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  1. I think you should appeal or refuse the FPN and then when\if it gets in front of a Judge or Magistrate you can be as flippant and sarcastic as you want. That would help your case no end. H
  2. Without wishing to diminish how worried you might be about this I had a Mondeo Vignale 2.0 TDCI Powershift. The Vignale is a trim level, the mechanics are the same. Anyway I had the same error come up several times, probably more. It's almost certainly a software error and always cleared for me with a restart. It happened from new and was still apparent when I changed it. The gearbox oil and filter change might cure it but might not as well. Just leave it as to meddle could introduce lots of complications. If you send me a PM with your full 17 digit VIN I can check the software levels for you. H
  3. I've subscribed to this because I'm interested................. Not my Brand and I deal with New not Used. It's all getting a bit Kafkaesque. H
  4. I don't think they like us linking to sites so I've sent you a PM H
  5. If your running a car with a large excess, for whatever reason, you might want to consider insuring your excess', which will cover your excess in the event of a claim. They won't like the suggestion on here as its an insurance cost for a product you might not use (like GAP) but if you do need it it can save you a lot of money. H
  6. Oh, thanks. And I suppose a 'Recon' is reconsideration. Makes a bit more sense. Hopefully our written submission will achieve 12 points or more........................................... H
  7. speedfreek. What is a 'PIP Mandy'? What is a 'Mandy Recon'? On this occasion I'm not being difficult, I have LPOA for a disabled relative with a DLA to PIP transfer in progress. The DWP say they haven't received our submission yet. H
  8. I think you are all making this way to complicated. In similar circumstances with a deceased relative a couple of years ago we just asked the Dealer who sold the car to our relative to buy it back and clear the finance. They did, No fuss, No complaints, just a friendly chat with the original helpful Salesman. They arranged a pick -up, sorted out all the documentation and it was all good within a few days. We received confirmation the finance was cleared. They may have even made money on the subsequent sale. Don't send them the documents and/or keys. If you do you will have a car on your property with no documents or keys! H
  9. Bit odd that you had the gearbox oil change done. Fiesta, B-Max and Focus Power-shifts have a dry dual clutch which doesn't run in oil. Mondeo, Galaxy, Edge etc have a different type of clutch assy which does run in oil, thus its recommended to change the gearbox oil and filter regularly. Anyway, your problem sounds electrical. At a guess maybe the battery or they've trapped some wiring causing a short. H
  10. Sill for heavens sake, Sill, as in window, two would be sills. Seals play and bask on the beach and you wouldn't want holes in them. H
  11. Great, I just love a Technician vs an Engineer argument. I can advise, that my advice, would be to take it to a Saab independent. Usually the better ones used to be Saab Dealers. H
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