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  1. Just to give some background to this issue, which is a default on my partner's credit file to the tune of £23. Partner phoned to cancel mobile broadband account in January 2011. Paid what she was told would be last bill for the last months usage after giving 30 days notice. Nothing further heard until April 2012, when a letter from Lowells debt collection agency came through the door requesting payment, which was duly paid immediately. At the time, partner phoned O2 to clarify why this had occured but they stated they could no longer look at the account. Partner paid Lowells immediat
  2. I've not had a response to my latest correspondence with buymobiles. What are my next steps; do I need to formally write to them with a pre-action protocol letter?
  3. In that case, I'll not reply to Sony's most recent email and concentrate my efforts to come to a resolution with buymobiles. In their last email to me, they stated that if I wasn't happy with their decision not to replace the phone, that I should seek a second opinion from Sony themselves. I've responded by saying that the onus is on them to prove that the goods were of satisfactory condition and didn't have a manufacturing defect when purchased so it isn't my responsibility to seek second opinions. Is this right whilst it's still under 6 months?
  4. It was bought on line from buymobiles.net
  5. ]Hi guys. I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice. In April, I bought the brand new Xperia Z. Sony's flagship model of mobile phone. Waterproof, dust proof etc. After just 4 months, the phone developed what I can only describe as a hairline crack across the digitiser (not the actual glass itself), thus rending the phone absolutely useless. After not much searching on Google, I've found a multitude of other users reporting very similar issues with their Xperia Z - all of whom are being quoted upwards of £150 for repairs. There is currently a 16 page thread on the Xperia forums, w
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