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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all. My wife (28) and I (40) are looking to get income protection should one of us suffer ill-health. Please can I ask for any advice on what potential pitfalls to avoid or any other tips? Also, is a price comparison site a good place to start? Thank you.
  2. Hi I am in a bit of a mess and would like some help if possible. I have a very old loan of around £7000 which a ccj was gotten on some time ago. Due to other issues I had forgotten about it until recently. Unfortunately the solicitors are now looking to take enforcement action. I know I need to pay this off, but money has been tight. I realise I need to start paying something however I currently have mortgage arrears, water arrears and other current bills to pay. Additionally I have been signed off work for weeks now with stress. I could afford £10 a month for now, do you think this would work until I can get my health and other bills sorted. I don't want to ring them to discuss it so would be looking to write to them. any help appreciated with the amount or what to write.
  3. Hello, tried everywhere including sheriffs office itself.... it is a long story but i will start from getting CCJ against me, which i was paying £15 a month (in total until HCEA came £360 of £1490 original debt) just to clarify i admit the debt and i have intention to pay it in full. I had arrange £15 a month but has few hard months and debt been transferred to HCEA, in the mean time we have moved shops (this is business debt) when EA came he couldn't do anything as address on writ was wrong EA said all letters has been send to our old address and he need to go back to office and send new letter to us (not sure if i am right but i was expecting Compliance letter), we never received letter (i did even contacted EA to ask about where letter is) instead i had EA visit with Enforcement stage 1 £275 added to my bill then we arranged to pay £100 a month (£1690 at the time) from 1st of july. I was paying £100 a month in December i forgot and in the 14th of December EA came back adding Enforcement stage 2 £490 plus Sale or Disposal Stage £600 all that plus VAT and been asked to pay £500 or he will start to remove goods i did read a bit but cant find anywhere if they can charge me few stages at the same time . If someone please can check this out and see if that is all correct because from original debt they received £1130 (i am aware they got compliance fee and other fees) i since then paid (in 5 months) £1000 but still got £1950 to pay!!! I am not very familiar with debt recovery but it all looks like [problem]. Thank You
  4. Given the seriousness of this thread, it really does need to get wide coverage. Accordingly, I would hope that the moderators allow it to remain on this section of the forum. Sadly, this is not the first time that I have taken issue with documentation from DCBL. There is a long thread on here regarding this firm and their letters regarding private parking debts (more later). This firm are also behind the TV series....Can't Pay...We Will Take it Away. Yesterday, I was contacted by a gentleman who had received a letter from DCBL the previous day. The letter was received by post and was on headed notepaper from DCBL and clearly stated at the top of the letter (beside the word DCBL) the words: Certificated Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement Officers. The letter referred to a 'debt' in excess of £10,000. Interest of 8% (since May 2016) had also been added. The letter stated the following: Unless we receive immediate proposals from you regarding the repayment of this debt, the recovery process will commence 7 days from the date of this letter. We may also make arrangements for a representative to call upon you to open up lines of communication. The person receiving the letter knew about the 'debt' and knew that it was heavily disputed. More importantly, he was adamant that court proceedings had not been undertaken against him and that a judgment had not been obtained. He intended writing to DCBL. Before being able to, he had a visit at his home from a High Court Enforcement Agent from DCBL. It is fair and accurate to state that an argument broke out. The 'debtor' called the police. Astonishingly, the police refused to attend stating that they were satisfied that DCBL had authority to attend his premises to enforce the debt. The High Court Enforcement Agent from DCBL refused to leave the premises unless he received payment. Under duress, the debtor borrowed a sum of £2,000. DCBL yesterday confirmed the following: That the debt had not been subject to court action. That a judgment had not been obtained by the creditor. That they were enforcing a 'pre judgment' debt. That the 'High Court Enforcement Officer' was attending as a 'Debt Collector' Members of the public receiving letters such as these will no doubt be hoodwinked into believing that the debt was legally due and that a court order exists. They would be wrong.
  5. Hi, the OH has a new look account and has been "late" a few times and has had £12 fees added to her account, this totals £72, at first her payment schedule was for the 1st of the month but this was changed to the 5th, she can't remember if she was notified of this. If she missed a payment by a day they would ring up multiple times each day until the payment was made. First question, are these able to be returned. Second, where do we start with? SAR? Regards, DreamEater.
  6. Hello, im after some advice if possible. CAG has been helpful to read but im now stuck. Following redundancy I got into a bit of credit card debt, im now in a position to try and resolve the debt but don't know where I stand. One of the credit card debts is now with Idem servicing. I sent the a CCA request and they replied stating they had no agreement, should one be found they would send it. Foolishly maybe, I offered a full and final settlement offer just to move on. They rejected the offer and sent a credit card agreement (13 days after they said they didn't have one). They say the agreement was signed in 2001, however the address on the agreement is the address I moved to in 2008, so a different address I was at in 2001, secondly the credit limit states 1500£, with an APR of 27.9%, I cant prove it but the original credit limit was 950£ and the APR 15.9%, it only went up to 27.9% when I closed my current account at the Halifax and moved to Barclays around 2005/6, I remember that because at the time as I was annoyed to put it mildly - Just to add the credit card was with the Halifax. Idems letter keeps referring to LLoyds Banking Group are they linked to Halifax? The agreement also says bank charges were 12£, again I remember paying 35£ when one of my first payments was a few days late. Some pages of the agreement are blue, some white and all different fonts. Idem claim they own the debt, but terms in the agreement only state they can transfer the debt, but another clause in the terms says only We or You (meaning Halifax or me I assume) can enforce any part of the agreement. The agreement also state that interest will not be charged on defaulted accounts, however Halifax continued to apply interest when in the debt management plan and the account had been defaulted. Where the signature is supposed to be for me is blank, and the agreement contains no dates. Can anyone advise where I stand with this agreement. I can scan in later if it helps? It all just seems dodgy to me, and incorrect for the terms I remember. The debt is also 5481£ which is significantly higher than I recall ( I did bury my head in the sand for a few years, I had no money and no way of dealing with the debts, contributions were made through a dmp, it has been defaulted but the 6 years has now passed) The agreement just isn't correct from what I can see, but if anyone could advise further, it would be greatly appreciated? Chris
  7. For the full story see ..... HERE http://www.ibnlive.com/news/tech/microsoft-forcing-in-windows-10-to-pcs-what-you-can-do-about-it-1199507.html http://www.dispatchtribunal.com/microsoft-to-shove-windows-10-down-your-throat/13922/
  8. I have taken a new job and in an area where O2 have no service. Contacted O2 for advice to be told my phone was out of contract and I was told this on three separate occasions. Based on that I looked for a supplier who covered the area, found one signed up for a contract with them and contacted O2 for a PAC code at this point I was told I still had a year left on the contract, I mentioned my previous conversations to be told they made a mistake I have now been sent a termination invoice. I am reluctant to pay this as I went to another supplier based on the fact they told me my contract had expired and if they made the mistake why should I pay for that. Is there an O2 rep here?
  9. Hi, First post here, but lurking for a few weeks! Brief outline: I have issued a claim for compensation against a car dealer. The notice has been served. After about ten days, they filed an acknowledgement of service (I know this doesn't mean anything specific will happen), but they have also notified the court of a change of address. Is it likely that they have changed the 'contact' address so that if it came down to it, they would not have the bailiff in their showroom, and / or, the address is that of say their accountants, so that a bailiff cannot either remove any property as it doesn't belong to the defendant, or there's nothing of value in the registered office? Thanks
  10. Well theres a surprise. EE in the spotlight again, And considering how many times people have complained and NOT got a result.
  11. just got back from joke center.where i was told to start looking for charity work ,i did the mandatory 4 weeks work trial a few month back now she says i need more recent experience on my cv . even though i have a 35 year reocord of working. im nearly 60. i told her i think its my age why im getting no interviews ,she said its nothing to do with my age being nearly 60. what will happen if i dont get a voluntary job ,why should i be forced in to it at my age.
  12. Legal battle over 'illegal' car park fines at supermarkets and hospitals could spark refunds for millions of motorists Millions of people given large 'fines' by private firms could be owed a refund Includes charges issued outside hospitals, train stations and supermarkets New campaign claims that penalty charge notices breach contract law Trying to gather 100,000 cases together to go to High Court to end charges Millions of people given extortionate car parking charges outside train stations, NHS hospitals and supermarkets could be in line for a refund thanks to a new campaign. Cambridge law graduate Michael Green, 22, is leading a legal battle to have the 'fines' overturned in what could be Britain's largest ever group litigation. Private companies which run car parks outside some of Britain's biggest store chains - including Aldi, Lidl, B&Q and PC World - will often allow customers to park for free, but threaten a large fine for exceeding a certain time limit. However, Mr Green believes that these fines are unlawful - and is trying to gather 100,000 cases together to go to the High Court and prove it. If he wins the landmark legal case, then that could open the door for 'at least 10million people' to claim their money back, and could put a stop to the fines for good. He said: 'These "fines" are not official fines, but instead a matter of private law between two parties. 'When you park in a car park you are entering into a contract with the company which provides that parking space. 'If you breach a contract then under contract law that company is only allowed to make a claim for the amount they have actually lost. 'Because these spaces are free to park in, I would argue the amount is actually nothing. 'People take cases like this to the county court fairly regularly, and judges will often rule that the fines are unenforceable and the charge will be overturned. 'However, because of the way the county court system works, this will only settle the claim between one person and one company. 'By gathering the cases together, and taking it to the High Court, we can set a legal precedent.' When a judge made a similar ruling over PPI, it opened the door to a flood of claims that has seen banks set aside tens of billions of pounds in repayments. In the case of PPI, the ruling applied to 90 per cent of policies sold. Mr Green believes a new ruling could apply to 98 per cent of parking fines handed out by private companies. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2807735/Could-millions-parking-fines-overturned-Legal-battle-launched-win-refunds-motorists-hit-illegal-charges-supermarket-hospital-car-parks.html
  13. Recieved this letter last week from Leeds Losers. Bit naughty making it to look like a council tax letter.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55136[/ATTACH]
  14. Hi, My partner already has a mortgage and a well paid job and are lookin to get a house together but my credit is poor, what are the chances of us getting one together or am i like to get knock back. i'm in full time work earning over £20,000?
  15. PRA... This is the third time they have rang to try and speak to me and this is the third time in 12 months ive told them to Foxtrot Oscar... :sigh: They just dont get it...
  16. Consumer Action Group received the following email from someone who renewed his tax disc online.. Please do be vigilant when using these "Look alike sites" Check that you have typed in the correct webpage and look for any sneaky sign that you will be charged. [ATTACH=CONFIG]51733[/ATTACH] We have previously highlighted similar issues with Look alike Passport and Driving Licence renewal websites
  17. http://www.nhm.ac.uk/about-us/news/2014/may/invasion-of-the-asian-hornet-not-yet130741.html
  18. Hi All, please bear with my rambling on, its a good story I've gone backwards and forwards with Ikano for a couple months now so thought I'd post on here to hopefully get a bit of advice. I have a default on my credit file that was put on there by Ikano Finalncial Services for the sum of £220. This is for non-payment to a store card that had a credit limit of 125£.. now sure how it got upto £220.. late payment charges? The card was actually took out by a family member of mine, which i wasnt aware of.. i could prove this in the blink of an eye but I dont really want to file a fraud claim against my family... Anyway, I sent ikano a nice letter asking them to remove it, its been on there for 3 years now, i only found out about it after signing up for checkmyfile as the other sites wernt showing it as a default, only satisfied. they refused to, which i expected them to do. The latest letter i sent them was asking for a true copy of the default notice letter they sent out... I got a letter back, including a copy of their default letter, saying "we do not retain any original default notices sent or are able to provide proof of postage; as a business we are not obliged to do so. it is normal practice to send out a template letter..." they said they sent the default letter in March 2010.. the letter has no mention of a default being put onto my account... basically says i am behind with payment and they encourage me to call to speak about my agreement. now.. they say they sent the default notice letter in march.. which doesnt actually make me aware that a default will be put on my file.. and they then defaulted my file on march 5th? so even if they sent it march 1st.. i received march 2nd.. thanks for the a nice time frame to make a payment... my credit file shows that Jan 2010 i was 3 late payments.. FEB is green (OK).. March upto sept is default i have the image but cant post cos im new on the forum! any ideas where to go next with this? was the letter good enough if no mention of a default was made? if the extra £95 on the final balance is from charges.. is this ok or not? (initial card balance £125 - default £220) the timing? saying they sent the notice in march but then defaulting me on the 5th march? Any help of advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  19. It was my understanding that they were ordered by the FSA to write to all customers to whom they had sold PPI whether or not a claim might follow. From what I understand they didnt do this.. so why should they now be let off the hook ? Read more :- http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/business/industries/banking/article3658853.ece
  20. They should start by NDR free periods. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20104059
  21. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/jesus-painting-restoration-makes-christ-1276477
  22. Hi, I am a IT consultant and was employed by IT firm on a permanent basis with good pay but due to the fact that I was on bench for quite some time and bit worried about my career I was looking around for other opportunities. I got an permanent offer from other IT firm who promised me a good work as they won recently a bid, but after few phases of project the project went on hold and my customer was not quite interested from the beginning to implement my solution as they were lacking of budget and infrastructure and my company didn't do any ground work and took me on board and 2 months later they asked me to look out for other opportunities. I was shocked as I left my permanent job where I worked for more than year and quite safe and joined this organization only on the grounds of good work they promised and I even didn't even bothered about money also. Buggers played with my career. They just issued a letter leaving the company and given a week notice as I am in my probation. I pray to god this situation never come to anyone.
  23. Wizz air introduces new cabin bag charges. If anyone is confused about why some airline companies have reduced card surcharges following the OFT investigation,then even more confusing is how some are seemingly already taking measures to recoup any shortfalls by introducing new baggage charges. Now traditionally the major airlines have included hand baggage within the base ticket. Up until 9th July Wizz Air did so too...and 10kg at that. Today they announced their so called "New Cabin bag policy" So for those who are wondering,Wizz are now defining between a small cabin bag and a large cabin bag. A small cabin bag is what they deem as 42x32x25cm or smaller.The weight allowance of 10kg remains the same. This size bag will be free from further baggage charges from 9th July. Any bag that exceeds this size,will now cost 10 euro. But it still must be the same size as the prev limits for fitting into the overhead bins. Wizz say they are introducing this new baggage policy as a trial to "Incentivise passengers to bring smaller baggage aboard the aircraft " This seems odd since there are very few passengers who board flights with only a laptop bag. Wizz claim this trial on selected routes will improve on time performance and result in better travel experience... although they are not so quick at how they have arrived at this amazing feat of ingenuity. They add; With fewer large items onboard, the cabin will be less crowded and the boarding process will be easier and faster for the benefit of all our passengers. Now assuming that the smaller baggage will all be under the seats (which they tell) that means LESS space around the seating. No I am afraid I am not convinced at all. Even if they were to scrap the £14 per return card surcharges...they will still be 6 euro in pocket. Nice try. They have not updated their website either with this as of 16.49 on 9th.July. The notification has gone out by emails. http://wizzair.com/en-GB/useful_information/baggage
  24. This is a public posting with a request to ALL Swift Advances plc or Swift 1st Account holders who have received documents during the past 10 yrs or so apparently written by and signed by a Mr Mark White. Particularly so if litigation has taken place, but not exclusive to. This is a copy of the signature which the company has said is his: [ATTACH=CONFIG]35879[/ATTACH] I have documents which have been signed by people other than with the above signature and I would like to ask everyone who has received any kind of documentation, especially Witness Statements where he has verified them as Statements of Truth, but letters too where the signature appears distinctly different to the one above to please contact me by pm as soon as possible. This is very Urgent Thank you. A1
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