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  1. Around 18 months ago i agreed to a three year Landline and Internet contract with True Telecom, which i soon regretted , The internet was weak and the lower prices that i was assured were not to be ( read the small print i suppose ). A few months ago i saw a direct debit set up on my account from Chess Ltd ?. I looked them up and asked who are you ? I was told that Chess had taken over the service from True Telecom. I noticed the service prices going up, yet we hardly use the landline and had the same weak internet router and service. A couple of weeks ag
  2. This is good news for anyone who has had trouble with True Telecom in the past. Ofcom have penalised True Telecom to the tune of £300,000 and told to improve its service. More Info HERE
  3. Another of my daughters court cases. This time for a ee mobile telecoms debt. I will post up the poc later but in the meantime I have never had any involvement with a telecoms debt can you send a cpr31:14 or is there another way of obtaining information from the solicitors and the original debt holder ( EE ). Sleepingdog
  4. Dear BT, I am a new customer - I switched because I was told you were 'The Best'. I am happy with the Broadband services For the most part, I am happy with the telecom services, however, you MUST cease blocking calls to my land line. Specifically, you must cease telling the people you are blocking - that I have made the request to block them. I haven't - the reasons I have not asked you to do this, are A: one of the numbers you appear to be blocking is a hospital and I need to receive these calls - the other is a good friend ... and B: I wasn't even aware this servic
  5. Hey, I have two defaults that are registered under lowell however they are originally from Orange on my credit file and I am really not sure what they are about or any dates etc. Whats the best way of finding out what they are for, the date of the original default and any other information which might prove useful in my search to try and clean up the horror show that is my credit report ? Thanks Scott
  6. Hi there. I'm new to this site so I hope this explains m situation - I am getting very worn down and stressed by my previous telecoms provider and now they have a debt collection company chasing me. I took out a 2 year contract with OneBill Telecom and this contract came to an end in September 2015. Now, they have a few hoops to jump through when cancelling the contract which includes 90 days written notice and you must complete the full 2 year contract. If their steps aren't complied by there is a £300 termination fee!!!! Well, I carried out ALL the steps they
  7. Hi All, This is for a friend. My friend was running her own business. Her telecoms providers were chess telecom. At some point Chess rang the business and spoke to a member of staff and sold the member of staff a new contract for the telephone services including broadband. They then entered another 2 new contracts with same member of staff all the time extending the term of the contract. They never contacted the account holder at any point to advise or welcome to new contract etc. In Feb 2014 my friend sells the business and contacts all suppliers advising of no
  8. I have taken a new job and in an area where O2 have no service. Contacted O2 for advice to be told my phone was out of contract and I was told this on three separate occasions. Based on that I looked for a supplier who covered the area, found one signed up for a contract with them and contacted O2 for a PAC code at this point I was told I still had a year left on the contract, I mentioned my previous conversations to be told they made a mistake I have now been sent a termination invoice. I am reluctant to pay this as I went to another supplier based on the fact
  9. My daughter agreed to take up their reduced telephone charges offer on the phone. She received the hub and paid the connection charges. Then six weeks later with a poor qualitity land line and no internet just promises to fix. She decided to return the equipment and rescind the contract. Now she has a bill for over£500 and seven days to pay. Surely this cannot be correct.
  10. As the topic asks Do we have the email address of the BT executive Complaints, not the normal phone drones. I did have Ian Livingston but i do not think he is with BT any more Thanks
  11. Hi - I wanted to change my telephone calls back to BT but the company I am with now are telling me I have to pay a £195 cancellation fee to cover their losses, costs and expenses. Please can you tell me if they can legally do this even if I give the correct amount of notice. Thank you.
  12. Im about to leave BT line rental and broadband service. Im not going to another provider - just having the line disconnected at the end of contract. My actual yearly contract ends on Feb 28th, having given them the necessary 30-days notice. I have just received my latest bill it, and it states I need to pay line rental/broadband in advance for the months of March/April/May 2015. I have spoken with BT's billing dept, and they said I need to pay the full amount of Advanced fees on the bill - and they will then refund me on my final bill, which is due 10 days after termination. Thi
  13. Hello all, I opened a restaurant in April and in March I arranged to have 2 phone lines and broadband with BT. In April I switched my energy supply to BES energy as their rates were about half of what British Gas wanted. Shortly after this I got a call from BES telecom and this is where it all went wrong. They wanted me to switch both of my lines and my broadband to them as they were cheaper. I told them that I was in contract with BT and if I moved I would receive a bill with cancellation charges which would remove the whole point of me moving as I wouldn't save any money. I was ass
  14. when you signup a for a service with CHESS TELECOM obviously they do a credit check on you. I had some financial problems, now I am clean but its not the case. so they never told me I have a bad credit score, they never refuse me a service and I become their happy customer. in next 3 days I received plenty of mail from debt collectors to my new home address, later also phone calls including my mobile. HOW DID IT HAPPEN ? If they are not happy with me as a customer they should refuse me a service. but NO chess telecom give My private data god knows where, who give them righ
  15. Hi. I am new to the forum so hope that this is the correct area to be posting this. I have just received a letter from an old internet provider Chess Telecom. They are claiming that I have an outstanding amount with them of less than £50. When we moved providers I was told over the phone that the account was clear. I left during contract because the service I was on was being terminated and again was told that I wouldn't be held to my contract minimum period. To add to this we actually signed up with another provider which was then bought by Chess Telecom I th
  16. Earlier today I spoke to an advisor at the company OneBill Telecom as I wished to leave the company having used their services for my phone line, the advisor told me that I could leave and never mentioned any details about a contract. Later, only a few minutes ago I received an email from the company, informing me: "A Cancellation Administration Fee of £299.00 will become immediately payable by you in accordance with our standard Terms and Conditions" Now I for one know that myself and my husband signed up for this service several years ago and whilst receiving our bills, we have cert
  17. At wits end here. Been contacted by a company called C.A.R.S (Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd) who buy debt it seems from other companies. Several harassing phone calls later they finally send me a written request for a payment they say I owed XLN Telecom. I have had no communication from XLN or invoice for the amount they say I owe, and it appears they have without warning passed it to this company. I terminated my contract with XLN in April this year in accordance with the termination procedure - 42 days notice etc - and received the usual 'sorry to lose
  18. I realised a default placed by t-mobile on my credit file after which i wrote to them for a copy of my agreement. When the first letter was sent, in response the wrote the following: "I refer to the information you requested and confirm that the service agreement you have entered into with T-Mobile is regarded as "exempt" under the provisions of the consumer credit act 1974 and as such we are not required to file a default notice prior to termination of the service agreement. For the receipt of any correspondence and copy of agreements you can contact our customer relations tem"
  19. Hi all, I am probably flogging a dead horse here but..... We have recently changed from Sky to BT as we are moving house and I wanted to keep my phone number (Sky cannot do that but BT can ) So we had BT activated just yesterday at our current address. This had to be done so BT had our line when we move - next Wednesday. They are now saying they cannot activate a home move for our line until the day we move then it could take up to 10 days for the line in the new house to be activated. I have been passed from pillar to post today trying to get them to sort the mess out and
  20. I'm asking this on behalf of my daughter. It's quite a long history, so you might need to sit down with a cuppa if you can get through it all. We really need some help and advice on this matter because we're banging our heads against a brick wall. My daughter got 3 mobile and mobile broadband in August 2011. She gave 3 my home phone number until her phone connection was up and running, everything was fine. She gave them my phone number and address as she was moving away to university shortly. Then she moved away from the area in September 2011 to start her second year at univer
  21. Anyone else had issues with this firm? Prior to Dec 12 I would receive emails from Newcall Primus telecom notifying me of my bill for phone/broadband. The DD would be taken 2 weeks later. Something changed in December and the "Primus" name was dropped. I no longer get email alerts to view my bill before the DD is taken. Also they have started taking the DD on the 1st of the month instead of the 14th. And now they have taken the March payment on 27th Feb. Which means they have taken 2 direct debits in Feb. Also, I have been charged for going over my broadband limit. They did not
  22. Anyone else had a problem with Sunstone Telecom? they are anything but sunny! About 5 years ago they sold our limited company a contract, which we understood to have been for a period of 2 years. We cancelled the service after 4 1/2 years, as we didn't use the phone much and they have expensive minimum spend clause. Letters demanding huge fees (Like about £800) started arriving, morphing into letters with "Debt Agency" headings talking about court proceedings, baliffs etc. And many phone calls - I mean loads. We don't answer them, at least not after the first few - when we asked for
  23. Has anyone else come accross the following campaign that pops up while on CAG forum? Does anyone know who can be credited for the campaign? Vodafone, ICO or CAG ''Vodafone and your credit file We are getting a disproportionatenumber of complaints that Vodafone is damaging people's credit files throughcarelessness and poor systems. If you have suffered as a result of inaccurate data being entered onto your creditfile then you are not alone. You should make an immediate written complaint to the:- Information Commissioner'sOffice Wycliffe House Water Lane Wilmslow
  24. Hi guys BT are trying to chase me for £461 i have never been one for debt but when i don't get a service i for one will not pay for it. Back in October 2011 i had BT installed and originally had a BT line in this house the reason for this was we was going to move to a private rent and they didnt have cable services in that area when i had Virgin at the time so i cancelled Virgin and went to BT. One day in October BT arrived to install my services i asked the engineer if he could install it upstairs as my PC was in the back room, He refused as there was already a phone socket behind
  25. I have gave up smoking from last 6 months can I join to you. I want to give this habit permanently.
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