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  1. Posting for a friend how do they go about reclaiming brighthouse insurance on goods?
  2. This may sound incredibly silly to anybody else but I have chronic anxiety problems. Yesterday I was driving into town (I live in Northern Ireland) and on a bend there was a speeding van and the area was a 30 mile per hour limit. I know for a fact that I'm very cautious and do stick to the speed limit, however on this occasion when I looked at my speedometer as I passed the van It Was hovering just over the 30, so it's possible I was doing maybe 31 or 32mph. Can anybody shed any light as to if they think I will be issued with a speeding ticket as I am also a restricted driver, as I live in Northern Ireland any new drivers that have passed their test within the last year have to display R plates it's not the fine Im concerned with its point please can somebody put my mind at ease. thank u
  3. it says default 01/11/2012 updated 31/06/2016 signed DRO shortly after default date around end of nov start dec. as it expired on 12th dec 2013
  4. it also says on the public info part no insolvencies recorded ? :/ sorry im very confused.
  5. its defaulted but should still be open on the credit file?
  6. barclays is the bank. loan was for help with moving house
  7. i cant find my last thread on this so many appoligies . in 2012 i took out a loan. sadly i lost my job not long after and fell behind with payments. in Dec 2012 i was granted a debt relief order which expired on 12th dec 2013. now my understanding is the debt is now written off but its showing as an open but defaulted account on my credit file. is this correct or should it read closed/ settled? every month has a red D next to it. i did have issues with the lender getting them to accept i had A DRO. they kept claiming they never got the paperwork from me or the insolvancy service. 2 copies from me by recorded post and 2 from the IS. they finally accknowledged it as soon as i lodged an official complaint. thank you.
  8. On May 17th of this year I received my esa50 questionnaire I received the help of my partner and c a b to fill this out and was waiting on numerous doctor's letters. I did not receive my last letter until the morning of the 6th of June once I had this it was copied added to the esa50 as evidence and everything else was posted by special delivery and was signed for on Tuesday 7th June as this was checked. As I suffer with many anxiety issues I phoned on the Friday of last week asking about how long would it be until I heard anything and would I still be paid in the meantime as I am due a payment tomorrow. payments were confirmed as still being made which was fine but I was informed that my support group Award was until August of this year and he did not understand why I have been sent an esa50 in May. I phoned again today as this confused me I had time to think about it over the weekend I was always told that my Award was until May 17th which was the exact date I received my questionnaire on. She then went on to tell me that I had been awarded three months in the support group from may of this year but I had not sent my esa50 back until June 6th so could not understand how they could have awarded it me from May. something to me doesn't sound right I feel as if they have extended it on the quiet as I am due to give birth at the start of July or sooner. I also feel as 3 months is not long enough for me and my doctors agree yet she informed me I could not appeal and I have received no letters telling me of this 3 months award. Also it is highly likely I will then they receive another esa50 in August and have to go through this all over again. please if somebody could advise me on what I could do or ask next as I feel highly confused that I have been awarded support group from may even though they did not receive my questionaire until June. thank you
  9. Hello. Not advice as such but u think uv been had. They cannot force you or say u have to enter into another contract with them just for moving house.So in my opinion its been misold. Also if u did owe them money you tell them how much u can reasonably afford to pay not the other way around. I would make a formal complaint to them. As for the Debt collection waffle they can do nothing to you. im sure others with better knowlege will ve along soon to help. Wiseajak
  10. i have a copy of ny last ess 50 that CAB helped me with and my partner to help with this one. i have all my ketters from lastt time too with my doctots doqgnosis
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