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  1. Hi thanks for he reply, No I haven't emailed the MD I did not have their contact number but I will try and send them an email now thanks . have you also found their experience to be extremely poor?
  2. Hi everyone , I will try to keep this thread to the point and as short as well. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on Contract with Vodafone , I think the contract is about 5 months old and the mobile phone developed a fault that would not allow the phone to charge. Being under warranty: I contacted Samsung who arranged a collection on Thursday 5th of January 2017 using UPS Courier. On the 9th ANOVO (Samsung repair Centre) Horrendous reviews : https://www.yell.com/biz/anovo-uk-ltd-norwich-7746761/ http://www.192.com/atoz/business/norwich-nr6/mobile-phone-repairs/a-novo-uk-ltd/9968b8cc-c30a-4982-9fc3-5da74d6773eb/ugc/ It had taken them 2 Weeks just to even look at the phone and I was informed my phone was liquid damaged at the charging port. A full engineers report on request was not issued to myself however I did end up getting a written summary stating the following : "The first observation of our engineer was that the device is in worn condition. No cracks on the LCD or back glass were visible. No physical or liquid damage to the device was detected. The LDI is not activated on your IP68 rated device. The USB connector is contaminated with dirt and dust and green liquid residue is also visible. Liquid contamination may be transferred from charging cable. The cable is not waterproof." The repair centre's summary report then go on to say : "The Engineer has reported the device is repairable" Bare in mind the S7 Edge Phone is IP68 Rated - Water resistant can uphold 30 minutes of 1.5 metre in water. Apparently I had water on my charging cable causing S7 Edge to fry the charging port without any "moisture detected" warning which is a feature in the phone that should stop any charge to the phone to prevent the charging port getting fried. I requested the return of my phone which had taken 1 and a half weeks to receive. So now its been 3 1/2 , The condition I had received my phone is was horrifying, the back glass panel of the phone was hanging off, their was glue hanging out of the phone and their was a missing chunk of glass from the corner of my phone. ...... I have attached images. Their was also a letter saying my phone was not repaired due to it being out of warranty and that the phone would not be possible to be repaired as it is uneconomical repairable. I immediately called Samsung regarding this who raised a damaged in transit case with ANOVO and I was advised because ANOVO had used the wrong courier to return my phone out it was nothing to do with Samsung even though they arranged the repair? So now I am stuck dealing with Anovo about this which I think is wrong? After several times of sending my images to Anovo, they finally raised the issue with DPD and sent through a claim form. From here I have contacted DPD who have said ANOVO have claimed for £630 worth of damages and that it has been credited to ANOVO's Account? I have then contacted Anovo who have no information but that the investigation team is dealing despite DPD saying they have credited their account ? Anovo still say this will take 28 Days. I am being passed from pilla to post from DPD to ANOVO to SAMSUNG and back again nobody has a clue what has happened in my case and I speak to someone different all the time. It started off as a product lesion case with Samsung who do not have a contact number. I am on hold for Hours on a daily basis trying to sort this out as I am going away soon and I want my S7 Edge back for the holiday. It has been a nightmare from the start and I would not recommend Samsung or ANOVO to anyone, I have even gave a 2nd engineer to look at my phone who insists it not the charging port that is the fault when in fact it is the battery for the phone, he had tested the phone on a wireless charger dock and the phone still does not charge. so the engineer's report is IMO wrong too So all in all a conclusion : I still have no mobile phone and it looks like this is going to be for pretty much 2 Months +. Does anybody know if their is anything I can do to try and resolve this any quicker its is really getting frustrating for me dealing with all these clowns. Regards Craig
  3. This is excellent. I never knew I was able to do this , thank you very much I have now done this and was informed I can appeal as many times as I want and each appeal extends the strike off period to 6 months. Thank you - very helpful
  4. Thank you very much for you helpful reply. Unfortunately - ACAS has advised me that their is no legal binding contract. It was typed up as a draft for the company to verify and agree. After both party's agreed the documents had to be signed however the company refused. I find it very difficult to understand why the company is playing games, they are registered as an (advertising company) who supply leads for home improvements i.e Solar / Boiler / Wall cavity / Windows ect. all of the leads produced are only ever sent to their own partner company to do the installation work and sale's pitch ect. They are both technically the same company ran by the same director's. Because they did not sign documentation it is not a current legal binding contract, I have now RE-OPENED my tribunal case which was the last thing on my mind to do. They invited me in for a meeting on Monday, and explained the *advertising company* does not have the available money in the bank, however we would like to offer you a job with our other branch who deal with installations and sales of just boilers with a guaranteed contract of 12 months. They then also tried to barter with me, saying if I accept the job they do not believe they should offer me 9k and asked what the minimum I would accept would be. I explained that 9k would be the lowest because of the hassle and stress and losses I have gained as a result of their mistake. My head is spinning around .... :/ Thanks
  5. I am struggling to find out where I stand. I worked for a huge renewable energy company who dealt with Boiler's, Solar Panels, Battery storage and windows. for 2 Years. I was then TUPEED over to a different company because the Company was cold calling and gained a bad reputation. As a result of its reputation I tupeed over to a smaller company with about 38 employee's however it is still *technically* the same company. I have just had a response from ACAS, and just found out the document is not currently legally binding because the company held up on signing the documentation. I was then advised to re-open the case with the tribunal I have just done this now by email. This is a complete nightmare :/ the company Is deliberately avoiding paying out what it owes. Regards Craig
  6. Hi Guys, A claim with an employment tribunal has been going through, and on Friday 15th 2016, and agreement was arranged as an out of court settlement to pay a fixed sum of £9,000 by Friday 22nd 2016. I have now been informed that the company is unable to make the payment as it does not have the available funds in the bank. the company is still active, does anybody know what I should be doing to get the funds paid? The agreement was set through ACAS. Thanks Guys
  7. Thank you for this, I will request the deadlock letter and see what happens next. WIll keep the forum updated too. Thanks again
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for a little bit of help with a recent mobile phone contract my sister had taken out in-store at Carphone Warehouse. My sister made enquiries over the phone to O2 regarding any deal's that would be available for the Christmas period. It was advised that she attended a store I think she got a little bit confused as she attended Carphone Warehouse instead of the O2 store, who sold her a 24 Month Contract on O2... anyway. The purchased was made prior to Christmas, after the Christmas period it was found that the phone is not suitable for her partner and at the very first chance she attended Carphone Warehouse for a full refund. This was on day 6 after the initial in-store sale. My sister was informed it is not possible to return the product as it was put through as an upgrade . Her contract prior to this *so called* upgrade was a 24 Month Contract again with O2. This contract had finished and turned into a 30 Day Rolling Contract, she was currently on month 2. We contacted O2, who advised us they are more than happy to cancel the contract, however we must first go Carphone Warehouse and return the phone. We tried this and Carphone Warehouse is having none of it. The staff in Carphone Warehouse are very un-professional as they started to get abrupt , extremely sarcastic and arrogant. One Guy at Carphone Warehouse refused to give me his name when requested, he did however have a name tag on I could not read, he then went into the back of the store , removed ihis name tag and returned back out. When asked to speak to his manager surprisingly this was the manager. I lodged a complaint needless to say about both issues, the service received as we had a small child with us at the time and thought it was very inappropriate the level of his tone and attitude received. Which is now currently being investigated. We also lodged a complaint about how we have not been able to return the phone contract back. Our main concern is, why the contract was put through as an upgrade because Carphone Warehouse has a zero policy in returns once an upgrade with O2 has been purchased. We wrote to Carphone Warehouse about the following issues: The Mis-Selling of the contract How we should have been made more aware of the upgrade and how it was not returnable. Finally the Service Received. My sister was not fully informed that the contract would be put through as an upgrade and how she is not able to return the phone back once the contract was signed. We had a look at the contract itself she signed. The only time the word upgrade is used is under description , "O2 Direct Telecom Gsm Upgrade" The arguments we put forward , had she known the contract was un-returnable the contract would not have been signed up for She feel's it was not made clear to her that the contract was an upgrade. (I understand it say's this in the description), However she did not realise the policy of Carphone Warehouse with O2 upgrades and how she is not able to return this. She also feel's that the contract she have been a put through as a New contract because her old* contract had technically finished and she was on a 30 Day rolling Contract. Does anybody know where we stand with returning this phone? we received a letter back from the customer service department of Carphone Warehouse which states, it was sold as a upgrade and they do not accept returns. Thanks for any help in advanced. Craig
  9. Hi marstonautos, Thankyou for your reply. I literally have been thinking along the same line's hence the reason I though of the situation as humoured. I have honestly had enough of the qualms regarding the car and just want to be at ease and return it. My issue is I am currently saving up for a vehicle in the meantime. Does anybody know what the next step will be if I continue to hide the car and they do not find it? Am I correct in assuming I will be a Return to court order? That I will receive by post to attend with a date and time to attend like the previous court order? I know it sounds petty, but I am saving up whilst I am doing this and If I can save up £1000 I will be more than happy to buy a half decent motor to get to and from work registered under somebody else's name so I do not own the asset i.e they cannot take it away .
  10. Also , What question should I be Asking ? I.e Do You Have a warrant ? many thanks
  11. Hi Everybody , Hope everybody is ok. First of all I want to say - I do not want this car as the HP Finance is £14,000 whilst the car is worth £4-5000 and I have paid approx. £3500. I know I will be liable for the outstanding balance after the auction but that is another story. With that said I am currently saving up for a cheap car in the meantime of the below happening and holding onto this car for as long as possible as this will buy me time for a car in an affect (playing it cool) I have been enlightened and humoured about a particular incident that has happened today whilst I have been at work. Anglia today knocked at the registered property of my vehicle. to who my mother answered in my absence as I was at work. My mother who is very easily led where people can prey and see her weaknesses was not the best person to be speaking to a recovery agent. Explained to the agent I do not live their he then said he has a Court Order for the return of the vehicle and he was out to arrest me leaning against the wall with 1 foot up say to my mother He WILL get arrested he WILL we are here to ARREST him..... ? I have been to court once before regarding the car I have had enough and will be returning it, I stupidly agreed to pay £500 per month as I was worried If I didn't offer this I would be left with no car paying £250 per month for nothing well now I am Fed up of paying £500 per month (4 payment's made) and will just buy a cheap car but I need to save up for it. My questions are If I hide my car, can they put an ANPR in place and Arrest me ? . From my understanding's I can let this drag on for as long as possible until a Court Order has been placed then I need to react ? Any help would be appreciated , or even advise if anybody think's I can change what my structure is? Thankyou King Regards Craig
  12. Hi everybody just look for some advise regarding my situation that's happened earlier today. I woke up to a letter through the door, as it turned out Marston "High Court Enforcement Officers & Certificated Bailiff's) attended my parents property where I live at 7:30 in the morning as described by the letter. No Door Knock as I was awake in bed, unless I just didn't hear them. however bailiff's usually let everybody in the street know they are knocking at a property. Letter states with a heading "NOTICE OF DISTRESS" - Section 58 Magistrates Court Act 1980 / Taxes Management Act 1970. the letter goes on explain how the bailiff has either Seized / Distrained and Impounded the goods specified in the Inventory INVENTRY FORD FIESTA BLUE (Number Plate) It then says how good will be sold to obtain the debt balance £800. with a contact number for the bailiff. I Phoned the Bailiff and explained the situation that I had attempted to make payment to your company via a payment plan however the full balance was the only option that would consider, he acknowledged that and explained theirs nothing he can do with the full balance today otherwise Inventory good shall be sold via an Auction.I explained the Car is subjected to a Hire Purchase therefore it is not my car so he needs to take the clamp off which he answered it does not matter he will speak to the finance company to see if they will allow him to take the car. I told him to come to the property and he said he will be there shortly . Meanwhile I called my finance company up and the girl knew nothing about how to handle the situation, I explained if you can speak to the bailiff they will release the clamp by law, by this time it was 9:30, the bailiff arrived at the door and asked for myself whilst on call to the finance company The best answer from the woman was if he takes the car, what ever charges occur you are liable for which is a load of Bol*****, I was advised he has already taken the clamp off as he did a HPI Check. So now he has gave my 24 Hours to Pay £825 In Full (Not going to Happen) without a payment plan. The result of today is as bellow with a message sent to bailiff as he didn't answer his phone to me. "Mr H, am writing a complaint to the magistrates and your head office regarding the situation earlier today when you clamped the car I Hire. As this is not owned by myself you have acted unlawfully without proper investigation to what assets I actually own. In result of this my car has been damaged and I have occurred loss of earnings on 21/11/13. You also declined my payment plan offer and did not indicate myself with a payment plan breakdown as requested. I have no other option to take this further and will be sending a letter tomorrow to the relevant departments. As discussed I live with my parents and I don't own any vaulables in the property that will cover the cost of this fine." I believe the bailiff acted unreasonably, he stated he will return within 24 hours to force entry to my parents property, I am going to call the magistrates tomorrow and ask if they have a clamping order and if they will take the debt back. writing a complaint letter to the magistrates and Marston's Head Office. regarding this Pr***. any advise on this topic at all would be much appreciated. thankyou
  13. Is their any reason why I cannot find my finance from Money Way on my Credit Report from Noddle , the finance was taken out over 1 year ago. ? I'm currently experiencing issues with them which is why am looking into this. thank you craig
  14. my barister says, that 1 of the lads injuries are too severe for ABH to be dropped, but the other lad may possibly be able to get away with common assault (which obv course i very much hope so) as he mainly just had 1 or 2 cuts, There defiently isnt much i can count on in court, apart from my word against theres, but it really doesnt look promising., at the moment my bail is unprobational bail which i was told i am allowed to leave the country. i have had two hearings at magistrates, (no plea up to now, going to plead guilty on my story i.e no kicks where made ect) my 1st appaearance to crown court is 3rd march. I dont really know what happens after this as i have never been in trouble before with the police. I think it is a trial that i have to undergo. Does anybody know what type of punishment, to look at ? my barister said 12 months to 2 years, !!!!!!but surely not!!!!!!!!! My barrister is phoning my college up to get in touch with my teachers for references aswell as getting a medical report from my doctor. which is good for me because, my teacher knows excactly that i am no where near a violent person, my teachers thinks, probation & fine. The thing is, i am on a 1st year of a level 4 degree course, that student finance has paid for me (loan). i previous to that i had done a 2 year national dimploma which i passed in in the same institutation. and previous to that i was a different college catching up on my GCSE's as school didnt go too well for me.. thanks everybody
  15. Hey guys, I have a few issues, Basically whats happend is, i am getting charged with 2 X ABH, section 47. but were trying to fight one to drop to secion 39 which i think is common assault. The statements, are made UNTRULY , unprovoked attack and made it sound VERY bad for me. Statements against me , are kicking in the head while the victim's were helpless on the floor which is a load of ****, i cant beleive it!!!! NO KICKS AT ALL were involved in the fight on both victims, but the statements say i do kick them. but this is proved on CCTV, which is more than likely getin shown in crown courts. very soon (3rd march).which will be my 1st hearing. (i have no idea what we do, i know i dont enter a plea) what can i say? , I am NO WHERE NEAR a violent person, in any way shape or form. i am 20 & I am the total opposite, get along with many people, but dont socialise due to the medical problem i have Since young for many years about 8, i have been an easy target for everybody to pick on me, and bully me & been the number one target throughout school & college for everyone to victimise me. I have also been severely beat up a numourous occasions. due to an unhelped and no fault of my own medical problem which is acne I really do think to my self is life really worth it, the cure for acne can go on, and on. and its simply doing my head in and i have wanted to end my life so many times but i just cant do that, i just live with all the suffering i go through. So what happend?????? - On a night out, a couple of guys made fun of me about my acne, who i was next to outside a kebab shop. i stood up for my self, then i was pushed down to the floor. i stood up and, he offerd my a fight. so i had him a fight. my mate started fighting to, because both of the lads, were in his face too. so everybody is fighting. about 1 minute into the fight. CCTV just starts to show the fight, by this time, i have the upper hand on the lads who started the fight. The lads were then backing away for the simple face that they are loosing. I carry on going for the lads in the fight, (which is when the CCTV starts to film the fight) the victims backing off and me & my mate going for them. the adrenalin that was going through my body was unbeleive, i kept thinking to my self, i cant handle this any more, its getting to me so much ive nearly ended my life due to the bullying i have experianced. about 3 minutes into the fight, the CCTV shows about 10 punches from me hitting this other lad, and he wasnt able to fight back. my mate had ran off for some stupid reason. so i ran after him up to the top of the street. We then, talked about what happend, and (me personally feel that they deserved it), but i do say to my self, i went too far, It hurt me doing that to the people but i was so pee'd off at the time, but i couldnt help myself, i really wanted to stop but i couldnt. about 5 minutes later, we go back to the same street for a taxi, and notice the two lads again. 1 of the lads coverd in blood (the CCTV had seen my fight with), and the other who wasnt hurt (the lad i orginally started to fight with).. The lad who looked really bad, my mate said we defiantly need to see if he is OK, because he looks seriously bad, which made me feel bad. we go back and the CCTV shows all this, were talking for about 3 minutes, and the lad who wasnt hurt to bad, started to skit my complextion again calling me spoty , pizza face , and i felt angry again, he then says it again. (this which i punched him 4 times, then the fight went inside then police arrived. What am trying to imply is, i know i am in the wrong, i was just so angry about what got said to me, the guys should never of said the comments made to me which i realiased to my self i just had enough of it, i couldnt resist my self, as much as i wanted, but my adrenalin was too much for me to handle. I am on holiday 31st march which has been booked before the inncident, and my mum and dad paid for me for my 21st birthday. I have never been in trouble with the police before, what do you guys think i will get? and is it possible to work around my holiday, as my mum and dad paid a fortune for me. :( I totally regret everything that happend that night, and wish nothing did happen. thanks for reading guys:)
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