was renting us the shop, but would come down and use the shop, send others down to use, never cleaned it, put a lot of pressure on my friend who has now had a bit of a meltdown with what all has being going on The shop was very grubby, which she had painted white, not a great paint job may i add, but at least it was clean,shop has struggled a bit, so to cheer ourselves up make the shop look great and hopefully a fresh look and better appeal, few months back we repainted the shop, making it bright and more modern looking, well did she not kick off, went off her head saying how dark it is, was done in cream white and luscious lime lol, moaning she could not see a thing she was doing, and that all groomers shops should be white to capture light. I pointed out it did not state in the lease i could not paint the shop, and that it was not done for her benefit, but ours and that of customers, and that when we would give notice in the shop, which is a month it would be returned back to how we got it, no structural changes were made, and customers who had seen it before were amazed at the difference and how great the shop looked. well since then she has hardly spoke to me, which is no loss to me really, but has pressured my friend so much she has had a meltdown with it all, and cannot face going back their to work again. She worked in the shop and i worked in the mobile unit we have also, she was off sick for a couple of weeks before i really caught up with her and found out what was going on, in this meantime, i was getting messages off her asking why the shop is not covered, saying we owed rent, which we did, was only a couple weeks behind, and not the 4 she was claiming it to be, i informed her last week that my friend was off sick, and that i would be seeing her this tue, to find out how she was, i had actually seen her during the week when she told me she could not face going back and that she has had a melt down over it. So i left it to the tue before i would say anything to them, thought i would give my friend the weekend to think about it, before having to make rash decisions and give our notice, so on the tue i went to the kennels to tell the manager first about her meltdown, to give our notice, and that i would get the shop painted back to how we got it, where i was their informed that the owner has keeps using the shop, ordered him to change the locks, and remove our sign I then got another message off her saying the rent is behind, the deposit has never being paid, and that i owe her 1300, which is including the 4 weeks notice to quit and the deposit and back rent, the deposit was agreed to be paid up before all of this happened, but under Scottish law does she not also have to give me 4 wks notice, at this point i had not told her i was giving my notice, and she did not know i knew the locks had being changed. By changing the locks she has officially i would say evicted us from the shop, and at the same time broken the law by not giving us notice, and therefore broken her own lease, anyone got further thoughts on this, not sure what to do for the best
  7. i remember sending them that, and prob also got a letter from lowell, but don't recall any other mail from them
  8. i have never made any payments to lowell, and the last payment to the credit card was in 2010/11
  9. hi yes i am in Scotland, the letter is a pre legal assessment, saying they are now deciding whether to transfer my account to their solicitors, account was opened around 2006, no i have not moved
  10. hi i am looking for a bit of advice, with a debt i was disputing, it was with a credit card with capitol one, debt is 2052.68, the account was defaulted back in 2013, and registered with lowell, i have not heard anything from them in years, i got a letter last week regarding this debt saying to pay it immediately, or a claim form issued by the court, and a decree registered against me, not sure what the right course to take with this, any advice would be greatly appreciated
  11. it was a friend who was reading a forum on it
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