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Found 17 results

  1. I ordered on line and used credit, your plan, for my payment method. When my order arrives, it was to have been a Panasonic camera, the actual box was missing the camera !!!! Yes missing I have heard back from them, after a few weeks and many many calls. The outcome is they have rejected my claim ? see below We understand that you have reported the non-receipt of the PANASONIC - Lumix DMC-LX15EB-K High Performance Compact Camera - Black from Currys PC World. We have investigated your missing item along with our delivery partners, DPD. The information you have provided indicates the parcel arrived showing no sign of damage or tampering and was sealed, however inside the packaging, the product box contained a ball of string. DPD have also advised that the parcel was delivered with no damage. When our parcels travel through our delivery network the contents are weighed and this indicated no signs of a missing item. After due consideration of all evidence, we are content that this order has been delivered correctly and therefore are no longer able to assist you with this investigation. " Is that the end of the trail for me ? I am so annoyed and upset at present.
  2. Afternoon all, My mum passed away 2 years ago in May 2016, she left a Will and 3 executors in charge of it. Not sure why she didn't have a lot bless her. They started sending bills soon after my mum died despite me telling them the house was empty and we were waiting for probate. Probate was finally granted in October 2017. My brother and I have no intention of selling it. I received a bill of £668 and paid £334 beginning of Jan, I then received a letter to my home which is not in the same city, saying the remaining amount was due by 31 March. I wrote it down and blatantly forgot. My fault. As soon as I remembered I paid it but 2 weeks too late! I set up a DD for 2018/19. In the meantime I get a text from on of they executors saying they have issued a court summons. They have my details on file yet wrote to someone else. The balance of £668 is clear but they want the court summons fee. I'm happy (not happy as such as it's a lot on top of my own bills) to pay the council tax and have done so but why should I pay for a court summons that you sent to an address because as they said "someone in admin must have taken the executive decision to". I don't understand? When the payment was late why not just write and say we are still waiting for the second payment as agreed? instead they went straight to summons and then sent it to a random person who they don't have on file? Can I challenge the court fees?
  3. My elderly aunt went into residential care last week and I want to give myself time to work out what's best to do with the house. She is totally self funded and there's no need to sell. Her CT was paid up front last April for the whole year. I know the property would be exempt CT for a while but all the wording I find on the subject says 'until the house is sold'. Does anyone know if there's a limit on this? If there is can I just let sleeping dogs lie until next year and pick when I get my free six months - or whatever it is. I don't want to apply for a refund of monies already paid only to find I've then exhausted a CT exempt period and them start to charge me double if I can avoid it.
  4. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?480924-North-West-Mini-Centre-Glossop-Marple&p=5061443#post5061443
  5. My request is a simple one, I want one or two set of Blank Used Empty Original HP Cartridge for Refill Purposes. Model is 953 or 953 XL Printer Model is Officejet Pro 8715 Any one any idea of how I can source these, please let me know. It has to be Originals. Thanks all.
  6. Door2Tour.com are what is known as a holiday portal company and only offered holidays they booked through other companies. They Limit their liabilities to only £50 in their hidden Terms and Conditions on their website when they make a mistake leaving the customer with no where to go as they did us as well as never sending the £50 promised!! We booked and paid for a 7 day coach holiday to the rhine valley in Germany last Sept with Crusader coach holidays we thought. However when we rejoined our coach after crossing on the ferry our coach driver announced please put your passports away now as you won't need them again until thursday? Us and another couple we later found out thought he had made a mistake as we will return on Saturday. It transpired we were both on only a 5 day holiday so would be returning on Thursday. I rang Door2Tour back in the UK and was told just enjoy your holiday I will look into it and call you back tomorrow which she did and admitted they had made a mistake and it was only a 5 day holiday and they will discuss us losing 2 days holiday on our return. After the holiday the trouble started and the attitude of Door2Tour.com. We were told by the other couple to complain to Crusader coach holidays as their paperwork for the holiday was not clearly written which is why they had thought they were on a 7 day holiday also. We both discussed this with the coach driver, but were told he was a free lance driver so could do very little as he didn't work directly for the company. I made a complaint to Crusader Coach holidays as our itinerary stated we could see the barges going up and down the Rhine which was impossible without a 10 minute walk to the bank of the Rhine. Worst still the hotel was right next to the local main line railway station and freight trains run all night so all complained of not getting much sleep! I have since found out they have a different holiday hotel next to the Rhine this year? But guess what mine and many other complaints got nowhere I know from the Managing director of Motts travel who Crusader coach holidays are owned by confirming by email I had to address my complaint direct to Door2Tour and not Crusader and I also heard no one had any luck either. i was told by Door2Tour as a good will gesture I would receive a discount on booking another holiday through them but as per their T&Cs we are not entitled to any more compensation over and above this £50! When protested we had lost two days of our holiday I was told sorry that is it the cheque will be in the post. To this day it has never arrived so I thought I would write this post so others realise what a holiday internet portal only company can do by writing it into their T&Cs and there is nothing you can do about it if you don't have the money to sue. Thanks for reading Soundguy
  7. We bought a property in July 2015, which we then sold in July 2016. It was refurbished in November and December and was empty the rest of the time. A new meter was installed in March. This was because the previous meter was a pre-pay meter, and we wanted to change this to a normal meter just in case there were any issues regarding selling the house with a pre-pay meter. We received a bill in July 2016 for £411.88, relating to March to July 2016, which was clearly incorrect as the property had been empty. I contacted EDF immediately to explain this, and told them it had been empty. I had given them a meter reading from the day that I moved out but said that the meter must have been faulty. They said they would look at the meter to check if it was faulty, but they did not do so. By this point the new owners had moved into the property, but EDF were still the supplier. After several phonecalls trying to get this resolved, EDF continually claimed that the bill was correct. I then got a call from someone who apologised and explained that someone at EDF had entered the meter reading incorrectly, and yes the bill was wrong. They issued me a new bill some time in July, this time for £8.97. I have a copy of this bill and EDF also have a record of this conversation. This was paid and the account was closed. Last week I received a bill from EDF for the original amount of £411.88. I called EDF to ask what was going on. They told me that actually the person who told me the meter reading had been entered incorrectly was actually wrong, and the original bill was actually correct. I explained the whole story again and told them the meter was faulty, to which they replied- As we no longer supply the property, we are unable to book an appointment for an engineer to attend and check the accuracy of the meter, only the current supplier can arrange this. If you would like this investigating, I would advise for you to contact the current occupant and see if they can contact the supplier so that this can be looked in to further as the supplier will only speak with the account holder and can not discuss anything with ourselves. Can anyone advise me what I should do in this situation? I am certain the meter was faulty, but there is no way I am going to be chasing up the current occupants to try and get that investigated. Why should I do the job that EDF should have done in the first place? However I really do not want to risk getting any bad credit information on my credit file.
  8. Hello insurance specialists, I wonder if you can help me please? I'm executor for my mother and am trying to renew cover for her house. It's been empty since she went into a care home about 3 years ago and we're currently trying to sell it. Probate came through in August. I rang Swinton who have been insuring the house through Towergate and they say nobody wants to quote now, because of the length of time the house has been empty. Does anyone know of other companies who would look at this please? Many thanks, HB
  9. Hello All, Last monday brought a mobile phone online from amazon approx £90.00, selected one day delivery and the parcel arrived the next day, when i got home from work i opened the box and thought rather light, when i opened the package using the tear strip the mobile phone box was inside but the void seal broken i opened up the box all the other content there but no phone, called amazon told have to open investigation and wait 48 hour, thursday came called amazon yet again, told me to call back in an hour, did this and was told by amazon that there investigation is complete and they are happy the phone arrived , i told them it surely didn't so they told me they would email me the next step, the next step is to contact the police and file a crime report and send them a fully copy of the crime report, I was furious by this time so decided to head to the amazon depot, when i got there the security guard got one of the managers down he said it was wrong how i was treated and took the package and remaining contents from me and said he'd be in touch and investigate things his end and get me a replacement asap, This didn't happen at all, so know im left with nothing at all, i contact the police and they told me there is no crime to report as its a civil matter ??? What can i do next to resolve this ? i help me out guys pleaseeeeeee
  10. I had a tenant move out of a BTL in April in order to renovate the property. In June I got a council tax bill for a full year. Since the property will be re-let after the renovation (finished in a couple of weeks). I decided to hold off paying until I got a new tenant and knew the exact dates the property was empty so I could apply for a revised bill. Now I have got a summons asking for the full amount plus costs. Can they do this so quickly? Seems a bit overzealous to me? I will probably have a new tenant in there by the time the hearing comes up. What happens then. The amount due will not longer be valid. Or is this just scare tactics by the council? Council is Brighton by the way. Also I am an expat - non UK resident. They have sent the summons to my overseas address. Does that make it invalid?
  11. Link through from Scoop http://www.westerngazette.co.uk/house-time-forgot-Crewkerne-property-seized-owner/story-24528741-detail/story.html
  12. Not strictly bailiff stuff but someone who knows council tax law on here might know the answer, it has gone to enforcement by the way costing many times the amount we previously owned even though I tried a reasoned debate about this. We bought a property to refurbish around December of 2013. It was empty for a few weeks before someone moved in. The council issued a bill for the few weeks it was empty and when I called for an explanation they said although they don't charge council tax for an empty period of two months the previous owner had already used that allowance up for that year so we had to pay. It seems the allowance is on the property rather than who owns it. Now, how are we supposed to know that this "allowance" was used up? Who make this stuff up? The council obviously but is it legal? It would surely be illegal for unknowing jeopardy to be unlawful? We dropped ignorantly into a charge that we could have known nothing about. I think the reasoning might be to prevent evasion by changing ownership but we are not related in any way to the seller and in any case it costs money to assign a property.
  13. Details of the letter received from Hammersmith and Fulham council: "Empty property at address in Hammersmith and Fulham Having send a number of letters by post and by hand, over the last 6-months, I am writing one last letter in order to try to get a response. Should I fail to be contacted by anybody with an interest in the above property by 30 April 2014, my next course of action will be to serve a Notice of intended Entry (Local Government - Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976. In bold red writing. Should this Notice also be ignored, I would then need to employ a locksmith in order to force entry into the property." I'm not sure how common this is, but I received the above letter and it was addressed to, To Whom It May Concern from Hammersmith and Fulham council. If a letter is not addressed to me then I will always return it to the sender. I opened the letter by accident and it is important to note that the property is not empty as I have lived there for more than 2 years. I must have returned the previous letters which Hammersmith and Fulham council claim they sent. When I moved into the property I registered to vote and for council tax. I don’t understand what Hammersmith and Fulham council motives are. Especially as this is a private dwelling which is not empty. I do not want to waste my valuable time with any of the cretins in Hammersmith and Fulham council, therefore what legal action should I take to stop them from entering my property under the guise that it is empty? How do I deal with Hammersmith and Fulham council? How do I stop Hammersmith and Fulham council from ever setting foot on my property again? What does Hammersmith and Fulham council really want to do with my property?
  14. Hi All After receiving an MMF 'Notification of legal action' threato'gram a few weeks ago (the one where they mention going to prison), that I have duly ignored. I have now received a 1 line email yesterday, entitled '5 day Notice before action' which states: Unless you call MMF in 5 days,a Court Claim will be issued and then enforced by Bailiffs or Attachment of Earnings on your employer.0800 9961103 Ref:M****** Do you think they are still puffing out their chests or should I now start to worry? Thanks Simon
  15. We had a business and premises which has a one bedroom flat above. We had to close the shop last year basically due to lack of trade. We used to rent the flat out but since the bank have been threatening repossession of the premises the flat has been empty. We told the council that the flat was empty and unfurnished and they gave us a 3 month exception. This has now ended and they want us to pay £110/month. We are already in a debt management plan and really struggling to settle the debts we already have. Does anyone know if there is anyway we could get the exception extended or if the council would take a minimum payment per month. We barely have enough to live on now, every spare penny we have goes towards the outstanding debts we incurred when we closed the business having to pay another £110/month will just about finish us off!
  16. Hi to all I have been legally parking my taxed,mot'd and insured vehicle on a public road which is a cul de sac as it has public access to a small wood where I walk my dog. The residents (mostly retired people) have a dislike of people parking on their street I've even suffered abuse shouted even though I'm simply going about my law abiding business and there is public access at the end of it and the vehicles are legally parked and not restricting their access in any way. Today I noticed new signs have been installed saying "ROAD USE HOUSEHOLDERS ONLY" they appear to be legit council signs, there is no info of any fines/punishments should a non resident park on this public road or have any double/single yellow lines been painted. Any ideas as to what my legal position is should I decide to park my vehicle for an hour while I walk my dog?. Is this sign even legal as I see this as an infringement of my civil liberties I pay road tax, this is a public road I should have every right to legally park on this road. Your thoughts would be very welcome
  17. They should start by NDR free periods. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20104059
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