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  1. My DS would like an Xbox One for Christmas. He currently has a 360 but all his mates have the new one so naturally he doesn't want to be left out. My question is, are they really worth it, they are so expensive. He is paying towards it with his birthday money so that's OK but is it really worth the extra money. He keeps telling me that the graphics are brilliant but he doesn't have a flash telly so no sure if he'll see the benefit of better graphics. Also, do you really need the Kinect with it, seems that's only needed for voice activation. Anyone's views would be very welcome. I'm happ
  2. I know this is quite an old thread but does anyone know if the CML possession regs apply to commercial repossessions. I had a commercial property repossessed and sold cheaply which left a large shortfall I now can not pay and now face my home being repossessed as the loan for the commercial property was secured against the commercial property and my home. I have complained to the LPA receiver but to no avail. They have also sent me a list of charges totally nearly £6000! The property was only sold for 59K so seems disproportionate. They have listed maintenance (what maintenance ?), EPC (
  3. Can someone please confirm for me whether Lloyds an Cheltenham and Gloucester are the same thing. I have a C & G mortgage and asked to see a representative recently but the paperwork came from Lloyds. Bit confused, any help?
  4. Hi there I have recently cancelled a property insurance policy and have now received a letter saying that there is a balance outstanding. I don't understand why this is as the premiums were paid monthly by Direct Debit so I can't see how there is anything to pay. They have written and said : "The cancellation amount from, the finance company, for your monthly payments is £155.15. The refund from Gresham Underwriting Ltd, the insurer is £107.59. Therefore that leaves a shortfall of £47.56 which you are required to pay for the insurance. Please can you contact me to make
  5. Hi, yes I have been paying them. Sorry, I don't think I was clear. I had the credit card for 15 years not the debt. Everything ticked along nicely until the last 2-3years. So it is only since the DMP 12 months ago that I haven't made any payments but that was only because they returned them. Many thanks
  6. Hi there I'll try to be brief. Many years ago (15 if not more) I had a Monument credit card. When things became difficult a couple of payments were missed the debt was passed to C.A.R.S. to recover. About 12 months ago I entered into a DMP with Payplan and C.A.R.S. were added to the list of creditors. Payplan notified me that they were returning the payments so I called C.A.R.S. and they said that they no longer held the account and it was with Jepherson Capital. I phoned them and they too know nothing about it. I subsequently removed C.A.R.S.
  7. Hi there I'm not sure where the best place to post this one is, so please bear with me. We had a business in 2011 but had to cease trading due to losses. We had a secured loan with Lloyds wihich had two charges. The first was against the business premises, the second against our home. I have lots of questions but I will keep it as brief as I can. In November 2011 we informed the bank that we could no longer afford to trade. We didn't hear anything from them until March 2012 when they said that they would begin repossession proceedings on the business premises. They agreed to l
  8. Thanks all for the responses. Just to update you. I challenged Scottish Power about the charge of £42.00. They have responding saying that they have refunded as a gesture of goodwill. I still don't know what the charge was for, they have offered no explanation . Just to confirm though for reference I have not received any visits from Scottish Power regarding the DMP so the charge was unfair and it would seem they agree I have asked them to clarify what the charge was for though, just for info, I'll keep you posted.
  9. Hi there We have a debt with Scottish Power of £1900 which is an outstanding balance for utilities for a failed business premises we had. This debt is in our DMP. After several months of being in constant contact with SP they have finally recognised that this account is now closed as the business no longer exists. They agreed to us including them in our DMP and also agreed to the monthly payments. However, I have this morning received another bill which has now added £42 as a Debt Advisory Charge !! Has anyone else had this ?
  10. Thanks for that, I'm not too sure how old they are as they are my husbands but they are definitely older than 6 years. May be a lost cause I'm thinking. Real pain as I know a considerable amount of PPI was paid. Thanks anyway.
  11. Hi there Just a quick question. We have been trying to claim some PPI from a couple of old Yorkshire Bank loan accounts. Today we received a letter saying the accounts are too old to trace and that unless we can produce the paperwork (which we can't) they will not look into it. We have been adviced to send a SAR to YB. Can anyone tell me how far back the information they have to provide goes, or do they have to provide everything they have. Also, do we need to send a separate SAR for each account? Many thanks, look forward to any responses.
  12. Thanks Citizen! I've just finished the letter to Lloyds. How long should I give them to respond ?
  13. Thanks BB. I'll keep you posted with the results.
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