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  1. Hi Thanks for the replies, yes ive had a browse, and actually mentioned to them on the phone that a google search seems to show more links to their company being a [problem] than anything else.(wasn't took well) When they mention that they will give my mums details to the relevant institutions, surely with a company with their reputation they wouldn't be took seriously?
  2. Hello all! my mum isnt very internet savy, and she replied to an email she recieved which was to fill out a questionaire and recieve a free gift(a set of creams), she did this, then gave he credit card info for the postage and packaging. As is typical with these things, all was not as it seemed. She received the set of creams and after I looked up the company, could see nothing but bad reviews/other people getting charged large amounts to their bank accounts. I then got my mum to cancel her credit card. and then rang the company. I spoke to a very rude american chap, who insisted that I should pay near 100 dollars for the "gift" received. After the call, he sent my mother this email, so obviously tried to immediately charge her(even though their supposed trial period they mention in the email had not finished) He was very rude on the phone, and in the email theres undertones of threats, Shes obviously worried, and if I had known was going to give her credit card info out to a random company I would have stopped her. I just wondered what your thoughts were, and if this company actually have a leg to stand on. Thanks The email reads as follows: ----------------------------------------- By placing your order, you had to agree to the Terms and Conditions of our risk-free trial offer, which stated that you would have 2 weeks to evaluate our product completely free of risk to you. Since you appear to have blocked your card, we urge that you enter a valid credit card number, to where we can charge you the amount owed. As a gesture of goodwill, we are happy to let you keep the product at the promotional recurring rate for our privileged customers with long-standing subscriptions, in place of the full price, and thus HAVE YOU PAY THE LOWEST POSSIBLE RATE, GBP 49.95. Your not having returned the item back to us, while you were in your 14-day trial, and refusing to pay for it, at the same time, is tantamount to customer fraud, and we would prefer to sort this amicably. If you refuse to cooperate/pay, we would have no alternative, but to report you to the relevant institutions, giving all your personal information, and instigating a fraud dispute with your bank. Please bear in mind that we have recorded your IP address and it matches your specified delivery address location. Furthermore, we have proof of delivery of the trial package to your address, which also matches your IP address. This could result in consumer fraud investigation towards you, and could potentially affect your overall standing with your credit card company (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.). I would like to point out that we work within all card associations rules and regulations. PLEASE PROCEED TO EFFECT PAYMENT OF THE DISCOUNTED RATE, IMMEDIATELY. We trust you will render your full cooperation in this matter. Kind regards, Tyler Customer Satisfaction Specialist Stemologica,
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