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  1. Maria14, the two best Linux Distro's for a Laptop with Nvidia Graphics would be Manjaro or Pop!_OS. You don't have to uninstall Windows, they will both work as dual boot. Just download the relavant ISO, create a bootable USB and boot into Linux on startup, probably you will have to press F2 straight after boot. When the LInux Live Screen has started and you choose install, you will be offered the chance to dual boot with a Grub menu at startup. This way you can always go back to Windows. H
  2. Keep the laptop, forget Microsoft. Install a Linux distro of your choice and ability. It is almost certainly not 'faulty'. Microsoft is pants. I have never come across a modern laptop which could not run Linux. It will work like a dream with Linux. H
  3. Hang on............................ I understand this might go wrong and the CAG defacto position is straight in for the kill but this is likely to be a very easily fixed, straightforward fault which could have happened anytime. The seller has already said get it looked at and an auto electrician will probably fix it within an hour with no great administrative or finance Co. drama. Just get it looked at. No need for letters or rejection just yet. H
  4. I was just talking to a colleague this morning on this very issue. "You just serviced my Car and now (Insert Function) doesn't work, therefore it is your fault, even when it's not. Bonnet catch not working on a Kuga is not that common, even on a twelve year old vehicle, Focus maybe but not Kuga VHC, Health Checks were introduced across many manufacturers years ago as a way of adhering to complicated 'Duty of Care' legislation, laws or guidelines whichever phrase you want to use. They are not, and have never been, a way to make money. It is easily fixed, the bracket is about £8.00. Not worth crying over, it is, after all, only a car. Why are they 'Disgusting Liars'? The bonnet must have opened when they did the VHC or they would have reported it as an issue. We'll never know for sure but maybe the bracket dropped off the last time the bonnet was closed. Hardly the Dealers fault. I often listen to recordings of phone calls to Dealers and the abuse so called Customers give the staff, even female members of staff, would make you cringe. H
  5. I really don't think the denial of any consumer rights you may have had, or even that he offered and you accepted his offer, for cash. Even colluding with him to defraud HMRC. What on earth possessed you to fit two second hand tyres, whatever they cost. Those two bits of used, cheap, history unknown, black circles of rubber are your only contact with the road. If you drive on a dual carriageway at 70mph these things keep you alive. My advice, hopefully seen before this gets deleted as sanctimonious, is to get them changed again, double quick, for brand new budget ones. OMG Leading Tyre Brands | Premium, Mid Range & Budget Tyres | Tyre Shopper WWW.TYRE-SHOPPER.CO.UK We supply leading tyres brands across Premium, Mid-Range and Budget to suit all vehicles and budgets. Buy online and FREE local fitting or low cost mobile fitting. Not an Advert Hammy
  6. But it is an excellent opportunity for open source software fans. H
  7. Probably not.............................. But, it will almost certainly run Linux Mint. The latest build is Cinnamon. A safe and secure alternative to Microsoft and Mac IOS. It's a learning curve but after a few weeks many people never go back to Windows. If you do try it and struggle, post here and I'll see if I can help. Main Page - Linux Mint LINUXMINT.COM Linux Mint is an elegant, easy to use, up to date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution. Hammy
  8. But that is just my point. A Warranty, whether or not you like it, pays parts and labour for the majority of claims. Of course there are going to be exceptionstions but hardly con-trickery. Customer rights (Whatever they are....) need to be funded. A bit like the NHS, free at the point of delivery but they certainly have to be paid for. All Warranties have to be funded, for New Cars it is in the production cost of the vehicle. They are called Warranty Accruals and use a very complicated algorithm. For used or independent sales the seller could build the cost of a warranty into the cost of each of his stock vehicles, making them all a little bit more expensive. A £50 charge on each sale would build up a nice little nest egg to pay for any repairs to the vehicles he has sold. Or he could be open and get the customer to 'pay' for the warranty, this makes the stock a little cheaper and gives the customer 'ownership' of something which adds value to the sale. Everyone knows you don't get something for nothing, no such thing as a free lunch. These things have to be paid for, how, and how this is communicated, is up to the seller. The Rogues will always be there, whether or not they are are Motor Trade or Builders. It is not the 'Warranty' which is bad, its the poor business practices of the traders.
  9. Would you rather the cost was hidden in the purchase price, or made a feature of the sale so the buyer can see its worth when and if it is necessary to use it. Mr Dealer to Buyer - 'You paid £200 for that warranty and it's just paid out £800 for an Alternator'. Which means, I can advertise the car for a slightly lower price because I don't have to worry about warranty cost for 12 months.
  10. Why would you buy a car which is a five hour drive away? BF, Warranties offered by franchised and independent garages are not a 'Con trick'. Here on CAG you see a large two handfuls of posts relating to cover and transactions which have gone wrong. Just like any other business. I can tell you, in fact I have almost daily contact with, companies which transact thousands of claims every month. No-one ever posts to say 'I had sudden mechanical failure of my £800 Alternator and the warranty company paid for it'. Independents and others offer these warranties as a way to their reduce costs. They can shift the 'Statutory Rights' cost onto a third party warranty company which more often than not pay out claims without issue. Clearly, not all vehicles have a failure and the ones which don't support the ones which do. Warranty company issues are almost always down to miscommunication and a failure by either the Seller or the buyer to understand what should be covered. Labeling them a con trick is a generalisation too far. H
  11. Wow, way to go, make a bad situation worse. Clearly Kyr's first language is not English, he's confused, his Mum just died, his parcel is lost and you have a go 'cos he sought advice from your rival MSE. H
  12. You paid £60 for two plates which are not even legal.................................. H
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