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  1. thanks very much for that ill let them know now tomorrow.
  2. yes i did. i dont mind waiting but like 10 to 11 wks on getting nowhere
  3. hi everyone. i purchased an airgun for target shooting mid january this year by middle of feb had to be returned due to faults. at end of feb i had an email from shop/supplier saying it wouldn't be sorted until end of march. end of march came and was told sorry wont be sorted until second wk in april. today i make contact and was told sorry mate wont be done now untill end of april. my question is where do i stand as item was bought new but i feel like im being taken for a right charlie. i know you have to give them one chance to replace or repair but feel ive waited long enough. any advice would be appreciated.
  4. hi everyone, could some-one tell if savings affect claim for studant loans ? im reading all sorts of things so any help id be gratefull for.
  5. many thanks andy thats what i wanted to know and very much apreciated
  6. hi everyone, today i recieved a letter from the pension service informing me from the 15th may 2019 benefit rules are changing. in most circumstances this means that both members of a couple will need to have reached pension age to be eligible to make a new claim to pension credit or housing benefit. i am 66 this year and my wife is 61 so my wfe wont retire untill she reaches 66 in 5 years so does that meen if i decided to make a claim for housing benefit id get nothing untill me wife reaches 66? many thanks for any advice or help
  7. the only thing dwp want to know is if you have income coming in from paid work as i think thats what they look for when asking for bank statements. in the past when ive been asked for my bank statements its the last 3 months and all they did was question anything without a specific heading paid into my account.
  8. went for my assessment today at worcs 10.30 and all good news. i spent exactly 5 minutes with doctor who said well we may as well wind this up now as with only 5 wks untill retirement its totally unexeptable for dwp to ask you to come here today. was home by 11.30 so there are some (not many) humans out there . i keep my esa and in 5 wks free from all done. many thanks for all who advised and helped me with this.
  9. after 4 and a half years on esa since last assessed im off to be assessed this morning in worcs 10.30. i sent in with my returned form so much medical evidence and a letter from the dwp asking me to apply for my pension as i now retire in 5 wks. good luck henry as the system is badly flawed and will let you know how i get on.
  10. who knows and even if you call and ask them you wont get a staright answer. ive called them quite a few times the past 6 wks and stilll havnt got an answer . i suppose i cant complain as i was awarded esa support group 4 and a half years ago and this is my 1st assessment but a complete waste of time in my view as i retire very soon and each time i ask why are you wasting time and money assessing me withonly wks untill i retire they have no answer. the dept is not fit for purpose and its not about helping the folks on benefits anymore its finding a way to stop or reduce their money end off. with the help of folks on here ive now got my assessment moved to worcs but had no help or answers from dwp. ive not heard of anyone being assessed so often as you but maybe some-one on here might have more input. i know its very frustrating and worrying but hold on in there and sure all will come good for you.
  11. hi beckz, i totally understand your frustration and all i can say is they havnt a clue what they are doing at the dwp and i know that for certain. in the last 6 wks ive called them 6 times to ask why they want to asseess me when i retire in 7 wks and not one person could tell me why. after speaking to assessment centre yesterday i was told by them and i qoute, its because you will be on esa untill you retire so i said yes in 7 wks and thats official and then the lady just said yes i know. if they are desperate enough to try and take 5 wks money of me they must be pretty desperate as thats whats its all baout stopping folks money. my assessment apointment is the 24th oct and i retire the 1st dec so by the time im assessed and report go,s in ill be finshed. its all a mess in the dwp and i dont envy anyone who has dealings with them as im sure they dont read anything its all computerised.
  12. many thanks unclebugaria you have been most helpfull with all this. yes i will be requesting it be recorded because of all the lies they tell. ill update if i hear more and after ive been. one good thing about going back to worcs is i can be dropped right next to door and pushed in. thanks again everyone you are all stars.
  13. i just cant believe they are wasting the time and money to do it. if they waste this much in one dept god knows about all the others.
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