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  1. Yes i agree, i need to find out if i can have them removed then as i dont want them to be ringing my family !!!
  2. Hi All i have a debt consolidation loan with Everyday loans. I am in the process of starting a Debt Management Plan with Step Change, which hopefully should be up and running soon. When i originally enquired about the loan i was asked to pop into the offices for a talk about my finances and go through the details of the proposed loan. After we had talked i agreed and filled out all the paperwork. But one of the forms was a form asking for other phones numbers, i was alarmed as i didnt want anybody to know but at the same time desperate for money. So rather stupidly i wrote down some of my familys numbers. Does anybody know if this is normal? Can i request them to remove the phone numbers from my account? Thanks for your replys advace!
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