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  1. Hello all, I took out a Mobile contract with O2 (think it was back in 2010) - then (long story short) marriage broke down, moved to another country now back. Negotiated payment terms with Lowell but now I'm out of work and not getting any money. How do I go about requesting a freeze or write off as I simply cannot pay. All the best and thanks
  2. 'm having an ongoing fault with o2 in that the mast is down! I first reported this issue on the 5th October. Since then, I've had further updates on ; 12th October 18th October 25th October 1st November 14th November 28th November 12th December 10th January 23rd January All these updates state that they are still looking into the issue and will be in touch soon. I was told to get back in touch today for an update and it's now going to be continuing for an unspecified amount of time I have had my airtime credited for this month however complaints are unwilling to do anything as their terms state it's not a fault free service so if I want to go elsewhere I'll need to pay the fees.
  3. I took out an O2 Refresh contract in July. The SIM was never used. I was out of the country in a remote part of the world (I am now back in the UK). I tried to cancel and pay off the contract over the internet/live chat, but this was refused and they told me I had to call them. I called them on three occasions to do this (which was quite problematic due to my location), the outcome was instance 1 my card was declined and then they told me they couldn't retry the payment with a different card because their systems only allow a payment attempt by ANY card once per day instance 2 their systems were not working and they told me to call back instance 3 ditto So I cancelled the direct debits. I emailed them on 23rd October advising of the situation and asking how to pay. They replied in November saying I had already paid off my account. (It appears they used the wrong account (I had a previous contract), even though I included their reference in the email). Subsequently my credit record shows late payments for November and December on both the airtime and device accounts. Having asked them to remove this following paying off their bill, they have said "We have a legal obligation to notify our credit agencies with a true reading of your payment history. We are unable to request that this be amended as this could be seen as falsifying information. "
  4. I have tried to upgrade my 02 mobile since last Sunday evening on live chat Got all the way through to payment and all was well then a screen popped up saying there was an error. I have went through this time and time again, and spent literally hours on the live chat, the phone, called at the shop, messaged on Facebook. Paid several times more, and was assured that no payment would come out of my account, tried to complete the upgrade last night, and had to do live chat with the complaint service this afternoon in work. Still no resolution, but the payment of £69.99 has come out of my bank account today. Really losing the will to live with 02.
  5. My daughter asked O2 for an early upgrade which they agreed and and said she had to pay £100.00 which she did... She at the time asked the live chat person 4 times within the conversation that she would like to use her police discount which was 30% of the monthly charge and 4 times he said no problem on the new contract.... When she completed and 5 mins after it was all agreed she then asked him again about the discount at which he said he COULD NOT give it to her. SHE WAS FUMING...... She has contacted customer services twice now after waiting 20 mins... They read back to her the chat with the idiot and they agreed she had said this 5 times. They cut her off after 15 mins. This a I believe is a matter for the Police (fraud) of Trading Standards and The Regulator.. Can I get to anyone with a brain higher up the chain... TY Paul
  6. On Monday may 9th 2016 I tried to upgrade with Carphone warehouse to a sony Z5 compact they said it would arrive on Tuesday 10th it never did. I received the texts below on 10th of my 7.54 and 7.56 from o2 upgrading my tariff. I NEVER GOT THIS PHONE OR A 4G SIM . On weds 11th I got this email from DPD saying they couldn’t deliver the hand set (see below)…. In the meantime o2 knocked off my emails etc. on my blackberry which lasted 3 days…o2 insisted I had the handset but promised a £10 credit for the hassle. This never arrived meanwhile I have made hours of calls to o2 and Carphone without success including an 1 hour 22 min online chat today. I am pushed between the two companies Carphone warehouse see my order was cancelled or deleted and the handset originally allocated to me didn’t leave their warehouse. They thought it unusual that O2 would implement a new tariff without a handset being issued. Eventually last week a Kelly Denton from Carphone warehouse spoke to O2 and enquired as to the IMMEI of the sony hand set I am supposed to have. The number is 354282071256883 this product was sold to a totally different person who activated it etc. and it has been allocated to my account. My phone is a blackberry bold IMMe********6006 So now we have a situation where I am paying for a 4 g service that I don’t have a phone for. O2 are accusing me of not returning a handset that I never had…why can’t you just check with DPD that it was never delivered???? I would like to eventually upgrade with o2 but the system says I cant for 2 years. Meanwhile I am paying for a service that I cant use but someone else is. I feel like crying with frustration as no one can help. The stock answer from O2 is Carphone warehouse needs to put the handset as returned. CPW say the whole order was cancelled and deleted the handset was never delivered…. They cant understand why 02 would put me on a tariff change when no upgrade had been issued. This is a MASSIVE software issue and I am in the middle of it all. Just confirm to 02 that I never received the handset and compensate me for the aggravation and confirm it is all done. O2 sent the following on May10th 2016 “O2 UK: Great news, your 4G service is ready. Just a few final steps before you get started: make sure your 4G sim is in your 4G phone. Switch your phone off then back on again. When you're in a 4G area, you'll see the 4G symbol on your phone screen. Enjoy your 4G experience on O2. O2: Good news, we've completed your tariff change to O2 Unlimited 24M 3GB.” Carphone ref 15501690590280 Dpp ref 356834550 I am pushed between the two companies with call centres in S Africa, India and sometimes in the UK. I now have a larger invoice from O2 without the £10 compensation they promised three people at CPW promised me an update but they NEVER call me back. The disconnection team at CPW want the new sim number. I have asked where am I supposed to find that as I the phone I ordered never came with the new 4g sim. Please help I have phoned 26.5 hours on the phone logged complaints with both companies spoken to the ombudsman. I just get the answer wait 3-5 days so sorry its a glitch.. I just want my old tariff back at O2 and acknowledgement that the new upgraded phone never arrived to me as DPP agree and just because CPW moved warehouses that weekend I must suffer. Because an upgrade has been registered I cannot leave or upgrade anywhere else. I welcome any help in advance.
  7. Hi All, I've been reading through multiple threads in the hope of finding an answer to my question (and enjoying the hatred for Lowell!) but haven't found a definitive answer that fits my situation. Financial terms and matters of this nature aren't my strong point so would appreciate the most simple explanations possible (sorry!). I left the UK in December 2012 for Australia and returned in 2015. Prior to this I rarely took any forms of credit in the fear it would spiral out of control, I had a small credit card and a couple of mobile phone contracts at the time. Long story short, I ended up letting my UK finances get a little bit out of control whilst away (not massive amounts but frustrating nonetheless). Whilst I was away my mothers address was bombarded by letters from Lowell stating I must pay back my debts to Orange/02 and she forwarded these onto me in Australia - I completely ignored them as I've never dealt with this agency and had no idea who they were or intention of paying them back, but do personally acknowledge that I hadn't paid 02/Orange respectively. On return to the UK, I was instantly greeted with letters again as I setup a new bank account and began working (presumably the vultures were waiting). I began investigating the issue and accessed my credit report in the hope it could shed some light on what was owed and too who - but from reading these threads would I be right in saying that mobile phone accounts would not appear on a CRA? (if so, why not!). Being naive and probably a bit too honest, I wanted to clear the debts in the hope of rectifying my situation and having a clearer conscience, so I called them (d'oh!) and agreed to pay off the 3 amounts I owed (£449.02). Those accounts were paid and I considered the matter closed. At this time, I was obviously frustrated by having to pay such an amount but definitely gave in too quick and felt a bit intimidated by it all. I've since received further letters relating to ANOTHER 02 account for the sum of £172.96 which I'm now starting to question. I initially ignored the letters (and daily calls) as I don't believe there to be any outstanding money owed to any mobile company - the problem is, I simply cannot remember that long ago and what it could possibly relate too. From memory, one of the accounts was mine and another for my Mum, both small monthly amounts. At the moment, I have absolutely no intention of paying them again (until I have the right information to hand) and wish I had done my research before making any payment to them in the first place (not to mention being absolute nasty on the phone). I'm in a bit of a difficult situation now as I've contacted them in the past about my other debts, but have had no contact with them since these letters began arriving again. When I initially spoke with them they only acknowledged 3 accounts, with absolutely no mention of a 4th (I'm aware phone was the worst way to do this and will stand for nothing, but remember the call vividly). I'd greatly appreciate any help on how to address this issue and the best possible course of action to avoid giving them any more money/ gaining evidence to support my concerns about a non-existent debt. Kindest Regards, David
  8. Ok so forgive me if im stupid.. But what does that actually mean? I took out a contract in june of 2013. Where does that leave me? Does this mean im locked into it? http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/jan/24/o2-customers-higher-prices-changed-contracts
  9. Hi guys, Going to try keep this short. in November 2014 I started looking at upgrading my phone as it was playing up. O2 couldn't offer me a suitable deal. So I moved to 3 in December 2015. When I got my PAC code and told o2 that I was moving they said any remaining monies would be taken from my account. That's what happened with my broadband account as I moved them both at the same time. Fast forward a year later I get a call from Lowell saying am I aware of a debt that's owed to o2. I told them not because I moved over a year ago and have had not contact from o2 since, only emails entitled, "Your monthly bill" and when I open them it simply states there's nothing to pay this month. Lowell got back to me saying that they contacted o2 and the debt was still outstanding. I then contacted o2 my self to make sure it wasn't a [problem] or anything and was shocked when they told me I still owed. I instantly paid the £154. As I'm sorting out a mortgage I decided to check my credit file and to my amazement there's a default on there from Lowell but no mention of o2. Ive had email contact with o2 referrals team but they are hopeless. They gave me a number to ring to get a refund and said I must pay Lowell directly. I have phoned them yet, I wanted to ask her first for advice. I'd be wary of o2. I've been there for 10 years, if there was money owed, they could've wrote, emailed or phoned. What to do now??
  10. Hopefully an O2 rep will see this and advise. My Father in Law has lost his mobile phone which had about £60 of credit on it. He went into the local O2 shop but as he is 80 years old the school leaving age assistant refused to help as FiL can't remember some of the security answers. There must be another way. H
  11. Hi, I have gotten copies of my credit files and I agree with most of what is on there. However, there is a debt which is currently owned by Lowell for a telecoms bill. The bill was for 02. I ordered a phone several years back and there was a problem with the delivery, it ended up going back to 02 and I cancelled the order as I thought the service was rubbish. I got a phone from tmobile instead. So I have just found a Lowell debt for nearly £1200 on my credit files. Can I complain to Equifax etc? As I never had the phone it would not have been used and there is no way I would have run up a phone bill that high anyway. I have tried emailing Lowell but they are fobbing me off with "the creditor has given them permission to collect the payment from me". Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi All, Noob here with what may be the first of many questions. Apologies if it's been asked already but I can't find anything on this. I've just recently separated from my wife and I'm struggling to make all my contractual payments on all my debts. I have a few O2 refresh contracts, phone, tablet and my daughters phone. These are billed, as I'm sure you will all know, as a separate airtime and device plan. As I can't afford to pay them in full. Does anyone know what will happen if I default on the device plans but maintain the airtime plan on full payment? I'd really like to keep my daughters line active, but can't afford to pay the whole amount each month. Will they stop the service or continue the service and take recovery action for the device plan? Any help, greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking for a little bit of help with a recent mobile phone contract my sister had taken out in-store at Carphone Warehouse. My sister made enquiries over the phone to O2 regarding any deal's that would be available for the Christmas period. It was advised that she attended a store I think she got a little bit confused as she attended Carphone Warehouse instead of the O2 store, who sold her a 24 Month Contract on O2... anyway. The purchased was made prior to Christmas, after the Christmas period it was found that the phone is not suitable for her partner and at the very first chance she attended Carphone Warehouse for a full refund. This was on day 6 after the initial in-store sale. My sister was informed it is not possible to return the product as it was put through as an upgrade . Her contract prior to this *so called* upgrade was a 24 Month Contract again with O2. This contract had finished and turned into a 30 Day Rolling Contract, she was currently on month 2. We contacted O2, who advised us they are more than happy to cancel the contract, however we must first go Carphone Warehouse and return the phone. We tried this and Carphone Warehouse is having none of it. The staff in Carphone Warehouse are very un-professional as they started to get abrupt , extremely sarcastic and arrogant. One Guy at Carphone Warehouse refused to give me his name when requested, he did however have a name tag on I could not read, he then went into the back of the store , removed ihis name tag and returned back out. When asked to speak to his manager surprisingly this was the manager. I lodged a complaint needless to say about both issues, the service received as we had a small child with us at the time and thought it was very inappropriate the level of his tone and attitude received. Which is now currently being investigated. We also lodged a complaint about how we have not been able to return the phone contract back. Our main concern is, why the contract was put through as an upgrade because Carphone Warehouse has a zero policy in returns once an upgrade with O2 has been purchased. We wrote to Carphone Warehouse about the following issues: The Mis-Selling of the contract How we should have been made more aware of the upgrade and how it was not returnable. Finally the Service Received. My sister was not fully informed that the contract would be put through as an upgrade and how she is not able to return the phone back once the contract was signed. We had a look at the contract itself she signed. The only time the word upgrade is used is under description , "O2 Direct Telecom Gsm Upgrade" The arguments we put forward , had she known the contract was un-returnable the contract would not have been signed up for She feel's it was not made clear to her that the contract was an upgrade. (I understand it say's this in the description), However she did not realise the policy of Carphone Warehouse with O2 upgrades and how she is not able to return this. She also feel's that the contract she have been a put through as a New contract because her old* contract had technically finished and she was on a 30 Day rolling Contract. Does anybody know where we stand with returning this phone? we received a letter back from the customer service department of Carphone Warehouse which states, it was sold as a upgrade and they do not accept returns. Thanks for any help in advanced. Craig
  14. Following being badly treated by O2 when my ex wife took out a mobile on my account without my knowledge and didn't pay the bills - I left O2 in Spring this year. I rang Customer Services, asked if my contract was now finished and payments complete so that I could port my number. This was confirmed by the Representative and the switch made. I received no further communication from O2 (despite the usual bombardment of sales and marketing messages) until I received a letter from a Debt Collection agency (Wescot) 2 weeks ago for £36. The letter contained several inaccuracies. It stated that O2 disconnected my service due to non payment - O2 didn't , I switched to another supplier. It says - "under the terms of your contract, a termination fee of £0.00 was added to your balance." This has substantially increased the amount you owe. ... ??? It also has the temerity to ask me if I want to be reconnected. I rang Stuart at your payment centre, queried that I owed anything at all and paid the balance. He was surprised as he stated that no correspondence had been sent to me about any monies outstanding. My compliant is twofold - - Why was I told when I rang in Spring that all payments had been made? - Why did O2 not communicate with me, either via text, email or letter that I owed any money? Stuart confirmed that no contact was made with me at all. How is it fair that O2 can put a credit mark on my file without telling me that I owe them any money? How is this in any way shape or form fair and reasonable? Finally -I have online billing with Vodafone and I receive monthly emails and texts from them telling me how much my latest bill is. This is good practice - why do O2 not do the same?
  15. I have taken a new job and in an area where O2 have no service. Contacted O2 for advice to be told my phone was out of contract and I was told this on three separate occasions. Based on that I looked for a supplier who covered the area, found one signed up for a contract with them and contacted O2 for a PAC code at this point I was told I still had a year left on the contract, I mentioned my previous conversations to be told they made a mistake I have now been sent a termination invoice. I am reluctant to pay this as I went to another supplier based on the fact they told me my contract had expired and if they made the mistake why should I pay for that. Is there an O2 rep here?
  16. Hi all I would welcome some advice on this please. In September, I upgraded my phone with T Mobile and entered into another 18 month contract. Had a nightmare with the first handset that 2 T Mobile stores were not interested in despite quoting the usual sale of goods act etc. and me taking the handset back on the 10th day after having received it. Eventually, Customer Services on 150 relented and replaced it as a swap out the next day. I got round to reading the manual last weekend to see what exciting things I was missing out on and I decided to download some new screensavers to make the phone a bit more "funky." I then discovered that despite changing all the settings that the screensaver would never activate. The phone display switches over to power save mode, i.e. goes blank instead of displaying the screensaver. I undertook some research into the issue on both T-Mobile's user forums and Nokia's own support discussion forums and it turns out that this is a known software bug in the N79 handset. It also appears that the manufacturer knows about it but has failed to fix it in subsequent firmware releases. It is also unlikely that Nokia will now release any further firmware for the handset as technically, or rather in the technical world, it is now quite an "outdated model." I have emailed T Mobile Customer Relations about this and they have contacted me to say that if the manufacturer is not going to fix it there is nothing that can be done. I however am not happy with this. Surely the goods are not functioning "as described," i.e. the manual states that you can change the screensaver and although you can, the end result is that it doesn't work. I know that a non-functioning screensaver is not a life or death situation i.e. the phone makes calls, sends texts, browses the web but am I the only consumer that is getting a bit sick and tired of companies that earn millions of pounds from their customers getting away with everything? At the end of the day, my contract is subsidising the cost of the handset in a large capacity. If I had purchased this phone directly, it would have cost me a few hundred pounds at least. The crux of it is that I used Nokia phones for years previously and every handset I have had has always had "some problem" of one thing or another. Back around 2003, I had Orange replace 15 handsets, one after the other and each one exhibited the same problem as the last. It was a nightmare. I thought that 6 or so years later, with the advancement in technology that Nokia may have improved it's standards and the first phone I pick up in this 7 year period manufactured by them exhibits yet another fault. I have contacted Nokia, although I am under the impression that it is not down to them to sort the problem out and they have suggested that I send the phone "for repair," which judging by other users on their support forums, does not resolve the problem anyway and just leaves you without a phone for 2 weeks. I was wondering if I could glean some opinions please ? Am I right that the phone is not "functioning as described" and therefore breaches the sale goods act ? Thanks very much J
  17. I am receiving nuisance sales calls from 02 on my mobile phone number. I have been rung up repeatedly every day sometimes twice a day and its getting a bit beyond the joke. Each time they ring I tell them where to go politely. I received yet another sales call from them again 5 minutes ago. Where can I go to stop nuisance calls on my mobile number?
  18. Hi Have received the following response from lowell to the statute barred template Thanks for your reply. We appreciate that the last payment towards account ***1*** may have been more than six years ago but this debt did not become fully due and payable until O2 (UK) Ltd issued a Default Notice, which you did not comply with. According to our information, the Default Date was 28 October 2009 and, therefore, we consider that the debt is enforceable for 6 years from that date. Please note that we also hold the following account for you; Our Reference – ***2*** Original Creditor – O2 (UK) Ltd Outstanding Balance – £254.40 Original Reference – ***2*** This account defaulted on the 28 December 2009. I have now stopped collections activity on the accounts for 14 days while we await further information from you regarding your intentions towards the outstanding balances. Many thanks,
  19. Well where to start?! I have been with O2 for many years now and decided in March of this year to upgrade my phone. I was told as an existing customer the £130 upfront fee would be waived, which set my decision to stay with O2. I was sent an email link to sign the agreement online and was told my phone would be with me the next day. This really was too easy to be true! I tried to sign the agreement but each time I got to a certain point the website came up with an error and I was unable to complete the order. The order was reset about 3 times by O2, but each time the same error appeared. I was therefore told to go into my local O2 store and they would do me the same deal. After dragging my 3 year old daughter along I was told at the store that they are a franchise and unable to do the same deals. After speaking with O2 again I was told there did seem to be a problem and to wait 24 hours and try the link again....surprisingly this still didn't work. I was therefore told to go into the O2 store again and pay the £130 upfront, and they would refund this to me, so that's what I done. It took around 6 weeks to get the money back from O2, and would have taken a lot longer had I not complained several times. Anyway, when the same day I received the refund I also received a default notice saying I owed O2 £130! I called O2 to find out why I had been sent this and they advised that it was an error and the system had automatically generated the letter. I was told I wouldn't hear anything further. 14 days later I received another letter advising that because I had not paid the debt, it had been passed to debt collectors. I called O2 again and was told the same as before. A couple of weeks after that call I received another default notice for £18, which is the amount of my airtime plan per month, and which had already been paid on time. I called O2 again and was told the same thing again. No one was able to confirm why I had even received this one, as there is definitely nothing owing on my account. I asked this time for them to send me a letter to confirm that I did not owe any money, which they did. Today I have received the same second letter as before, advising that it has been passed to a debt collection company. I think it is pointless calling O2 again, as I am just told the same thing every time. They are so matter of fact, no apologies, just putting blame on "the system". Nothing has appeared on my credit file as yet, and have been told that nothing will be, but I am seriously lacking any faith in O2 at the moment. I have spoken to the CAB who have advised me to write to O2 and ask for copies of conversation recordings, which they should have under the Data Protection Act. I looked on O2's website today and they say these can only be requested through a Solicitor, which isn't a problem as I work for a Solicitor's firm, but it also mentions something about a Court Order. I am really confused, and not sure what my next steps should be. In all honesty I just want to cancel my contract now, but not sure I have any right to do so. If anyone could offer any advice it would be appreciated.
  20. I have a New Sony Xperia Z3, I have had it for 6 weeks. Within the first week, I had an issue where it wouldn't charge. I had to leave it charging for over 12 hours before it would charge again. On Saturday night the phone started to vibrate and wouldn't switch off for 15mins. Yesterday the phone started acting weirdly, no matter what I did, it would go to the camera and take loads of photos, without me touching the phone at all. Then at the end of the night, I switched it off, and it wouldn't switch back on. It would start to load up the welcome screen then shutdown. This is the situation I'm in at the moment. A phone that won't switch on and if it does, it only does it for a few seconds, then shuts down again. Now I would say a 6 week old phone, should be replaced with a brand new one. But am I right in this thinking?
  21. I know this subject has been discussed a hundred times but I am seeking advice on the best course of action regarding a default that o2 added to my credit file over the paltry sum of £29.82. The first thing to say is the outstanding balance has never been paid as I was unaware that I had an outstanding balance, with that in mind it is curious that in feb 2013 the credit file was marked as settled. my bank have confirmed there was never any payment to o2 for this amount from my bank account. My contract was setup with a monthly direct debit & had ended in august 2012, we never got round to cancelling the dd mandate until the feb of 2013 which my bank have confirmed, why would an outstanding balance have been present with an active dd still there? During the whole of this period & to this day my address, email & telephone contact details are unchanged they could have easily contacted me with reference to any outstanding amounts which obviously they claim to have done! but I have simply never had any contact. The credit referral team have simply refused my request to have the default removed because there records show the late/default payments from sep 2012 to feb 2013, so what is my best course of action? I think I can demonstrate from the other evidence on my credit file that I was capable of making such a payment. I believe this default is responsible for my being refused credit on several occasions & I am getting ever more concerned with a looming remortgage on the horizon. chip
  22. Hi all, I was just wondering if someone could help clarify what my rights are here please. Background is I upgraded my phone on an O2 refresh package in July. The phone is now faulty, calls dropping at home which was never an issue with my previous phone. I have been with O2 for at least 6 years and never had to return anything, always been happy with their service. I have sent it away for repair as per O2's recomendation, however I am not optimistic it will fix it. If it is still faulty what are my options with O2 refresh, can I get a different phone? I dont want to cancel the agreement if possible but if that is an option then great. Am I correct in thinking they have 3 tries at fixing the phone then have to offer a replacement or a different model? FYI - O2 refresh split the bill in to a CCA agreement for the phone and an airtime agreement for service. Many thanks. MJ
  23. Hi I keep on getting letters from Arrow Global for a defaulted 02 account I got into difficulties due to me loosing my job back in 2011. the account is still registered at my parents address it also shows that address on my credit file they are not sure which adress I am at so they are sending letters to both of them. I have not responded so they are sill in the dark They are defaulting my credit file every month What would be the best way forward I tried to get 02 to take a payment they just said it was in the hands of the DCA company. Thank you
  24. My stepdad currently has o2 and more recently he's had to start using his 3G service rather than wi-fi due to us switching to a capped broadband service. Upon doing so, his 3G is non-existant in our house and the coverage checker states there is 0% 3G signal in our area ; something he wasn't aware of before. We've contacted o2 who are adament there is nothing they can do but drop his contract from £36 per month to £26 as a goodwill gesture. They keep stating it's a problem with the masts despite their live network checker saying network is working fine and despite the fact our street shows no 3G service. Is there anything he can do or will he need to fork out for the ETF?
  25. Hi folks, I am after a bit of advice, I bought my daughter an iPhone 5s for her 18th birthday at the beginning of May (8 weeks ago). Yesterday she told me the screen on the left hand side had started clicking. She said she would make an appointment at the apple shop to see what they say. She has returned from there today with the same phone, The Apple geek has told her that the battery is expanding and getting hot because she is running apps in the background. My immediate thought was that she has been fobbed off, surely the point of a smart phone is for it to be able to run apps whether in the background or not. Should I put my angry head on and make another appointment and return to the shop. A hot and expanding battery sounds dangerous to me, I have seen the photo's of iPhone's that have caught fire in the past. Any thoughts would be appreciated, no jokes about iSheep please, I personally am not an Apple fan boy. Many thanks. AS
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