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  1. The better half decided to miss 2 services... I should have kept checks on it, but didn't. So we are both at fault
  2. thanks. we have had a lot of inconvenience, which isn't easy to prove. They accepted that they need to change things their end. ie better quality control (they admitted the technician hadn't been there long and was left to get on with it) we have a driveway with diesel and oil all over it. We basically had to fight to get a 7 seater car, which was a necessity for us as a family
  3. Sorry not sure why I said compensation, what would you feel was a better amount?
  4. No its a "gesture of goodwill"! We have had to drive around in rental cars that Ford have refused to pay for, Alphabet and my work have financed them. Although this time they eventually agreed to pay as they new that the problem was of their making. we have had issues with the service manager, who has never once apologised to us, he basically made it seem like we were stupid and didn't know what we were talking about. In relative terms we have lost diesel and we have a drive with oil and diesel on it, that they have admitted was
  5. Hi I wonder if anyone could give me advice. In March our Alphabet lease car (Ford Cmax ) had a new engine replacement due to neglect on our part, it missed 2 services and the engine was damaged. We paid for a replacement engine block at the cost of 4k. Since getting the car back in Early April its has gone back on several occasions which are listed below 1. Injector seal replaced 2. 4 injector seal replaced, after cabin had exhaust fumes coming into it from engine bay, smoke was visible when car was idling 3 Engine blew up on M25 whilst I was in outside lane (coolant pipe malfun
  6. dx100UK sorry I missed that question from Mikey. She claims she did. I have no reason to believe she didn't, because I impressed on her the day that she sold the car, that she had to return the slip at the bottom.
  7. I have all the money now, I have borrowed it. I really appreciate all your help. TBH I just didn't want to borrow it, I knew I was in a situation, where I had not many options. I thought the best I could get was a period of time. But that seems to be impossible.
  8. I contacted EA today. He said I have no options. He will give me until tomorrow to pay. I will give her a call, in her lunch break
  9. I appreciate, I really don't have a leg to stand on here. Pretty much the door step visit yesterday, is my only knowledge of this. I just needed a bit of time to get the £620 together. ie my pay day on 27th of this month.
  10. I never got the summons, but I believe the answer from my wife would have been no, she likes to bury her head in the sand
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