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  1. It would appear that my ability to PM another user has been removed. I had no knowledge of this and don't know why. Maybe dx100uk can shed some light on this and possibly bring it back. Thanks H
  2. I was going to send you a PM but I can't seem to find the link. Has it been removed? H
  3. Well, that's messed up. Surely some of the updates have tried to get you further along than Windows 8/8.1. There can't be many machines without M$ Edge and which baulk at Brave install. TBC
  4. Oh OK. I suspect it is a 32bit machine. This means M$ Windows and Google Chrome stopped getting updates ages ago. Also why you don't have M$ Edge and can't install Brave Browser which is a 64bit program, Its general advice but your machine needs a software makeover as its not really safe as it is. A lot of the updates are security related. Internet, social media and online banking are honey pots for malicious activity, As I said earlier, Facebook on 32bit Google Chrome on Windows 8/8.1 is asking for trouble. I'm glad Facebook works. H
  5. Did you not already have M$ Edge Firefox is not an OS (Operating System) How old is the PC or Laptop What make is it Which version of Windows do you have Is it a Mac H
  6. The Chrome warning was because of Google's ridiculously silly fear of executable files. IE those which end in .exe. Try using M$ Edge to access FB. If that works download Brave Browser using M$ Edge and try it again. I can't imagine a security risk any higher than accessing FB using Google Chrome on a Windows PC. Three of the worlds worst company's all acting together in perfect identity stealing harmony. Good God. H
  7. Try a clean install of another browser. Download Brave | Brave Browser BRAVE.COM The Brave browser is a fast, private and secure web browser for PC, Mac and mobile. Download now to enjoy a faster ad-free browsing experience that saves data and battery life by blocking tracking software. Log Straight into FB Just as a test H
  8. So, some antivirus programs are as bad as the virus. Did you use The Iobit program and clean up your browser? Panda online Antivirus gets good feedback. H
  9. If the tower is behaving now, install and run the free version of Iobit Advanced Systemcare free, ignore all the prompts to pay for or upgrade anything and let it do complete clean and scan. You might have to do it two or three times. Then uninstall it to get rid of the nag messages. Completely clear your browser cache and cookies. Then login to FB again. Consider a safer browser, maybe the Brave Browser or similar. H
  10. I had forgotten just how bad MS Windows is.......................... Thank God I've not used it for years. PM me if you want and we can try and fix your PC remotely. H
  11. Just Google 'Mileage Correction' near where you are. Its fairly easy to do. Within an hour your mileage will be correct. No need for all those pesky checks. All legal and above board. H
  12. I've said it before, so you will be pleased this is the last time but this is classic, text book, financial abuse. I doubt the courts will even be interested as, on the face of the facts above, there has been no crime. The money was handed over willingly. It needs looking at, and a solution offered from a very different perspective. H
  13. With regard to your son it is financial abuse of a vulnerable minor. Contact your local Council Social Services who can have it investigated. H
  14. If you hadn't redacted the VIN on the diagnostic report those who are interested (me) could find out which gearbox you have and offer an explanation. My wild guess, completely plucked out of thin air and with no other clue apart from experience, is that its a PowerShift box. These need their gearbox oil and filter changing regularly at 36K. Your Car should have had two. It's expensive and if its not done then unfortunately at this mileage the gearbox is toast. H
  15. It would be advantageous to find out why though. What if you fit a new head and that cracks as well, possibly from overheating due to a water pump fault for instance. H
  16. There are all sorts of reasons a Cylinder Head might crack. A suitably qualified independent Engineer (Here we go again) might be able to identify the reason. They also, probably, have never worked in a Pub. H
  17. I sincerely hope you don't actually read 'The Sun' Newspaper, nor watch 'GBNews' H
  18. The Drum is the Stainless Steel round bit which sits on bearings in a large plastic drum housing. The drum spins around with your pants in it. At the bottom of the plastic housing are the filters and heating elements which don't move. The water sits in the plastic housing and the drum washes through it. H
  19. It’s accidental because it’s not deliberate. Even the most creative engineer would struggle to associate that hole with a manufacturing defect. H
  20. I'm no Washer Engineer, but if that was a Gearbox it would never pass as a manufacturing defect. Two things, If you have taken out a Service Plan or insurance which includes accidental damage then it might be covered under that, just don't tell dx100uk as he hates them. Or, maybe, if you have accidental damage on your house contents insurance you might be able to claim under that. H
  21. Two, quick things. Keep the GAP, it can save you a fortune, fight to refund the rest if you want. Were they actually mis-sold or did you just forget about them? It wasn't Hyundai which sold you the policies. It was a Hyundai Dealer, just a franchise, that's all. H
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