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  1. A complaint 12 Months after the event..................... Complaints about GP's are taken very seriously. Its not surprising he wouldn't want to see you alone, maybe with a chaperone, but not alone. So you intend to complain again................................ You had best be careful or the Practice will strike you off and then you might be stuck. Just see another GP at the same Practice and move on. H
  2. OMG, 63 in a 30 and you think its unfair..................................... H
  3. I would get one of these repair kits off Amazon :- https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07K27667J/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I had numerous very small chips which would glint when the sun caught them. I wasn't very hopeful given the price but it worked really well and now they can hardly be seen. Took a long time to come all the way from China but I will get another one when the filler runs out. H
  4. Security Couriers? If the goods are really worth that much you could buy a car, learn to drive and take them yourself. Something weird is going on. H
  5. I don't think he wants to tell us. H
  6. Typical Motor Trade. Guilty until proven innocent. H
  7. OMG, Conniff!! Where you been man? H
  8. No, that's not what I should have done. The advice, which I'm not looking for, on this forum is getting worse. If I had cancelled the DD then that would have been another month of nPower not getting a credit to my account and another potential 3 months whilst they faffed about trying to set up another new one. That would be 7 months and an enormous energy bill. I'm not trying to avoid paying. I'm happy to pay for the energy I use and if that turns out to be £215 pcm then so be it. My point was just about the lackadaisical attitude and poor service from nPower. H
  9. Not necessarily looking for help, just a heads up to steer clear of nPower and the 'Too Good to be True' offers pedalled by the now infamous (Dragons Den) 'Look after my Bills!' (sic). So, along with millions of other people I signed up with LAMB (to the slaughter!!). nPower came along and offered me a deal £40 pcm cheaper than I was paying to BG. A Side-by-Side comparison of the two tariff's and standing charges did indeed seem to be cheaper. A £40 pcm saving though, too good to be true. I queried it but signed up anyway. The atrocious nPower didn't take any payments from me, despite having all the correct data etc. for three months, by then there was a three month debt on my account. When I signed up it was for £110 pcm. Three months later nPower sent an email saying it had gone up to £215 pcm, almost double, to cover the extra debt and, in their words, increased use............ I rang, complained, and we settled on a slightly lower figure of £194. A small but hollow victory. 4 weeks passed and low and behold, they didn't take their £194, they took £215. I rang and complained, confirmed £194 was agreed but got someone who had only worked there 5 day's, poor guy was confused as hell. Basically he said they could vary the direct as much as they want, month to month, and that was it. So, complaint in, got my Ref No. wait for another call in the next however many days to speak to a complaints drone. I've not had a good fight for ages so I am quite looking forward to confusing more people. In the mean time, I would stay clear of 'Look After My Bills' (Because they don't). Don't touch nPower, even with someone else's bargepole. People slate BG but they never screwed me over like this. H
  10. A faulty Dealership eh, that's going to take some fixing................... H
  11. Unbelievably bad advice. Even if you don't trust the selling Dealer there are several specialist companies which offer GAP Hopefully you won't need it, only the shortsighted would call that a waste of money. If you do need it, it could save you thousands. Wow H
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