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  1. well folks this morning i recieve a letter from capita saying due to covid face to face are suspended so instead will be dping a telephone assessment on the 16th sept at 8am. i cant believe they are doing this with all the info they have. only 10 wks they write saying i no longer have an end date now to be told im being assessed again. should i be worried ?.
  2. will update when i hear anything but many thanks to all who gave support and advice
  3. massive thanks dx100uk thats also put my mind at rest and much appreciated.
  4. i totally understand what you are saying unclebulgaria i was just amazed that after such a short space of time it went from no end date please fill in these forms and we will reassess you. i suppose to them its all standard stuff if there is any change at all we start all over again. once again a massive thanks for your help and advice.
  5. many thanks for your great reply unclebulgaria. i think my original award was due to expire january 2021 3 wks ago got the letter stating it had been changed to no end date. i just thought as id received the mri scan result and it wasn't good id send it them just so they couldn't say they were not notified etc. i suppose i live in the real world where things were just updated as info came to hand so to speak and not the world of the dwp where we start from scratch all over again. lifes never that easy though especially when dealing with the dwp. hopefully they will look through the masses of paperwork ive seen doctors ive seen consultants ive seen and contact me saying all is sorted as they did 4 years ago when they contacted me saying we have a letter from your doctor saying your condition will never get batter. thanks again unclebulgaria it really nice and heartwarming to know there are people like you out there to help and advise and cant thank-you enough.
  6. hi everyone, ive now been recieving pip for about 6 years and the last 4 years ive been getting enhanced rate mobility and standard rate for daily living. about 3 wks ago i received a letter saying the dwp had now altered my claim to say there is no end date because im retired and they would contact me in 6 years plus time just to see if i needed more or less help. me being the honest person i am sent them a copy of a scan id had in November last year which shows i have spinal damage and compression of spinal nerves yesterday i received a letter saying many thanks for letting us know your circumstances have changed and please fill in how your disability affects you form im applying all over again and might have to go to a face to face and this being after just 3 wks of being told i have no end date because of my age. is this normal for dwp to do this and also face to face again. my claim originally was because my knees are basically shot and have terrible pain all the time. now my back neck and right leg again constant pain and no use in right leg. my mental is bad with severe depression and anxiety and take 9 different meds per day to try and control my problems. has anyone else gone through notifying dwp about a change to be told to reapply for your pip and were you successful again?. i only ask as you hear all sorts of things of how they try and get your benefits of any kind off you. i do wonder some days why im so honest . thanks everyone and not in a good place this morning.
  7. thanks very much for that ill let them know now tomorrow.
  8. yes i did. i dont mind waiting but like 10 to 11 wks on getting nowhere
  9. hi everyone. i purchased an airgun for target shooting mid january this year by middle of feb had to be returned due to faults. at end of feb i had an email from shop/supplier saying it wouldn't be sorted until end of march. end of march came and was told sorry wont be sorted until second wk in april. today i make contact and was told sorry mate wont be done now untill end of april. my question is where do i stand as item was bought new but i feel like im being taken for a right charlie. i know you have to give them one chance to replace or repair but feel ive waited long enough. any advice would be appreciated.
  10. hi everyone, could some-one tell if savings affect claim for studant loans ? im reading all sorts of things so any help id be gratefull for.
  11. many thanks andy thats what i wanted to know and very much apreciated
  12. hi everyone, today i recieved a letter from the pension service informing me from the 15th may 2019 benefit rules are changing. in most circumstances this means that both members of a couple will need to have reached pension age to be eligible to make a new claim to pension credit or housing benefit. i am 66 this year and my wife is 61 so my wfe wont retire untill she reaches 66 in 5 years so does that meen if i decided to make a claim for housing benefit id get nothing untill me wife reaches 66? many thanks for any advice or help
  13. the only thing dwp want to know is if you have income coming in from paid work as i think thats what they look for when asking for bank statements. in the past when ive been asked for my bank statements its the last 3 months and all they did was question anything without a specific heading paid into my account.
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