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  1. I've noticed the Police waiting around in the car park at our local Supermarket. It strikes me that parking enforcement ANPR cameras could be a useful source of intelligence. Does anyone know if this is being done? is there a Data Protection Act issue?
  2. I don't think PP for signs is relevant to a civil claim
  3. Yes I did post about this before. I was trying to establish if PE had a history of late charge notices. I seems that we have a legal duty to check what signs say at any car park we use by the way, this is from PE's legal rep and the Judge.
  4. The Court case amounted to little more than a rubber stamping exercise by the Judge. All of PE's evidence was accepted without question and all of mine dismissed. "I never saw the signs".......... ..There's plenty says the Judge. "The PCN wasn't sent in time"....... .....On the balance of probabilities it was, etc etc. Only I know the truth. The way I see it Morrisons have unloaded the cost of solving their parking problems onto unwitting customers. How long will it be before you're charged for being in the store too long?
  5. That's just what I needed to hear, I had already resolved to visit the sorting office. When I researched it there was that issue the barcode being secret. I tried to phone the sorting office but ended up on endless hold up with press 1 2 3 etc
  6. Can anyone here confirm how long it takes Parking Eye to process their charge notices and when the charge notices was actually received. I received a Parking Charge notice long after the statutory 14 day period had expired. Their envelopes don't show a postmark so I can't date when the notice was sent although the "Date Issued" shown is within within 8 days. I know this to be untrue, what can I do?
  7. It's a symptom of the increasing Americanisation of Britain as well as a legacy of Bliars revisions of the British legal system.
  8. They also made a strange decision recently in a case involving consultation for major works and service charges in leasehold properties. Consultation is set at statutory 30 days, when a landlord consulted for less they found for the landlord. A disgusting decision
  9. It would be interesting to know if any of these doctored photographs ended up being presented at County Court as evidence. It's another illustration of how greed and money breed corruption.
  10. HCEO companies do breach the rules and go on to lie about it. My own experience does confirm that, the High Court isn't really interested in breaches of rules and doesn't have much regard for debtors, proof is extremely difficult. In my own case the HCEO agent claimed a first visit on a day when I knew I was at home and I hadn't seen him, he turned up on a later day with a demand showing the first visit. Later on, after a stay and an interpleader claim (accepted without a hearing), someone at the HCEO office baldly stated that their agent hadn't been able to
  11. I've seen a program on TV Benefits Britain I think, where High Court Enforcement agents demand payment of a debt from an obviously broke mother who gives them £50 of the money she needs to feed her kids. The debt had multiplied to about £3K from the original £1K. My first impression was that as with most TV featured bailiff and High Court programs that the agents were far kindlier than they are in normal, non TV, circumstances. Secondly, I thought that inability to pay was a defence against collection by HCEO's. Has that been dispensed with in the most recent legislation.
  12. I didn't know that. I contacted my MP who was a Solicitor before becoming an MP about the problem of Sherforce overcharging me, there wasn't a glimmer of interest. He said as it was a legal matter he couldn't do anything.
  13. In practice, the legal profession looks down on debtors especially judges and the view that's taken is that if you can't or won't pay you're thrown to the dogs. Whether it's can't or won't is irrelevant, the law is the law, you owe money, you pay it. simples. The fact that HCEO enforcement is costly or unfair is not their problem, it's yours.
  14. My understanding was that the PCN had to be served within 28 or 30 days of the "offence" Just to be clear, I reckon the Private Parking Company have pre dated my Parking Charge Notice so it purports to be "in time". I think the only way of proving this is to compare the notice number to the dates carried on other people's PCN?
  15. Yes. I know that a date of "offence" and date of notice appear on the charging notice but I'm pretty sure that I received it well after the notice date. It should of course been served within 30 days but I'm sure it was well after that time. Any ideas?
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