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  1. Thanks. I don't think I'll bother. It was just a shot in the dark since I saw he was in UK now. I might ping him an email care of his agent asking for my money and threatening legal action to see if that has any effect.
  2. Thanks, both parties are in the UK so not sure that route would work after Brexit.
  3. Back in 2007/2008 I rented a flat in Amsterdam. The landlord never returned my 3000 EUR deposit. He gave me lots of excuses including saying he'd sent it when it hadn't arrived and eventually stopped returning my calls and email. The landlord has subsequently popped up in London and I have his address. He a small time TV producer and his contact details are all over the internet including IMDB. Is there any point in putting in a small claim? I still have the rental agreement and bank statements form the period proving I paid a deposit and received nothing. I'm guessing the small claims court would knock it back on the basis of time elapsed or they have no jurisdiction. Would England and Wales rental law apply to this case? I'd long written the money off but since his name and address popped up on my radar I thought it might be worth a punt on around £50-£100 for small claim if there's half I chance I might get some money back.
  4. I need to repair the lead flashing on my side of a firewall on the roof of a Victorian terrace. It will involve hacking off the cement on my side, installing new lead and reapplying cement. Do I have to notify my neighbour under the party wall act before getting this work done? I was under the impression minor work was not notifiable. I would consider this minor work. From the party wall act: "Some works on a party wall may be so minor that service of notice under the Act would be generally regarded as not necessary. Things like:  drilling into a party wall to fix plugs and screws for ordinary wall units or shelving  cutting into a party wall to add or replace recessed electric wiring and sockets  removing old plaster and replastering may all be too minor to require a notice under the Act." The neighbour has got wind of what I am doing and has asked for written grantees that I will cover the cost of any impact on his side and is threatening to invoke the party wall act if I don't I don't want to write him a blank cheque as his side of the firewall is probably is as bad a condition as my side.
  5. I recently let a property and instead of placing a deposit the tenants took out deposit insurance. This is the first time I've done this. Apparently it's a new thing and becoming quite popular. I think the policy was sold to the tenants by the letting agent and the letting agent assured me the insurance was as good as a deposit. Last May the tenancy ended and I had to make a claim on the deposit for some repairs. The tenants have disputed the claim and the process is going nowhere. I am dealing with the agent and, as far as I can tell, they have just spent the last 8 months trying to convince the tenants to pay up and haven't involved the insurance company at all yet. It seems to me the tenants have no incentive to come to a settlement because they have no deposit at risk and have presumably already paid the insurance premium. I have asked the agency to refer this to the insurance company several times but they seem reluctant to do this and keep negotiating with the tenants who, in turn, keep delaying. The whole process is going round in circles. I have received no documentation relating to this insurance so I don't even know the name of the insurance company to see if I can complain to them. There is a clause in the tenancy agreement in lieu of the deposit clause saying insurance is required and I should receive a written copy. I have requested that. It looks like I have been sold a pup and the insurance is not worth the paper it's written on - assuming it even exists. Needless to say I have not accepted deposit insurance on any of my properties since. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can formally move this forward? Should I be taking action against the tenants, the agent or the insurance company?
  6. Yeah I think you're probably right. I cancelled it anyway because the balance was due on the 10th July and I thought if I held out for an alternative and rejected it I might loose my deposit. Virgin are not answering calls from anyone not flying within 14 days by which time the balance due date will be well past. I didn't want to pay the balance just to keep my deposit and get it all back in 4 months. Better to cancel the whole thing and get my deposit back now. The holiday is in October so I think it will be fine to travel by then. I still plan to take a holiday on the same dates but I doubt I will get 10 days in the Caribbean (or anywhere long haul) for the same price so will probably go somewhere in Europe. It's just frustrating when I see basically the same holiday advertised on the same dates but for 50% more than the one they just cancelled. I'm not too worried about Covid 19 and plan to travel as soon as the quarantine rules are lifted.
  7. I just got an email from Virgin saying my package holiday to Antigua in October is cancelled. The flights are still available so I assume it's an issue with the hotel. I've been offered a refund or rebooking with potential price difference. I checked on their website and the cheapest holiday to Antigua on the same dates (same flights different hotel no car rental) is £800 more than what I paid for the original booking with car rental in January. Surely if the hotel pulls out then they are obliged to place me in a similar hotel for the same price rather than just cancelling? If I rebook with another travel agency now I will never get the prices that were on offer in January so will probably just have to scrap the holiday and go somewhere in Europe. Have I got any rights here or am I on a hiding to nothing?
  8. Just to update. I got paid by Axa after I threatened to take them to small claims court. I never got a response to the SAR from the ombudsman. The SAR from Axa didn't really help. The ombudsman never responded to any of my communications. It seems the ombudsman only issues judgement but it's down to the individual to enforce them.
  9. So allowing for postage and Easter it's been a month since I sent the SAR's and no response from either Axa or the Ombudsman. I guess given the current situation I should give them more time to respond? I'm still not clear how this is going to help me move my case forwards.
  10. SAR sent to both. I also chased the ombudsman and emailed the insurance company again for what good it will do. I am wondering whether it is worth returning the cheque uncashed to the insurer with a covering letter explaining the reason I am rejecting their settlement and asking for a break down of the figures. Or would that just confuse things now I've sent the SAR?
  11. I'm not accepting the lower value. I was just using it as an illustration to point out why I think their calculation is wrong. At this stage I just want an explanation of how they have come to the number they have done but I can't even get that out of them. Thanks for the feedback so far. I'll wait to see what pops up tomorrow. This was a pdf from the ombudsman as an attachment on an email. There is no heading or mention of an adjudicator. It's just plain text. I'll have a look at how I can redact it and post it tomorrow.
  12. Yes I have the pdf but how do I redact personal info? Attached is the letter from the insurer. Below is the text of the ombudsman findings. By my calculation the minimum settlement should be: Ombudsman's lower valuation threshold: £21,000 Less payment already made to leasing company: £19,770.38 Less policy excess: £350 Amount outstanding: £879.62 Amount offered by insurance company: £453.23 Shortfall: £426.39 letter.pdf
  13. Not sure. I assume it was made by the ombudsman. I don't recall anyone mentioning an adjudicator. I'm expecting about £879 and the insurance company has sent a cheque for just under £453.
  14. Hi all, my car was written off by flood damage February last year. I disputed the insurers valuation with the ombudsman after getting nowhere with the insurers own complaints procedure. The ombudsman upheld my complaint and in November last year I got a cheque from the insurance company but it was well short of the settlement recommended by the ombudsman. I did not cash or bank the cheque and referred the issue back to the ombudsman. Since November they have been chasing the insurance company for clarification of how they came to the amount on the cheque but so far they have not responded. Every time I email the ombudsman they say they are waiting to hear back from the insurer. It seems to me that the insurance company regards it as a closed case because they have issued a cheque and the ombudsman regards it as a closed case because I accepted their recommendations (which as far as I am concerned the insurance company hasn't fulfilled). if the ombudsman is getting nowhere what options do I have apart from taking the insurance company to court? It's a pretty sad state of affairs when the insurers start ignoring the ombudsman.
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